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  1. What’s that ole Forest Gump line....Cuban cigars this century are like a box of chocolates.... My experience with this cigar having been thru a few boxes with a few to go....factory codes LAU MEG and OPG all 15. When young these cigars were, sweet, fruitcake bombs...everything I want from RA. The last couple I’ve smoked lately were a little overpowering. I consider EL cigars after dinner cigars and I didn’t smoke the last couple after mistake! They’ve lost some sweetness but now have bittersweet chocolate with the fruitcake. These cigars have legs for day
  2. 9 innings of watching miserable Dodger faces in the dugout 🌈 hopefully 9 more tomorrow 🙏
  3. Hate the Dodgers.....because they’re the Dodgers Can’t stand the Braves.....that disgusting tomahawk chop Astros.....cheaters GO BOSTON
  4. Cigars are always a little sweeter when I watch the Dodgers lose 🤗 JBWP5RW
  5. Definitely not one of my favorite boxes of cigars, can’t remember being wowed by a single stick and I’m 2/3 thru the box. I can’t say I got a badly filled box, but every cigar always feels light in my hand. Once in a while you buy a first class ticket and fly with the luggage. With a EL cigar I’m expecting a big rich smoke, this box has given me dry cherries and briarwood. Fortunately the night before I had company for dinner and with dessert I opened up a 03 Graham’s, so I’ll have that and some fresh figs with this stick. Nice colorado maduro wrapper, draw is alright, a little too open f
  6. We either kick the Bums to the curb or we get kicked into the bay.....go GIANTS

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