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  1. I wish 20% underweight was the extreme.....that’s child’s play....I just vacuumed a 3.5g Partagas Short to see if it’s worth smoking.....that’s over 50% short....pun intended👻
  2. A plugged cigar is a plugged cigar, no matter what it weighs, usually from a knot or twist when rolled. A problem I almost never encounter, it took 25 years before I had my first plugged cigar. I think the published weights are for tax purposes....think. I like my cigars well filled, at or heavier than the published weight, as long as they draw I’ll happy. I find a big drop off in flavor from cigars missing 20% or more of their tobacco, the more missing the worst the smoke.
  3. I haven’t hit my inventory limit....any ones I’ve made I’ve broken so I stopped kidding myself. How much I’ll pay for a cigar, that’s a different story.
  4. This morning I smoked the RG PC, entering the ring at a whopping 4.5g. The kind of cigar I avoid, if I did accidentally light it would probably last 10 minutes before I pitched it due to lack of flavor and probably a bad burn. I’m interested to see how long it lasts, 45 minutes is my usual PC smoking time. When I sealed these I sucked the hell out of them, waiting for the machine to do the sealing. I don’t think that’s really necessary, I’ll try a few that I hit the seal button when they have a good vacuum instead of letting them get to outer space mode, they might look better. Draw is again C
  5. I’ll brush up on my video are my sealed victims and what they look like after...just finished the Dip 2...1hr 15 min smoking time..what impressed me was it had a sweet dark chocolate flavor from beginning to end....your not going to get that from a cigar that burns hot
  6. Firing up a Backwoods Dip 2....11.8g....after the vacuum, draw is perfect. I know it’s not pretty...but it’s how it preforms! Earthy, nice dark don’t get that from a wind tunnel..aka lightweight.
  7. I’ve certainly been in the front of the line complaining about all the under filled cigars we usually get in a box. For many years I’ve weighed all my cigars so I avoid smoking a disappointing hot bland stick. A member thank you bombed me a beautiful travel case and some lovely cigars. He vacuum sealed the cigars. I seal cigars when I send them but I never vacuum them to avoid crushing. As I was writing him a thank you email I started thinking what would the vacuum compressing do for the draw on a under filled cigar. It should tighten the draw making for a slower smoke and intensify the flavor
  8. full....might as well start your birthday with a great cigar 🌈
  9. I learned very early that you don’t lite a cigar like you light a cigarette, warm the head and toast it before you puff on it. The first puffs on a cigar can tell tell you if your going on a magical ride or a bumpy one. This was years before torch lights were around. Many...many years later after my bypass surgery I found that the first puffs were so strong I was coughing. So I had to toast the foot and purge the cigar before taking a puff. If you want the best first taste of a cigar that’s the way to get it🌈
  10. Best early memory: Reaching for my third cigar on my first day of smoking and my father saying “your gonna get sick”. I lit the Monte Especial and delighted in the chocolate, caramel, nought and roasted nuts and thought how could this make me sick....he didn’t say anything later when I lit my fourth? Biggest regret: How few times in my 50+ years of smoking I’ve been able to walk into a cigar store and select my own cigars. Best advice: Don’t let your cigar palate move, expand it. Mild, medium and full bodied cigars, there’s a time for all of them. Don’t get stuck in a cigar rut.
  11. Can’t wait to see the Impregnater action figure ?

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