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  1. I’m half way thru this box and I remember I’ve really enjoyed these but I can’t remember why...I wasn’t expecting a lot from this cigar because it’s the lightest one in the box, but when I rechecked the weight it was 14gr, not under filled by HSA standards. That did make me realize what a well filled box of cigars I have. Nice smooth wrapper but a little to pale, I like a deeper shade on Punch than this. The cigar still feels light to me and the draw has no resistance, I’ll smoke this extra slowly. I lit the cigar and got a mouthful of cream, a couple of puffs later cashews, then a sugary sweetness...I’m happy! A few more puffs and toasted tobacco with some exotic spice really has me smiling. Halfway thru the 1/3 all the flavors combine into cigar heaven...I wish I was having a cappuccino outside at a cafe in Italy right now. I can’t get over how incredibly sweet this cigar is, then I remember this is the box I swear the roller sprinkled sugar into the cigars. The body is a little under medium and smoking beautifully. 2/3 the body comes up to medium, the smoke is so velvety I’m just drawing it into my mouth and letting it slowly seep out. I wish this cigar was 3 ft long. An absolute 1 1/2hrs of smoking nirvana. My next trip to Italy I will be taking quite a few of these for a mid morning smoke at a cafe!
  2. cigaraholic


    I’ll let you in on a little secret....whoever smokes the most cigars wins👻 Cuban cigars are great...young or old. I’m old enough to remember when a cigar was just a cigar, not a financial religious experience. For the first 30+ years I just bought and smoked, my pocketbook wouldn’t let me go deep on cigars.....and I enjoyed every minute. If you want, save a few from each box and start your own Anejados program. Rob and Ken usually review current release cigars and they seem to enjoy them quite a bit. A lit cigar in your hand is better than a aging cigar in your humidor.
  3. Beautiful looking and feeling favorite size cigar...always has been. I picked a well filled one 13.4 gr👻 I can’t remember the last time a Dalia lasted almost absolutely delicious cigar! As good as Bolivar gets 🤗
  4. cigaraholic

    London Smoke

    They’re upstairs at JJ’s sampling
  5. A good laugh at a cigar nightmare for me. I always have cigars with me and I smoke in the car, not when other people are in the car....except my son. Smoking a beautiful cigar while I’m driving keeps me sane in a insane traffic world. That’s one of the reasons I moved to the country almost 30 years ago, Bay Area traffic is crazy. I think that’s also when I switched from pot to cigars while driving. If I’m driving a mile to the store I don’t smoke...otherwise wherever I’m going is a smoke ride. I even keep a panic cigar or 2 in the car.....except when the weather gets warm. Today I was going to my property to wack weeds....12 minutes away...though about taking cigars, but had to stop for a gallon of gas for the machine and I knew I’d be hot and sweaty when I finished so no cigar. A few miles down the highway everything stops for road work...thought about going back for cigars or just blowing it off, but I didn’t want to lose my place and I need a day of recovery before I try and hit a golf ball. It was only 20 minutes, but I was laughing about being caught without cigars, and no panic cigar. On the way home I wasn’t laughing...1 1/2 to get back. Talk about a perfect time for a cigar. Made me appreciate the JL 2 I was planning to review even more 🌈 Last time I ever leave the house unarmed
  6. I knew there had to be a catch😰
  7. I can’t imagine how many time you guys has to brush your teeth to get the BBQ pit out of your mouth😰
  8. Wish I had more than a box of TRE’s....but happy to part with them for 1K
  9. cigaraholic

    Happy Birthday Di

    A very happy birthday to you🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾 You always make me so happy when you say yes! can have a box❤️
  10. Always a little cigar tear when I smoke a dodo bird😰 Beautiful silky smooth claro wrapper and very well filled at 7.2gr 1/2 Starts like a middle eastern mocha, cardamom, coffee and cocoa. The bittersweet cocoa ramps up with a buttery sweetness and a tannic dry finish. Medium bodied with a perfect draw. 2/2 The tannic finish disappears and it’s buttery all the way thru. All the flavors have turned into 1 exotic cigar. I feel like I should be in Instanbul having Turkish coffee in a cafe. A lovely 50 minutes!
  11. Great driver that brought Ferrari back to the top....could have easily been a 5 time World Champion.....always rooted for him❤️
  12. cigaraholic

    Your Last Cracker Cigar?

    Hard to beat the 08 Bolivar GM I’m smoking right now 🌈
  13. Unfortunately for my bank account my palate for great wine and cigars has never changed.....I love them all. If you have boxes of cigars you don’t like it may be the cigars not you....if they’re Cuban. Are the cigars too strong, too mild or do they just taste like crap?
  14. It’s been many years since I smoked one of these but I remember it. I had a 3 hr drive in front of me and thought Sancho would make good company. Unfortunately Sancho only lasted 1 1/2 hrs, a very disappointing under filled cigar. This one feels nice and firm, 20.3gr. With a cigar of this length the draw is always a concern, this one has plenty of resistance but no issues. From the first puff there’s a lovely sweetness to the cigar with a woody flavor. As the cigar opens up the sweetness turns into a rich caramel on my lips with the classic SP salty driftwood flavor in my mouth. This cigar is so delicious I can’t stop smacking my lips...just like a great Mosel🤗 Body is just under medium and the burn is perfect. In the last 1/3 a little over medium body as the driftwood turns into mahogany but stays buttery sweet to the end. What a treat and this time Sancho stuck around for 2hrs 50 minutes. I’ll be smoking another one of these very soon!
  15. cigaraholic

    In the future ....

    Wouldn’t be good for Ferrari sales😰

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