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  1. Not easy for me to pick an MVP cigar, can’t think of a cigar I’ve consistently purchased. I certainly can think of quite a few I wish I consistently purchased, as we all can. When I look in my humidor I see that Montecristo and Por Larrañaga are taking up the most space, probably because they’re my two favorite smokes with a cup of coffee. I’m lucky enough to have gone from just being happy to have anything in my humidor, to wondering whether I’ll be able to smoke everything in my humidor, but I can’t say I’ve always had X on the bench. For me the perfect cigar barring time constraints or special occasions is a Lonsdale. If I lived back in the day when men smoking cigars was as common as them having breakfast, that’s what you see stuffed in my coat pocket. Luckily for me, just before HSA decided to twist the knife in our backs Monte #1’s could be found for a somewhat reasonable price. Once in a while being an old fart does pay off. This cigar has a perfectly smooth veinless deep colorado wrapper, nicely filled at 12g. Cold draw is chocolate and a citrus tingle with just the right amount of resistance. Opening puffs are marshmallows, light milk chocolate and citrus, a little under medium body. I’ve smoked quite a few from this box, can’t remember one opening this creamy and with such a light chocolate flavor. When it turns into a #3 the chocolate ramps up, body hits medium. At a #4 it’s all chocolate, still has that creamy marshmallow and light tangerine citrus. #5 to the end is bittersweet chocolate, medium full but still creamy. Almost 2 hrs with no relights, just a few minor touch ups. A great way to start a Sunday morning. Now I need to go pick a cigar for the Warriors game🤗
  2. I think the JL box is gorgeous!! The Monte and RA boxes look like something you’d keep crayons in🤮 The RyJ Box looks like it’s for chocolates 🤮 The QdO Box looks like a scratched record 🤮
  3. I wouldn’t say Cohiba is the duck’s nuts of cigars, but I would say Cohiba is gold plated duck’s nuts. When I was younger, financially it didn’t make sense to smoke one cigar for the same price as two. When my finances improved I did start buying Cohiba, but always had the love the cigar hate the price relationship. Unfortunately these days my Cohiba buying days are behind me unless I win the lottery or come out of retirement and pull another bank job. Fortunately I did load up when they were just very expensive, hell they used to even go on sale. There’s 3 things I like to drink when I smoke a Cohiba, champagne, Sauternes or cognac. Since it’s Easter Sunday afternoon it’s champagne time. Perfect looking Cohiba, baby butt smooth wrapper, rich colorado wrapper, well filled. Draw is perfect, lovely creamy toasted tobacco cold draw. Opens with vanilla cream and buttery toasted tobacco, a little over medium body. I’m surprised how strong this cigar is, retrohale burns my nose. 5 minutes in I get sugarcane, the cigar softens and retrohale is smooth as silk. It’s everything I expect from a Cohiba. Halfway in buttery toffee and toasted tobacco. It’s nice to have a sipping size cigar, helps me sip the champagne instead of drinking it like beer. One more gear to peanut brittle for the finishing puffs. A wonderful non-caloric pairing with a glass of champagne.
  4. Looks like I’m going to have to place another order Rob....use ruby slippers this time 👠
  5. I’m greedy, I want beautiful wrappers on all my cigars 👻 We’ve been lucky to be on a good run of exceptionally high quality tobacco the last few years, you’ll be happy you found this place! Unfortunately the last couple of years cigar prices have gone through Jupiter😰😰😰 For me, taking the 2 brands you mentioned, I like rosado wrappers on RyJ. Not because my last name is Rose, it seems to give that cherry flavor I love. Last century I preferred Monte’s with a dark chocolate wrapper, this century the best regular production Monte’s I’ve smoked have been a light milk chocolate. I don’t get that hung up about wrapper shades, I’m just glad to be doing my patriotic duty to destroy Castro’s tobacco as quickly as I can🔥
  6. You’ve got about 5 years of wrapper reading on this forum to catch-up on👻 I suppose most of us here have our dream wrapper for every brand we smoke....and sometimes dreams change. Probably the most common thing we all share is oil, you can’t have enough. Cigars that look like they’ve just been dipped in 20w50 are a wet dream. As for shade, we all have personal preferences. For me I like the shade of the wrapper to match the body of the cigar. So the heavier the cigar the darker the wrapper. And I want the color to really be intense, not dull or dusty. Of course we all have stories of cigars that looked like shit and smoked like heaven. Unfortunately the easiest way to spot a good wrapper is the most expensive, put the cigar in your mouth and taste it. When you put a cigar in your mouth and it’s so tasty you don’t have to light it, that’s a great wrapper. Something that used to be common place last century, but with the new tobacco strains it’s a rare experience these days. The best research is done with a lit cigar, enjoy the ride!
