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  1. Hey Rob... I can take the 9p NY slot on Wednesday if still available... I will happily block my calendar for the 15 minutes it will take before I get knocked out.
  2. dochowl

    The Lounge

    Just a place to post my pics
  3. After receiving my Behike samplers from Czar...
  4. Stay strong Guy... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  5. Welcome Jason... glad to see another SoCal local on the site. I'm in the Southbay (Torrance), so hit me up via PM if you are ever heading down this way and want to kill some time. If my schedule works out, happy to get together for a smoke. And no worries about where to go. My home office/lounge is always smoke friendly.
  6. Glad you liked it... good review and very similar to my experiences with the cigar. I definitely get that tanginess and find it a nice addition to an already fantastic cigar. Unusual, yes. But that's what lends it to being so good.
  7. Simply amazing that people can break 3 out of 4 of the rules all in such a short period of time. I'm just going to emphasize the point here around sources, and prices for that matter. It's become all too common for people in the shoutbox to discuss where they get their stock (albeit sometimes in code... by owner name, etc.). More commonly it is the question... "did you get that from ???". Out of respect for Rob and his staff, let's follow the rules and keep any of these topics to PM.
  8. Bravo This site has always been a place where civility, equality and mutual respect have been paramount. Whether you are a 50 year smoker or have just picked up the habit, you can expect to be met with insightful and entertaining discussion. Let's keep this site the kind of place I wouldn't mind my kids reading when it's up on my computer screen.
  9. dochowl

    Bacon Explosion

    I cooked up one of these last year for father's day... holy @#!@# it was good. See here for more:
  10. Congrats JDouglas... tough match today and a well deserved win. One note Prez - didn't see my name on the Final Table Points list. I'm planning on brushing up on my poker skills for the November game, so just want to make sure I have a chance. Thanks.
  11. I might suggest pushing a bit to see where he purchased these. Not definitive, but can easily spot likely fakes if he got these "from a friend..." Also, does he have the boxes? He shows a full box (or more) of the Behikes, so I would expect he has the box. That is unless they came in a bundle... gotta watch out for those bundles
  12. Thanks Trevor... it was a good game... nearly 1 hr 40 minutes. Honestly, I had planned for about 20 minutes, but glad to have held out until the end.
  13. Fantastic. Finally tracked down some Prime bone-in ribeye... 4 steaks, 8 pounds. Followed the steps above (although shortened to 36 hours due to scheduling issues). Wow, what a difference. I've always grilled a good steak, but this thing was off the charts. I owe you one Brazos.

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