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  1. We’ve approached the point where there should a new El Laguito factory code for boxes packed in the last half of 2021 it seems based on past trends. Anyone have any insight as to what this code may be as of yet…or still to early to be seeing these just yet?
  2. Another vote for Absinthe. Great show, lots of variety and very entertaining.
  3. All these additional posts have certainly sparked some thought, and I appreciate the opinions, so thanks for them! Am I likely to get $300 worth of enjoyment with each one? Perhaps not. But as others suggested, I will save them for occasions where it won’t much matter or I won’t think of it as lost opportunity. I have two boys. 21st bday/college graduation or perhaps on their wedding day or first born days would be worthy occasions that jump to mind. If I’m going to gift them to an untrained palate, suppose it might as well be my own kin!
  4. If nothing else, now that I’ve committed publicly to smoking them, and knowing you have the oversight approval on all FS submissions that go on the BR…don’t let ‘a few too many cocktails me’ do it!! 🥃🤤
  5. Nary a one! Not much can be posted in these parts that folks haven’t seen and/or smoked before. That, and this is a classy bunch. One of the things I appreciate & why I’ve stuck around here vs others I’ve been on over the years. Plenty of couth amongst the members here. Mostly anyway, present company excluded! 🤪
  6. I gifted at least a couple early on. Also smoked one with a close friend who isn’t/wasn't really that into cigars. One of the many lessons I’ve learned in this hobby along the way. Don’t share special cigars where an untrained palate likely wouldn’t be able to appreciate. And he certainly didn’t either, on taste or even any semblance of appreciation. Rat Bastard.
  7. I agree, that was my initial & only inclination as well. A lot of 7 BHK 54s just as this…sold last night it appears, for $1700….as they’re no longer FS presently and that was the ‘buy now’ price. And those were circa 2016 as I recall. 2010s from EL?! Would be like smoking a full box of SD4s (etc etc.) with each one that goes up in ash! But I digress….Smoke em’. This is the way!
  8. I blame the cyber-bully ‘MAR posters’ throwing their cigar-porn pics in the CC purchase thread for this thought 😆…but I went through my Humi to see just how much El Laguito stock I had….and sadly, it ain’t much! But I do have these remaining. Remnants of two different TEU DIC 2010 Behike 54s boxes sourced from our fine hosts here damn near a decade ago. As you can see, I rec’d a lighter shade and darker shade box (the lighter shade got more action as only 2 left). I’ve seen similar lots up FS on the Bond R….so got me curious. We’re these yours, what would you do? S
  9. I feel personally attacked! Again! If someone is willing to share, would love to know what MAR E2 tree these are all falling from…lol
  10. We’re these sourced from here? Saw another box of MAR coded E2s recently I believe. Those look fantastic btw, congrats!
  11. I have probably 3 or 4 Liga Privada T52s left that are circa 2008-2010. These were hands down one of my favorite, if not my favorite NCs…along with a select few under the Tatuaje brand. Literally the only NC cigars left in my wine fridge. Can’t bring myself to smoke em either. Saving them for nostalgia alone perhaps?! Adding a pic…just cause I had to go check on my old homies & say whats up 🤣
  12. POL DIC 2010 Regretting passing on Alanis Morissette lawn seats tonight. She was playing 15 minutes from our house. I’m a fan. This fire pit PSD4 is making me feel a bit better about it. Isn’t it Ironic?!
  13. I made the mistake of going through some of my old inventory, as I had sold off a decent bit of my stash back In 2014/15 as I wasn’t smoking a ton, and this had included letting go of some ‘special occasion’ smokes that I felt I was more likely to keep saving for a day that perhaps wouldn’t ever come and offered a decent return, at least at the time….(I’ve since learned to just smoke what I enjoy without worry or hesitation, regardless of however ‘limited’ or special a cigar may be - ya know, Carpe Diem and all). Anyway, in doing so…..I saw that I had sold off a box of Por Larranga
  14. The very reason I couldn’t resist, as box pics were posted in the FS thread. Most cigars I don’t mind buying blind, but for the premium that Cohibas demand these days, getting at least a look at the wrapper color is a nice bonus when you’re forking over top that kinda dough 🤑
  15. I’d been holding out for an SLB of Sig IVs from here…..but came across these elsewhere and couldn’t pass em up.

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