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  1. You are absolutely incorrect. Studies: Car accidents up in Colorado, other states with legalized recreational marijuana (
  2. Esteban77

    Secondary year bands

    Here is another link where to buy them
  3. Esteban77

    R & J

    The Coronitas en Cedros I have recently gotten have the cherry note to them.
  4. Esteban77

    SLR DC or The White Whale

    If you go to the Habanos website, they are absent from the permanent range list along with Serie A being absent, but are listed under the brand along with several discontinued St. Luis Rey cigars.
  5. Esteban77

    Thoughts for a special box

    A 50 cabinet of Magnum 46 or H Upmann No.2 and Bolivar Coronas Gigantes.
  6. I would get a Polk Audio sound bar. It is very simple a surround sound bar and a wireless subwoofer. I bought the 6000 a few years ago for my parents and it has great sound for something so simple.
  7. Esteban77

    Adding a cooling system to a Humidor ?

    It is a Laird(Melcor) MAA150T-24 however this was significantly cheaper when I bought it. TeTech has TE units at more reasonable prices. The temperature controller is no longer available which is a TeTech TC-24-12, but has the 5R7-570 which I have use too. The power supply is a Mean Well S-150-24. This is a 24 volt system, but you can use the 5R7-570 in a 12 volt system.
  8. Esteban77

    Adding a cooling system to a Humidor ?

    I have done this by adding TE, thermoelectrical, unit to an end table humidor. You will need to buy one that is large enough of the size of your humidor and a power supply unit to power it. The kind I used runs all of the time, so there is no fluctuation in temperature and humidity. It is also regulates the temperature by bidirectionally.
  9. Maybe his next project will be the pigeons bringing in coconuts.
  10. I have work in science for over 17 years for anyone to suggest consensus is science is ridiculous. Most of the scientist I know are highly biased which is often the reason they go into their field of study and to suggest one scientist is not as altruistic, i.e. Judith Curry, as another without presenting how they are falsely presenting their data is intellectually dishonest. It is nothing more than an effort to marginalize the individual and engaging in popular consensus building which is not science. Making statements without scientific data to backup ones statement or "copy and pasting" claims that contain no scientific data are worthless efforts to marginalize through consensus. If you truly wish to be scientific, you must weigh all data. From what Orion has presented in the graph above and my knowledge of the data, the man-made computer models are highly flawed. Since 1998 when Global warming, now Global climate change, became vogue, CO2 has increase by >80ppm (NOAA) and the average global temperature has decreased by ~0.46ºC (UAB satellite data), but 0.19ºC higher than normal average.
  11. Esteban77

    Back to Life

    I have no idea, but I wish they were sealed in the food saver bags like some vendor do. There would no worries about humidity. Both are cabinet style boxes and still have aroma which I find amazing. The two year box, Siglo I, look ok so I smoked one which was good. The three year old, H Upmann Connie No. 1, look dry. Maybe the varnish on the Siglo I helped preserve the cigars.
  12. Esteban77

    Back to Life

    I recently received two boxes that were sent two and three years ago.
  13. Esteban77

    Footy thread (soccer)

    Captain, It seems to me that the owners of the club are the ones holding the purse strings. Sparky will only be allowed to spend what the owners allow him to spend. I hope that Stoke does not go wild on spending because I think they have great fan base that is very enthusiastic. But looking at your list, many of those players are the players that won Man City their premier league title. Although, Sparky was obviously the wrong manager for the job. Esteban
  14. Esteban77

    Footy thread (soccer)

    Sparky was obviously a great player, but great players don't always make good managers. He will have relegation battle if they do not get better talent. Esteban
  15. Esteban77

    Footy thread (soccer)

    I did not know that Tony Pulis left Stoke to become the Wales manager. Stoke will miss him dearly. He got the best out of the players he had. Esteban

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