  7. I love the taste of PL and coffee in the morning. Reasonably priced, full flavored and ages beautifully. If I had a magic cigar wand I’d make them 38 RG instead of 33.
  8. A couple that I still chuckle about... Flying back to Oakland from San Diego after a week in Ensenada with a suitcase full of explosives 🧨 Wanting to build my own canon so I went to the hardware store and bought a piece of pipe and a cap and then went to the TV repairman shop and had him drill a hole in the cap for a fuse
  9. I remember going to pro matches in Tijuana when I was a kid...I can still hear that ball cracking off the wall. I believe you could bet on the players.
  10. That’s one of those fancy glass top boxes🌈
  11. Reminds me of the first time I saw a box of fake CC’s. A man who worked for Canadian customs sent me a thank you gift because I’d given him some wine shippers. I was amazed, a box of Hoyo DC’s. When I opened it the top row must of had at least 7 different wrapper shades. Sometimes it is the thought that counts.
  12. As a tribute to Mike I choose something memorable to smoke. I rarely smoke NC’s but I’m expecting, and would bet the farm that I’m about to smoke the best NC I’ve ever had. This was given to me by a friend, never had a OPUSX before but always wanted to try one. Beautiful looking cigar with a silky smooth colorado wrapper, nice weight in the hand, I’m guessing corona gorda size. Absolute monstrous floral bouquet, smelling this cigar is like sitting in a field of wildflowers. Cold draw is campfire and licorice. The foot of this cigar reminds me of raisin bread, The opening flavor is honeydew melon, a little under medium body. Moves into green tea with wildflowers, hazelnut and bubble gum. Smoke is soft and smooth, no trace of NC acidity I usually get. 30 minutes in I can confirm this is the best NC I’ve ever smoked! Lavender and cardamom come in, this cigar is so floral, reminds me of RG Corona Extra. 1 hr in and I’m only at halfway, what a pleasure it is to smoke such a beautifully rolled cigar. Was wondering where this cigar was going or if it was going anywhere else when the body goes up to medium with a blast of earthy flavor and umami, didn’t see that coming. Now it’s bouncing between bacon and grilled lamb chops and bbq spices 🌈 Last 1/3 umami fades, body comes up to medium full, I can tell I’m smoking a NC now. Flavors are earthy coffee, oyster shell and campfire marshmallows. A delicious wild ride of a cigar. As I started typing this review I realized this was the perfect cigar to remember Mike by, he was certainly an angel who shared.
  13. If your looking for a Churchill the geniuses at HSA have left you with only 3 choices, Cohiba Esplendido, Upmann Sir Winston and RyJ Churchill. The Cohiba and Upmann are extremely hard to find right now and priced for multimillionaires. The RyJ would be an excellent choice if you can get Rob to pick you out a nice red wrapper box. Fruity tobacco has always been my favorite flavor profile, a nice cherry flavored box would probably be the most enjoyable for a new smoker. Monte 2’s can be very powerful smokes, might be too much for someone starting out. Another nice fruity stick I would recommend for someone starting out is Ramon Allones Superiores.
  14. Thanks to everyone at FOH for a smoking buddy with my morning cigar!
  15. I was lucky to do some trading with Bassman, he certainly is missed🌈
  16. Looking forward to a Saturday morning cigar while watching Mother Nature torture the best golfers on the planet. When this box showed up I can’t say I was thrilled, colorado wrappers are not my favorite on RA. I like my RA to look like the fruitcake I’m hoping to smoke. But over the years this box has just gotten better and better. It’s nicely filled at 17.7g with a woody fruity cold draw and just the right amount of resistance for a cigar this size. Opening flavors are sweet creamy toasted tobacco and orange citrus. A few puffs later I’m smoking orange sponge cake, if I didn’t know better I’d say this cigar was dipped in Cointreau. 30 minutes in the cigar has only burned about 1 inch, a little under medium body and still orange sponge cake city. I know I’m going to need a palate cleanser with this monster, luckily my son and I didn’t finish a half bottle of La Tour Blanche last night. I don’t usually drink Sauternes before noon, but lemon apricot vanilla cream seems like a nice match with my sponge cake...OH YEA. 1 hr in toasted tobacco comes back with nuts. After another 20 minutes body comes up to medium, coffee and caramel come in and citrus fades, reminds me of a good RASS now.....and looks like one too. Last 45 minutes is heavy toasted tobacco, dark coffee and caramel. The Sauternes was an excellent paring with this cigar. First half of the cigar was amazing 97-98, second half it came back to earth, 92.
  17. I also will smoke anything from a pencil to a donkey dick, it’s short fat cigars I try and stay away from. They’re a hothouse waiting to happen.

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