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  1. Cohiba cigars are terrible… anyone who buys them should just stop. Complete waste of money…seriously, stop buying them already, they’re awful & grossly overpriced and best left alone!!! 😛
  2. Thankfully I don’t have to ‘miss’ these just yet…but I most definitely will when the last of these are gone. The Trini Robusto T has been one of my all time favorite cigars.
  3. The best pyramid/2 to grab and put away for a long nap & not worry if they lose anything. They certainly age very gracefully & only get better from my experience.
  4. Started with NCs back in 2008, those are all long gone save for but a few nostalgic Liga Privada T52s. Some of my first CC purchases I still have though: 15+ sticks for a POL 2011 RASS Cab Just a few USE 08 Upmann Mag 46 also from a 50 Cab 8 or 9 2009 Trinidad Robusto Ts 7 EL 2010 BHK 54s and a handful of 09 Upmann 2s and Monte 2s I’m not a daily/frequent smoker, so it’s easier for me to let stuff age. If only I wasn’t so reluctant at the price of Cohiba back then when they were 1/5th of what they cost now. I recall the two 2010 Behike 54 boxes I bought from here were under $300 each at the time. Glory days of cigar buying (cue the Springsteen!).
  5. Noooooo…..keep the new PSD4 fan boys away from our FOH stash!! 😱 At least it seems CA got that one right. #4 being debatable, but a helluva cigar this year certainly.
  6. H Upmann Sir Winston. Everything I want a cigar to be. And if I’m gonna go out….I wanna go out ‘classy’ 💀⚰️
  7. Great stuff/info here…and amazing pics/images. Some day I’d like to see these farms with my own eyes & meet the proud people who make the cigars we all enjoy so much. Until then, I greatly appreciate threads like this, as well as the conversations above - truly fascinating. Thanks @Nino and others for the dialogue & insights.
  8. Interesting…but I suppose not all that surprising in todays day & age of anything and everything can get hacked. The CA top 25 doesn’t exactly strike me as having a Fort Knox type of security defense.
  9. Siglo VI - coming in hot at CAs #8 cigar of the year. Good luck finding em now!! Oh wait…
  10. If I’m buying a partial box/10 pack etc from someone secondhand, I always at least ask if I can see pics of the cigars. If they’re willing and they have a reputable trader/seller rep, no hesitation…the cigars may just not have been their cup of tea, or they didn’t wait long enough for them (too young/rough edges etc), or any other number of potential variables. If I don’t get to see them, eh, chances are slim I’m buying them these days (10 years ago me likely wouldn’t have an issue) …. unless they were a very familiar board acquaintance and I trusted them at their word. Few and far between in this category though. Savages, the lot of ya! - kidding only, of course I’ll add to this though, what someone mentioned in the other thread this poll originated from….if I hesitated on partial box purchases and/or trades for fear of getting sub par stock, I’d have missed out on some truly amazing cigar experiences. 80-90%+ positive experiences only in my 10+ years of trading. Easily.
  11. Station 11?!? Oddly fascinating show that I couldn’t stop watching.
  12. You are clearly very fast on sending emails ;)! It’s a nice feeling….I also recently bit on RAT Sig VIs on 24:24…got MAR. Lucky indeed, beautiful haul.

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