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  1. Munich has nothing in duty free but they do have a shop in the smaller terminal that has a reasonable.selection. Nothing exceptional though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. I don't know how well it makes drinks, but no discussion on blenders would be complete without They use their blenders to pulverize pretty much everything. The videos are great.
  3. The Kindle does show pictures, they're obviously black & white since it's not a color device. You can also make notes on a page. As for the "where" something is, it may not be exactly what you're looking for but there is a scale at the bottom of the page so you always have a feel for "where" in the book you are. One oddity is there is no concept of page numbers, which makes sense when you realize that you can change the font size which changes pagination. If you know someone who has one, check it out. Not sure if they still do, but Amazon used to allow people to join a list on the Ama
  4. I love physical books and thought that would keep me from enjoying the Kindle, but after using my wife's for a short time I had to have one. It's perfect for travelling. We used to pack an extra suitcase full of books for our trip to Jamaica, now we save the extra baggage cost and bring our Kindle instead. It's also perfect for one handed reading since you just press a button to change the page. Give me my Kindle, a cigar and a beverage on the deck and I'm happy. It's got a built-in dictionary so you can highlight any word and instantly look it up. My first "ah-ha" moment was when I fi
  5. » Arrived at Brisbane 7:30pm. Qantas Terminal Brisbane had securiy breach » (read...they let three people through without being scanned). Second time » it has occured in a week. » » They evecuated the terminal. Emptied planes on the tarmac ready to take » off. Everyone had to be re-screened. There were thousands of people in a » que to be re-screened the delay was hours. » » You can't make this stuff up. Next time I make it to Australia I'm going to check with you first to make sure you won't be anywhere near an airport during the times I will!
  6. » » Welcome » » » » This is the best forum hands down! Whereabouts in MO? » » Hi- Oak Grove- a burb of Kansas City. I do hope to pick up on some tips » concerning Cuban's- as its a different ballgame compared to non-havana's. OP here. Looks like we may finally get enough members in the area to get together (now that there is nowhere left to smoke).
  7. » a quick query for travellers - has anyone flown qantas in the last year and » not had ... I had an hour plus wait at the baggage claim in Sydney and then the upgrade to business class that was 'revoked' 10 minutes after I was seated on the way home when they realized they gave it to the wrong person. My expectations are pretty low for all airlines these days though.
  8. A lot of good suggestions so far. I'll add another vote for the Por Larranaga PC and the El Principe. You might also try the Hoyo Petit Robusto.
  9. Welcome from yet another KC resident. Now if only there was still someplace you could smoke in this town so we could get together.
  10. » Before I head away for three weeks I had the brilliant idea last Thursday » to offer her a few days off. Yes...I was drinking. » Next time make sure the special ends BEFORE Lisa's day off!
  11. » Lee is playing some great golf but i cant imagine he will be sleeping very » well tonight. Tiger just finds a way to get it done. Imagine if he » played the first hole at even this week, he would be well on his way to » another victory like pebble in 00 I enjoyed the interview with Lee Westwood after his round. Start of the interview he's the only player under par. End of the interview Woods has made a birdie to get within one. A few minutes later Woods makes teh eagle for the lead. Westwood must be in a daze, "hey, wait a minute, wasn't I in the lead a minute ago?".
  12. » » » I'm going to be in sydney in june and was wondering where the best » cigar » » » lounges were, and shops too? » » » » Hey mate check out my blog for more info. Cigar lounges forget about it » » with our laws but there are a few shops around and cigar friendly » » restaurants for outdoor smoking... » » » » drop us a line when you will be in town. Will try and catch up! » » so you cant smoke in the store either? Can you smoke in bars? I lucked out last week and got a hotel room with a balcony. The room was non-smoking but the balcony was a smoking zone.

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