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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🍷🍷🍷.....and don’t forget Sunday❤️
  2. I’m lucky...had the same great dentist for over 30 years....he cleans my teeth and gives me gas when he does🌈
  3. Like Gene Hackman said....”they’re more expensive than drugs” Weed is before dinner.....cigars after.....weeds not a great paring with Port👻
  4. You can’t make sense out of kids in Canada can afford a Monte 4
  5. What makes me think a CC will age well, the easy answer is when I smoke a great young cigar. The hard answer is when you smoke a good young cigar will it get better. One cigar that really sticks out in my mind is JL #4’s, a very good cigar when young but there was a flavor there that I could tell was just sleeping. Now I know it was the Cointreau genie locked in her bottle that has come out with her cloths off! Smoking aged cigars only takes 2 things, time and money. When your young you usually have only one of the two. I love young cigars and aged cigars, for the first 30 years I smoked
  6. Make sure on the last night of my life I wouldn’t die with money in the bank🤗
  7. I have to take cigar buying a day at a time....with the quality of the 18 19 and 20 cigars I’ve been doing a lot of taking

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