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  1. The advantage is years later you won’t open up a box that has been destroyed by mold or beetles
  2. Normally I’d say this is a very good looking cigar, colorado maduro wrapper with some sheen, but the only great regular production Monte’s I’ve smoked this century have had much lighter wrappers. This cigar feels light in my hand, under filled at 13.1 gr. Not surprisingly the cold draw is a wind tunnel. This is the second cigar I’ve smoked from this box, don’t remember the first one, so it couldn’t have been that good or that bad. First puffs I get a chocolate flavor in the front of my mouth but just a dry woody flavor and finish. It takes about 15 minutes for the chocolate flavor to move into mid-palate, but the chocolate is baking chocolate, there’s no sweetness at all.....must be one of those low calorie cigars 👻 Went from medium to medium full over the 75 minutes of smoking time, but never changed its woody bitter chocolate profile. I needed a chocolate mousse dessert with this cigar to add some sweetness. A classic under filled cigar
  3. I know oil slicks when I see them......unfortunately I have to leave the country to get a peek
  4. The hard liquor reviews are always the best🥃👻
  5. They’re fine....get some matches and start burning 🤗
  6. Why just 1 box.....I’d get a few!👻 Maybe a 10er of Lusitania’s and Siglo VI and.... Starting your cigar smoking life with a big stick may be a little overwhelming, I’d definitely have a box of Bolivar PC’s, that would be a great first cigar. If I had to pick just 1 box😰 it would be Cohiba Coronas Especiales
  7. You don’t know how lucky you are👻 there are people here with secret credit cards that have to sneak boxes in the house when someone’s not looking.....and much worse. Getting floored by a CC used to be a daily occurrence for me, sadly it’s something that happens very rarely now. And getting your hands on a great box of CC’s these days is almost a gift from the gods, especially since you, like me, don’t get to go into a store and pick our own cigars. At least you’ve come to the right place and upped your odds. If your a Padron fan you like big powerful tobacco, usually the powerhouses in CC’s come in small packages. Getting a large format box of powerhouse CC’s is a gift from the gods gods. I would try some Bolivar Coronas Junior or PC’s, small cigars but they pack quite a punch. For a large cigar I’d suggest the Lusitania’s.
  8. Cigars are like racehorses....they don’t know weather they’re cheep or expensive Expensive racehorses run last all the time and so do expensive cigars
  9. Don’t people have better things to smoke in Oregon while watching fireworks 👻 Having a couple of extra PC’s in your pocket shouldn’t kill you if you’d rather have a cigar, if your worried about a repeat take your pipe.
  10. Say goodbye to pepper and wood and hello to flavor town! Try everything 👻 if you like medium bodied NC’s no CC will be too strong for you.
  11. A dinosaur ring gauge 28, which doesn’t really bother me, I prefer a 33 rg for panetelas. Beautiful colorado wrapper, a little under filled at 4gr. The cigar has a lovely floral toasted tobacco aroma. Starts off under medium with citrus and honeysuckle flavors. Halfway thru the 1/3 I’m getting a nice toasted tobacco finish. It’s a cigar you have to sip not puff. 2/3 gets creamy with some nuts. Half way body goes up to medium and I can stop sipping and start puffing. 3/3 buttery toasted tobacco with wild flowers. I love how these skinnies can make such rich flavors. A nice 45 min Sunday morning smoke.
  12. Now you know the secret...Goldilocks puts the twang in CC’s
  13. Yes....your obsessing too much....nobody fakes Siglo 1’s
  14. 360 days a year it’s oatmeal with fruit 😰
  15. I’m half way thru this box and I remember I’ve really enjoyed these but I can’t remember why...I wasn’t expecting a lot from this cigar because it’s the lightest one in the box, but when I rechecked the weight it was 14gr, not under filled by HSA standards. That did make me realize what a well filled box of cigars I have. Nice smooth wrapper but a little to pale, I like a deeper shade on Punch than this. The cigar still feels light to me and the draw has no resistance, I’ll smoke this extra slowly. I lit the cigar and got a mouthful of cream, a couple of puffs later cashews, then a sugary sweetness...I’m happy! A few more puffs and toasted tobacco with some exotic spice really has me smiling. Halfway thru the 1/3 all the flavors combine into cigar heaven...I wish I was having a cappuccino outside at a cafe in Italy right now. I can’t get over how incredibly sweet this cigar is, then I remember this is the box I swear the roller sprinkled sugar into the cigars. The body is a little under medium and smoking beautifully. 2/3 the body comes up to medium, the smoke is so velvety I’m just drawing it into my mouth and letting it slowly seep out. I wish this cigar was 3 ft long. An absolute 1 1/2hrs of smoking nirvana. My next trip to Italy I will be taking quite a few of these for a mid morning smoke at a cafe!

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