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  1. If you get a good box I think they age very well, time seems to really bring out the creamy mouth feel and flavor.
  2. A Sunday morning F1 cigar. I love coronas gordas but this isn’t a Hoyo I usually smoke. It’s nicely filled at 11.6g with a deep colorado maduro wrapper, as dark a wrapper as I’ve seen on a regular production Hoyo. Opening puffs are creamy marshmallow, wood and sweet toasted tobacco. It’s a little under medium bodied with a nice straight burn. A good cocoa flavor comes in, maybe from the wrapper. Over 70 minutes the flavors didn’t change just intensified, came up to a little over medium body and the cocoa turned to chocolate. A pleasant cigar for a interesting race, now it’s time for a couple of PGA cigars 🌈
  3. I think you smoked a de Dauphin....the du Maire is the size of a cigarette 👻
  4. A baseball loving friend came over yesterday to celebrate opening weekend...I was going to make a mimosa this morning but I needed a little extra hair on the dog so I made a sparkling screw with a ERDM PC
  5. I needed a little extra hair on the dog this a Sparkling Screw
  6. I was gifted a box of Cabanas from the 40’s in the 80’s....they went up in very fine smoke🌈 For me the best part about the old leaf cigars is how delicious the wrapper tastes, something I used to take for granted but now is a rare treat and sourly missing in today’s cigars. Just putting the cigar in my mouth and tasting that tobacco was the best all day sucker money could buy, you didn’t need a cold draw, just wet lips😰
  7. For me morning brands are....Cohiba, ERdM, Upmann, Hoyo, LGC, PL, QdO, SCdH and Monte 3...4...5 after lunch all brands are fair game🤗
  8. I have s few Mercaderes EMA NOV07 and a few Muralla EMA AGO07 left. The Mercaderes are beautifully rolled but we’re bland when young. Over time they have become creamy, nutty, delicious Hoyo’s. They never have tasted like a San Cristobal. The Muralla’s were indeed rolled at Mr Wonka’s factory, on Christmas, absolutely incredible cigars...I usually smoke one on Christmas Eve.
  9. Bolivar may start with a B but their not for breakfast 👻 MAY19 BPC’s should be mongrel incorporated....they’re after dinner monsters right now. I believe MSU is the Partagas factory.....Outside of El Laguito I think it’s the best factory for well filled cigars recently. Having only a hand full of lightweights from 3 boxes shows what a good job their doing. Any cigar can be plugged, weight is not a factor. I like a tight draw so 11gr PC’s are no problem for me, they’ll smoke longer🌈 The lightweights will burn up fast and be bland disappointing smokes.....they should be quarantined 😷 You have 3 boxes of very age worthy beautiful cigars, the nice thing about weighing your cigars is you know where the heartbreakers are.
  10. I might have a occasional cigar, having stormtroopers march around in my mouth isn’t my idea of a good time. I know instead of having cigars for my afterlife I’d have 1 desktop and a very fast car in the garage.
  11. It had been a lonnnnng time since I smoked a Cazzie, but last night I fired one up LAE OCT10. Yes they do age well to me. When young they had become to strong for me. I love fruity tobacco but during R&J’s toilet years the Cazzie was the one cigar I still got that deep cherry flavor from. I’m sure it has to do with my age, big strong powerhouse cigars are not real enjoyable anymore. Age didn’t make a big change in the flavor profile or body, but it sure smoothed out the nic kick making the cigar much more enjoyable for me. I would expect the 09 to be like last nights cigar, everything you expect in a Cazzie......only smoother.
  12. I don’t know if this is one that came out of a box like that, it was a gift. Sadly it’s the oldest cigar I have, but I’m not putting it in my mouth!
  13. For me this cigar was an absolute no brainer RE, I love PL and my favorite size cigar is lonsdale/ dalias. In the last 10 years I have bought more of this cigar than any other, I joke it’s my breakfast of champions. I’m trying to smoke less, but I do love a mid morning cigar with coffee and PL puts cream in their cigars like I do in my coffee. This is one cigar I didn’t lay down for a rest, I’m sure I smoked one the day I received my first box and have never stopped, so I’m very familiar with it. Being Father’s Day I’m having a Sir Winston with my iced coffee this morning, something I could get use to, just need to rob a couple more banks. I smoked the Encantos yesterday morning. Beautiful looking cigar with a deep colorado wrapper, draw seems good. First puff is sweet buttery toffee, next puff I get coffee and the third puff I get a woody flavor. I’m use to getting wood in a young PL, but this is the woodiest Encantos I’ve ever experienced. Many of the young Encantos I smoked were dripping with honey, this is smoking like a young Valiosos. The body is well over medium, with a woody flavor and a toffee finish. A little before half way as the cigar warms up I feel it, a big soft spot below the band. I’m smoking a under filled cigar. I realize I didn’t weigh the cigar before smoking it, but I have my boxes arranged according to weight so this shouldn’t happen. So much for my QC! I had pulled 3 from a box I’m smoking and put them in my easy grab desktop, so I checked the other 2....9.6 grams, a little over 2 grams light, so I had put the 3 lightest cigars in my desktop. Now I know why I got light coffee, toffee and lots of wood. I can’t figure out how the lightweights got into my smoking box....I guess it’s just me being me and old age. I don’t think it’s fair to the cigar to review one that’s under weight, it’s been a long time since I haven’t checked the weight before smoking a cigar to review. Hopefully it won’t happen again 🙏

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