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  1. For me it’s impossible to make rules about something so incredibly inconsistent as today’s CC’s. For 30 years I smoked as fast as I bought, for 20+ I’ve been smoking well aged cigars almost exclusively, enjoyed them both tremendously! If your not smoking a cigar tonight and you have cigars in a humidor that your “aging”, you’ve broken my one rule.
  2. Have a house guest so I’ll take my Sunday mid morning smoke outside. I was smart enough to grab a few boxes of these before they became a secondary market only cigar. When I want a 1hr smoke, which I do a lot, I think of a corona or robusto. I like to smoke when I’m driving and I live 1 hr from the city of Napa, so when I head there to visit friends a corona is the perfect smoke. April thru October you have to expect people taking there once in a lifetime drive thru the Napa Valley, when I’m enjoying a nice cigar I could care less. These cigars have been smoking beautifully, they just beg
  3. Oily wrappers you’ve probably hit a gold mine...pale oil less wrappers you’ve probably hit peppers and sourdough
  4. A box of SLR Regios MOE JUL15 I recently opened has taken earthiness to another level. Not the normal earthy flavor I find in Bolivar and Montecristo, these cigars have terroir. I get a beautiful rich earthy flavor that tastes like the soil this tobacco was grown in. I’m used to getting this flavor from a great wine, but I can’t ever remember getting such a flavor from a cigar. And there’s a red sticker on the box, so thank you Rob!
  5. Five great cigars I can go grab and count on to hit nothing but net... SCdH El Morro MLO box ever from FOH Bolivar Inmensos TEB SEP07 Cohiba Esplendido LBT OCT09 Sir Winston ARG MAY14 PL Legendarios MLO NOV11
  6. I wasn’t planning on reviewing this cigar, just having my mid morning smoke with a iced coffee, I chose this because I’m playing golf later and have 2 Lusitania’s coming on the course. Always been one of my favorite cigars because I love PL and coffee with cream plus when I was younger I could afford boxes of these. I do most of my smoking and listening to music in the car, a great cigar and some classical music is the perfect way for me to relax and ignore all the nonsense on the road in CA. Then a light came on, why not go to Havana. The best App a friend told me to download is Radio Garden
  7. Here’s the cigar store in the galleria....the best in Milan. The LCDH didn’t have much of a selection when I was there but were very nice. The airport was well stocked.
  8. For me a Lancero anything would be a winner......I think there’s only 3 left😰
  9. Food and wine paring is part of what I did for a living, I enjoy cigar and drink paring almost as much. You always want the pyramid effect 1+1=3. I reviewed a cigar out of this box a while back and remembered saying it would be nice to have a Sauternes with it because it had a lemon cake profile. Normally I like Port with RA because I’m expecting a dark fruitcake or as some would say Christmas cake...aka pudding. Of all the boxes of this cigar I’ve been thru this one has the lightest wrappers, but how much flavor does the wrapper add😜 Nicely filled with a firm draw at 10.2g. A chip off th
  10. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾 Take the rest of the week off!!!
  11. No brainer for me, a dalias and a PL, but anything not in the donkey dick zone I’d love.

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