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  1. This is a great low cost option that we sell a ton of: https://www.amazon.com/Lotus-Cyclops-11mm-Cigar-Punch/dp/B075MQH3VG
  2. 100% awesome. Got a couple shirts and some stickers. All very high quality and arrived really fast to Chicago (ordered during the testing phase to help out). 100% recommend this site if you want some cool swag (love the Cuban stamp and Constellation designs).
  3. I guessed, but I feel good about that guess based on this comic's usual delivery.
  4. I'm hanging at the store tonight for the BCS game. If you all want to put something together for another evening this week, let me know and I'll see what I can arrange for patio space (we have heaters, no worries). Wednesday night is the opener for the NHL so I might stay around later and show the games on the big screen too.
  5. The Bears are clearly the worst team to make the playoffs.....their 8-8 record was a fluke and they should have been 5-11 if not for ridiculous luck in 3 early games. I watched the entire broadcast on Nickelodeon since the Bears coaching is pretty much Pop Warner level and the players played & acted like children vs the Saints so it made sense to watch the kids broadcast. This thread makes me happy as I was thinking about KG and the Pres that whole game. Made it very enjoyable.
  6. Completely sucks. I have a lot of friends that work at the store and for the company and Altria really screwed them. Hopefully a buyer will emerge to rescue it. Hoping to get to NYC within the next month before it closes for good.
  7. With Phase 4 happening in Chicago later this week, we can have the patio at Up Down open with good capacity again. I'm willing to host outside, especially later in the evening, if you guys want to get something on the calendar. I have some new recruits I can possibly bring to the table as well. Just thought I'd bring it up since there's been no discussion since April. I can host a Zoom meeting too if you guys have the itch to be social smoking. Cheers, Phil
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I kind of assumed as much but figured I'd ask around before I restock.
  9. The R&J Churchill Tubo was one of the first Cuban cigars I ever smoked when it was still silver, many moons ago. I've smoked a lot of non-tubed Churchills lately but haven't had more than one tubo since the packaging change. According the El Pres, current non-tubed Churchills are on fire as of late. My question is, what are the thoughts on the R&J Churchill Tubo vs non? We can leave the price out of it, I'm more thinking QC / quality of the product / any notable difference? I'm low on Churchills and am curious as to others' opinions on this matter. Cheers, Phi
  10. So Amy was out of town (the chef of the house, personally and professionally) so I was left to my own devices Sunday morning: A nice pot of Cuban coffee and heart healthy breakfast! We have a tradition at Up Down and at home that Sundays are "Lancero Sundays" so right after a few bowls of the RB, I started in to one of these marvelous cigars. The draw on this one was a little more firm that the rest of the box and only slightly more firm than I prefer so it lost a few marks for that. The burn was a little wonky at the start but leveled itself off with
  11. The Epernay D'Aosta 10th is regular production, albeit limited, and is definitely different from the standard Epernay blend. @JoeyBones777 I'm curious if the 3 you've smoked are from the same box or different ones? I only ask because the first batch came in and sold out quickly, and it took a couple months for more to come in. The original ones may have rested longer before Dion released them, as he tends to delay an initial launch until he thinks they are prefect. Future production many not get the benefit of the same aging as the original release. I think Illusione is some of the b
  12. Agreed on the Diadema beating out the robo. Did you try the redo of the Diadema, with the 50th band that came in the jars?

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