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  1. When a regular production cigar is in short supply, does that tell us anything about the quality of the sticks? If they are being made at a lower volume, does that imply more careful construction or tighter controls on the quality of tobacco being used? Or, just the opposite? If you do find something like a Behike or Sir Winston, will they in general, be better or worse quality? Of course, being Habanos, there's no such thing as "for sure" but wondered if any conventional wisdom has emerged on the topic.
  2. LateApex


    Cheers LIsa!!!
  3. LateApex


    Just be ready for a huge traffic spike Rob! For many of us, it will be "appointment viewing" coupled with uncontrolled spontaneous bidding. Looking forward to it!! Thanks for the update, and good luck staging a smooth, and (for sure) successful, roll-out.
  4. LateApex

    Boveda Butler

    I received one for Christmas and think it's a great product - especially for the price. So far so good. (I also gifted one to my brother-in-law to monitor his wine cellar, which I think is a good application as well)
  5. LateApex


    Bravo on attending that tasting! Legendary stuff
  6. LateApex

    Cuba fishing trip

    The Fieldworkers Club puts on fantastic Tarpon tagging expeditions in Cuba, but it looks like they are sold out in 2019:
  7. Will be visiting Fiji for the first time in a little over a week. Will have a couple days in Nadi for shopping. What should we buy? Any special rum, local delicacies, or "must buy" items to bring home to the states? Probably won't be back anytime soon, so want to make sure we take advantage of our proximity while we can. Thanks!
  8. 1. CoRo 2. CoLa 3. Sir Winston 4. PLPC 5. Punch Punch 6. Lusitania 7. R&J Churchill 8. Monte #2 9. SCDLH La Fuerza 10. HDM DC
  9. Which regular production sticks appreciate in value the most with age? (5-10+ years) I've noticed CoRo and CoLa carry a consistent premium with a few years, for example. What would a short list look like of others that have a demonstrated, predictable trajectory?
  10. LateApex


    Great Blanton's story! Thanks for sharing. I will add it to my bar immediately.
  11. LateApex

    Your Next 5 boxes wishlist.

    1. San Cristobal La Fuerza 2. CoLa 3. Sir Winston 4. 898v 5. RyJ Churchill
  12. Just goes to show how great FOH's prices are
  13. LateApex

    Who likes Rum and Tonic

    I like Plantation's Stiggins' Fancy pineapple rum with soda water and the juice of a couple lemon wedges.....delicious.
  14. LateApex

    Havana Trip April 2016

    Excellent haul. Great taste.
  15. I kinda like the bands, but am less than impressed with the wrapper consistency....
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