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  1. full....might as well start your birthday with a great cigar 🌈
  2. I learned very early that you don’t lite a cigar like you light a cigarette, warm the head and toast it before you puff on it. The first puffs on a cigar can tell tell you if your going on a magical ride or a bumpy one. This was years before torch lights were around. Many...many years later after my bypass surgery I found that the first puffs were so strong I was coughing. So I had to toast the foot and purge the cigar before taking a puff. If you want the best first taste of a cigar that’s the way to get it🌈
  3. Best early memory: Reaching for my third cigar on my first day of smoking and my father saying “your gonna get sick”. I lit the Monte Especial and delighted in the chocolate, caramel, nought and roasted nuts and thought how could this make me sick....he didn’t say anything later when I lit my fourth? Biggest regret: How few times in my 50+ years of smoking I’ve been able to walk into a cigar store and select my own cigars. Best advice: Don’t let your cigar palate move, expand it. Mild, medium and full bodied cigars, there’s a time for all of them. Don’t get stuck in a cigar rut.
  4. Can’t wait to see the Impregnater action figure ?
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ???.....and don’t forget Sunday❤️
  6. I’m lucky...had the same great dentist for over 30 years....he cleans my teeth and gives me gas when he does?
  7. Like Gene Hackman said....”they’re more expensive than drugs” Weed is before dinner.....cigars after.....weeds not a great paring with Port?
  8. You can’t make sense out of kids in Canada can afford a Monte 4
  9. What makes me think a CC will age well, the easy answer is when I smoke a great young cigar. The hard answer is when you smoke a good young cigar will it get better. One cigar that really sticks out in my mind is JL #4’s, a very good cigar when young but there was a flavor there that I could tell was just sleeping. Now I know it was the Cointreau genie locked in her bottle that has come out with her cloths off! Smoking aged cigars only takes 2 things, time and money. When your young you usually have only one of the two. I love young cigars and aged cigars, for the first 30 years I smoked
  10. Make sure on the last night of my life I wouldn’t die with money in the bank?
  11. I have to take cigar buying a day at a time....with the quality of the 18 19 and 20 cigars I’ve been doing a lot of taking
  12. What’s with the “you don’t have to inhale”? I dare say if you do you won’t enjoy them?

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