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  1. Very difficult to answer. Thinner gauge cigars are typically more intense that than large ring gauge cigars. But their blend is different. All things being equal, as we say in the wine business, the bigger the boat the longer the float. The magnum of 82 Latour will take longer to come around than the half bottle. The Siglo VI should take longer to hit its peak than the Siglo I.
  2. you’ve said....Rob has tarmac for taste buds....but please keep dragging him thru upper class spirits 👻🙏
  3. I never have been...but I sure as hell would be if I smoked NC’s.....they never smell good to me...and that’s being nice. I remember getting some cash out of a ATM smoking my Punch PC and a couple walks by....the woman said to her husband “I smell orange blossoms”..... her husband said....”honey that’s his cigar”
  4. This is the second cigar from this box and my first cigars from 2016. Living in the country, civilization is a half hour or a hour away depending on your definition. The only time I’m not smoking in the car is if I have company or just going 1 mile to the post office. Coming back from civilization yesterday I used this Punch Punch to get me home. Colorado shade wrapper and well filled at 11.9 gr. First few puff have a caramel sweetness like a aged PL, then heavy spice and a little woody as the sweetness disappears, more than a touch of mongrel. The first one I smoked had no sweetness, thought the box needed a couple more years of sleep, at least. But this cigar is much more enjoyable, every time I sipped some cool water the sweetness returned, then faded away until I went back to the water. For me this cigar is too young, heavy spice, toasted tobacco and a on and off caramel sweetness. A lovely ride home but I’m going to give these more time for the flavors to blend together and smooth out.
  5. Buy as many boxes as you can afford, remember your getting them tax and duty free, no telling how long that will last. Your smoking around 8 boxes a year and a 5 year supply is considered a excellent collection. So when you get to 40 boxes you can go back to a maintenance 8 boxes a year or continue deeper into the madness. The only consistent thing about CC’s is they keep going up in price.
  6. Nice looking colorado wrapper, well filled at 5.7 gr. with a perfect resistance draw. Rolling the cigar in my mouth before I cut it the wrapper tastes so delicious, something that very rarely happens with today’s cigars. Fist puff I get that wonderful sweet Italian leather flavor that screams Partagas to me. Next few puffs are very peppery, then it settles down to earthy, creamy toasted tobacco. After the first few blasts of pepper It’s gone from medium full to medium bodied, burn and draw are perfect. It’s fun to smoke a cigar that changes almost every puff, chile pepper, mushroom, chocolate, coffee, with a base of creamy toasted tobacco. A lovely 70 minute finger burning trip down memory lane 🌈
  7. The advantage is years later you won’t open up a box that has been destroyed by mold or beetles
  8. Normally I’d say this is a very good looking cigar, colorado maduro wrapper with some sheen, but the only great regular production Monte’s I’ve smoked this century have had much lighter wrappers. This cigar feels light in my hand, under filled at 13.1 gr. Not surprisingly the cold draw is a wind tunnel. This is the second cigar I’ve smoked from this box, don’t remember the first one, so it couldn’t have been that good or that bad. First puffs I get a chocolate flavor in the front of my mouth but just a dry woody flavor and finish. It takes about 15 minutes for the chocolate flavor to move into mid-palate, but the chocolate is baking chocolate, there’s no sweetness at all.....must be one of those low calorie cigars 👻 Went from medium to medium full over the 75 minutes of smoking time, but never changed its woody bitter chocolate profile. I needed a chocolate mousse dessert with this cigar to add some sweetness. A classic under filled cigar
  9. I know oil slicks when I see them......unfortunately I have to leave the country to get a peek
  10. The hard liquor reviews are always the best🥃👻
  11. They’re fine....get some matches and start burning 🤗
  12. Why just 1 box.....I’d get a few!👻 Maybe a 10er of Lusitania’s and Siglo VI and.... Starting your cigar smoking life with a big stick may be a little overwhelming, I’d definitely have a box of Bolivar PC’s, that would be a great first cigar. If I had to pick just 1 box😰 it would be Cohiba Coronas Especiales
  13. You don’t know how lucky you are👻 there are people here with secret credit cards that have to sneak boxes in the house when someone’s not looking.....and much worse. Getting floored by a CC used to be a daily occurrence for me, sadly it’s something that happens very rarely now. And getting your hands on a great box of CC’s these days is almost a gift from the gods, especially since you, like me, don’t get to go into a store and pick our own cigars. At least you’ve come to the right place and upped your odds. If your a Padron fan you like big powerful tobacco, usually the powerhouses in CC’s come in small packages. Getting a large format box of powerhouse CC’s is a gift from the gods gods. I would try some Bolivar Coronas Junior or PC’s, small cigars but they pack quite a punch. For a large cigar I’d suggest the Lusitania’s.
  14. Cigars are like racehorses....they don’t know weather they’re cheep or expensive Expensive racehorses run last all the time and so do expensive cigars

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