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  1. This is a beautiful looking cigar with a baby’s butt smooth colorado wrapper. There’s a nice spicy aroma from the foot, the draw is open so I will sip puff this cigar. It’s decently filled at 10.4 gr. Opening puffs I’m tasting orange peel, graham cracker, marshmallow and spice that tastes like cardamom, perfect start. If I was having a mocha instead of just coffee with cream I’d be transported to Smoresville. Then the graham cracker and marshmallow fades away leaving toasted orange peel and rich cardamom spice. Fortunately I experience the return of the marshmallow, bringing back a nice s
  2. A medium body NC smoker means full body+ CC smoker, give him the Monte #1....and bring along a pepper-mill Incase it’s not strong enough 👻
  3. Tomorrow’s Italian Grand Prix is on the right😋
  4. I love the smell of PL in the morning, my favorite smoke with coffee and cream. Nice smooth colorado wrapper and decently filled at 11.6 gr. Draw is fine, no resistance but no wind tunnel. First couple of puffs I taste honey, caramel and toasted tobacco, it’s a little under medium body. That was the high point of this cigar, it turned into toasted tobacco with a hint of sweetness for the next hour and twenty minutes. The body came up to medium in the last third and it got a little creamy, but it was a flat liner. Like it came from flavor ghost town. Like a dragster that blows up when the green
  5. I don’t think anyone expects a full bodied Hoyo DC and I can’t remember a monster Punch DC, but I’ve had plenty of RA Gigantes and Lucy’s that fill a big suit. I just got a box of Gigantes ABO FEB19 just loaded with oil and colorado maduro wrappers, they don’t look mild to me.
  6. What no Port for my Bolivar 👻 Then it’s gotta be Sir Winston with my Cognac
  7. You only smoke once a week and you have 2+ hrs.....Hoyo Punch and RA double coronas should be keeping your Lucy’s company!
  8. Another Marshin sunrise in Northern California. A shift in the wind has brought smoke from fires east of me and 2 days ago a small fire 20 miles away has made it worse. I have a friend recovering from surgery staying with me so I went outside to have a short morning smoke in the smoke. Always kept something small to smoke when time is short, but being retired for many years I haven’t needed a quickie until this morning. This cigar looks beautiful, smooth colorado wrapper and it’s rolled like a brick 6.4 gr. My kind of roller! Opening flavors are mild shortbread cookie, vanilla and toasted
  9. I used to have a wonderful poster given to me by my Canadian tobacconist that I lost in a fire: Since Cuban cigars are still illegal in the US you might consider burning the evidence
  10. Anyone with half a brain would know that if their bubble gum cigars you’re going to get screwed 🍆
  11. Will be doing my wind dance this weekend and adding a little Cuban smoke to the mess.
  12. For me it’s impossible to make rules about something so incredibly inconsistent as today’s CC’s. For 30 years I smoked as fast as I bought, for 20+ I’ve been smoking well aged cigars almost exclusively, enjoyed them both tremendously! If your not smoking a cigar tonight and you have cigars in a humidor that your “aging”, you’ve broken my one rule.
  13. Have a house guest so I’ll take my Sunday mid morning smoke outside. I was smart enough to grab a few boxes of these before they became a secondary market only cigar. When I want a 1hr smoke, which I do a lot, I think of a corona or robusto. I like to smoke when I’m driving and I live 1 hr from the city of Napa, so when I head there to visit friends a corona is the perfect smoke. April thru October you have to expect people taking there once in a lifetime drive thru the Napa Valley, when I’m enjoying a nice cigar I could care less. These cigars have been smoking beautifully, they just beg
  14. Oily wrappers you’ve probably hit a gold mine...pale oil less wrappers you’ve probably hit peppers and sourdough
  15. A box of SLR Regios MOE JUL15 I recently opened has taken earthiness to another level. Not the normal earthy flavor I find in Bolivar and Montecristo, these cigars have terroir. I get a beautiful rich earthy flavor that tastes like the soil this tobacco was grown in. I’m used to getting this flavor from a great wine, but I can’t ever remember getting such a flavor from a cigar. And there’s a red sticker on the box, so thank you Rob!
  16. Five great cigars I can go grab and count on to hit nothing but net... SCdH El Morro MLO box ever from FOH Bolivar Inmensos TEB SEP07 Cohiba Esplendido LBT OCT09 Sir Winston ARG MAY14 PL Legendarios MLO NOV11

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