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  1. Always. Had one outbreak years ago, never again.
  2. Deano

    Would this bother you?

    I'd wipe them down but then I'd smoke them soon. My experience is that once moldy they are prone to redevelop it.
  3. If someone wants to pay me that amount I've got multiple boxes to sell. Heck I'll even throw in free shipping!
  4. Deano

    Ratings rant

    A voice of reason crying out in the wilderness!
  5. Deano

    Live in the humidor

    Lisa, I'll take both boxes of Maestros. E-mail sent.
  6. Deano

    Partagas 898 Varnished

    Absolutely agree! Although the 8-9-8V is no slouch it does not compare to a good SP. One of my real disappointments when they were discontinued.
  7. Deano

    QdeO Imperiales

    I have had Imps from several years, '98 through early '00s. Each example has always left me wanting more from the cigar than it gave. You get tantalizing hints of flavor but they are just too mild to suit my tastes. Must admit though I have not tried any recent production.
  8. Not really. But then again I freeze everything myself upon arrival, no exceptions!

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