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  1. 9 innings of watching miserable Dodger faces in the dugout 🌈 hopefully 9 more tomorrow 🙏
  2. Hate the Dodgers.....because they’re the Dodgers Can’t stand the Braves.....that disgusting tomahawk chop Astros.....cheaters GO BOSTON
  3. Cigars are always a little sweeter when I watch the Dodgers lose 🤗 JBWP5RW
  4. Definitely not one of my favorite boxes of cigars, can’t remember being wowed by a single stick and I’m 2/3 thru the box. I can’t say I got a badly filled box, but every cigar always feels light in my hand. Once in a while you buy a first class ticket and fly with the luggage. With a EL cigar I’m expecting a big rich smoke, this box has given me dry cherries and briarwood. Fortunately the night before I had company for dinner and with dessert I opened up a 03 Graham’s, so I’ll have that and some fresh figs with this stick. Nice colorado maduro wrapper, draw is alright, a little too open f
  5. We either kick the Bums to the curb or we get kicked into the bay.....go GIANTS
  6. Champagne Sunday here...Giants win the pennant! Time for a cigar I haven’t tried in a while. Nice colorado wrapper, well filled @ 14.7 gr. with a perfect draw. Great start with flavors of peach, vanilla and peanuts. It’s right at medium body and the vanilla turns into mouth coating honey. Finished the champagne so I switched to Cognac which makes a nice honeycomb flavor. Now I’m experiencing the ole Einstein equation Cognac + cigar = peanut butter. Stayed medium body all the way thru with a perfect burn and only two ashes. Last 1/3 was all peaches, caramel and toasted tobacco, outstanding 1 1/
  7. An embarrassment of pleasure, celebrating my son’s and my birthday this’s going to be a loooooong weekend 🤗 PL Encantos has no band, from the best box FOH has ever sent me❤️
  8. Good start, open draw, burns too fast, goes nowhere = underfilled I’m smoking a OPG MAY 15 box now, lasted 8 holes and it was breezy, 1:40 minutes. Absolutely delicious, creamy all the way thru with nuts, toasted tobacco and coffee, made my terrible golf game enjoyable.
  9. I haven’t had a great dark wrapper Monte 2 this century 😰
  10. This is a beautiful looking cigar with a baby’s butt smooth colorado wrapper. There’s a nice spicy aroma from the foot, the draw is open so I will sip puff this cigar. It’s decently filled at 10.4 gr. Opening puffs I’m tasting orange peel, graham cracker, marshmallow and spice that tastes like cardamom, perfect start. If I was having a mocha instead of just coffee with cream I’d be transported to Smoresville. Then the graham cracker and marshmallow fades away leaving toasted orange peel and rich cardamom spice. Fortunately I experience the return of the marshmallow, bringing back a nice s
  11. A medium body NC smoker means full body+ CC smoker, give him the Monte #1....and bring along a pepper-mill Incase it’s not strong enough 👻
  12. Tomorrow’s Italian Grand Prix is on the right😋
  13. I love the smell of PL in the morning, my favorite smoke with coffee and cream. Nice smooth colorado wrapper and decently filled at 11.6 gr. Draw is fine, no resistance but no wind tunnel. First couple of puffs I taste honey, caramel and toasted tobacco, it’s a little under medium body. That was the high point of this cigar, it turned into toasted tobacco with a hint of sweetness for the next hour and twenty minutes. The body came up to medium in the last third and it got a little creamy, but it was a flat liner. Like it came from flavor ghost town. Like a dragster that blows up when the green
  14. I don’t think anyone expects a full bodied Hoyo DC and I can’t remember a monster Punch DC, but I’ve had plenty of RA Gigantes and Lucy’s that fill a big suit. I just got a box of Gigantes ABO FEB19 just loaded with oil and colorado maduro wrappers, they don’t look mild to me.

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