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  1. fkn hell that looks good. I want bacon!
  2. will be interesting to see what the Aussie selectors do now. Whether the stick with some of the guys like Doherty and North, or put an end to their misery and effectively end their test careers. It'll be one hell of an effort to raise the team now - we'll see if Ponting has anything left in the bag. I much prefer it when it's closer tbh, but not complaining too much
  3. JD and JB of course, but also Maker's Mark seems quite popular. Occasionaly see Knob Creek and some such. Not too much depth to the market here as people only seem to use it as a mixer, rather than on its own merits. I actually thought Old Crow is nice enough on its own. Has quite a strong corn nose and aftertaste, but the finish doesn't last long at all. Quite sweet. If anything too sweet for a mixer - unless you have a lot of ice
  4. just picked up a bottle, pretty cheap and not too bad at all. Stands up to the bigger brands imo. First time I've seen it here in Hong Kong, pleasant surprise.
  5. article Interesting. Also in the kind of place where he's got a decent shot at it. He's already referring to himself in the third person, always an encouraging sign for politicians.
  6. Can you imagine what he looks like? Something like this for example? His name is Quentin. As for the vid....2min of life gone.
  7. sorry, let me catch my breath...choking on a meat pie. ahahahhaha.....oh the irony. Are the Wallabies even top 10 any more? Stick to 'soccer' eh
  8. cheers pal - good to catch up again and meet the guys. Plus the office/deck/brisbane - go visit if you have a chance, lovely place. I didn't even feel close to refreshed (but thanks...), I felt terrible. Thanks for advising me on the hotel as well, good choice. In asia they're known as tug parlours / love motels but if you like that kind of thing then fair dinkum. First visit to Gold Coast and Brisbane...what a fantastic place that is. BBQs and fishing ahoy. Perfect weather. Best seafood I've had in ages. Nightlife.....questionable. Catch up in hk mate
  9. Cake! Finally I can taste something you guys can. Christmas cake all over for me....have to say I like these
  10. Seems like a good idea. I find 10ct boxes ideal to take on trips, bbqs etc.
  11. Never known any different, but nonetheless does still feel a bit luxurious. Having smoked a few others, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be into cigars that much if I didn't have access. So credit really to you guys in the US who chase the grail as it were.

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