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  1. That is true. I really enjoy doing it from time to time.
  2. No, it's Kavalan whisky. I like Koskue though, I should buy another bottle soon.
  3. Great idea, so I had a few cigars today. QdO Robusto Diplomatico: Cream, almonds. Club Allones: Roast beef all the way. Nudies N3: Very rich creamy mouthfeel, some leather. Very nice cigar!
  4. Sancho Panza Quijote 2010. Good construction, mild to medium in strength, cedar and salted cream. 93/100.
  5. JL2 -14 I have been busy moving to a new apartment and I haven´t been here for a while. Now it´s time to catch up. Perfect timing cause today I have been a member here for 10 years.
  6. Upmann La Gloria Cubana Quai d’Orsay Por Larranaga Bolivar
  7. A week in pictures prize arrived today. Thank you so much!
  8. Split up with my girlfriend a while ago. Celebrating our apartment sold with a few friends at the club. Sir Winston -09: Not much flavour but good construction. Monte 80: Cocoa, spiciness, good construction.
  9. We had a Party party at the club with a few friends. Only Partagas cigars were allowed to smoke. Good food, good cigars, good drinks and good company. I could not ask for more. Presidentes from the christmas sampler- very strong but smooth cuban tobacco. Haven’t had one in a long time, should revisit soon. Lusitanias 2011- pretty much plugged. Tried perfect draw and cut it but no luck. Party EL 2017 from the christmas sampler- pretty nice Partagas flavour with some chocolate but no need to buy more. PSE2 from the christmas sampler- nice creamy tobacco. Shorts -14- not
  10. Three cigar nights in a row is a rare thing for me in wintertime. Just a couple of pics, many more was smoked. 2008 Mag46 was a highlight.
  11. Some pics of 7 cigar pre christmas herf and some of tonight. Partagas 898 from -13 was top5 cigars this year for me. Strong cuban tobacco, sour cream and just a little marsmallow.
  12. A nice long evening at the club, too cold to smoke outside in Finland. -Punch corona -99 -Monte dumas -PLPC -17 -RGP -13 -JLP cremas -15 Decent smokes, nothing was special tonight.
  13. Trying out the new Trinidad short. Nice flavour, much like the similar sized Cohiba.
  14. It was a pretty casual tasting, nothing too fancy. We had a local sommelier telling about the wines and some history of port wine. She also demonstrated opening a bottle with port tongs. Only Burmester wines: Dry White, Ruby, Tawny, 20yo Tawny, Vintage -96, LBV -13 and Colheita -89.

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