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  1. Your right, this cigar begged for a cup of coffee and I didn't bring it one. Won't happen again. Very glad to hear these need quite a few years to hit fifth gear.
  2. I'm not a fan of robustos either but this box would convert anyone. I usually smoke the Serie A and was lucky to get 4 spectacular boxes of churchills in 05 when Castro became ill and I thought I better stock up. 1 down 3 to go. I've never had the DC, cab of 50 is a lot of ponying up.
  3. FOH is defiantly the best Cuban cigar site on the web to me. The video reviews are great fun and sometimes educational. Living in the one country that's still teaching Castro a lesson, you take for granted a pleasure I am denied. Walking into a cigar store, looking at all the beautiful cigars, talking to the proprietor and other customers about what's hot and what's not is just a dream for me. Having a good relationship with your cigar merchant is just as important as a chef having a good relationship with his butcher. Take it easy on me Ken, I'm going easy on you. If/When I make it down un
  4. VR Clasicos AML JUL06 Appearance: I chose the one with the big veins (far left) good earthy brown color. Construction: Solid 10.9 gr. Aroma: Cedar and tobacco Draw: Slightly restricted, earth, spice and cedar flavors. Burn: Good straight burn but it developed a crack about half way thru, I think it was so damp outside the cigar started to swell. Body: Started under-medium and came up to medium at the finish. Time: 1 hr. Opening: Milk chocolate, coffee and brown sugar. 1/3: Very light coffee, nutmeg and sweet earthiness. 2/3: Light carmel mocha, a little spice, but just starting to de
  5. SLR Regios EPR OCT08 Appearance: Beautiful dark oily wrapper with that iridescent glow that says, I'm full of flavor. Construction: Rock solid, 11.5 gr. Aroma: Very heavy roasted tobacco, what I imagine a cigar factory smells like. Draw: Open, with a rich pipe tobacco flavor. Burn: Very good. Body: Medium-full. Time: 50 min. Drink: One sip of coffee. Opening: Heavy carmel and chocolate with a honey sweetness that coats the mouth. 1/3: Flavors stayed consistent from the opening, which was fine with me. 2/3: It just kept coating my mouth with a buttery sweetness and roasted tobacco.
  6. Cuaba Exclusivos OEB NOV06 Appearance: A little rustic but a good looking cigar. Wrapper wasn't real dark but I've had great luck with every shade of wrapper from this brand. Construction: Very solid, 9.9 gr. Aroma: very faint roasted tobacco and coffee. Draw: Just right, a little tight with a powerful tobacco flavor, I'm already happy. Burn: Perfect. Body: Started out a little under medium and finished a little over medium. Time: 57 min. Drink: Started with coffee then had to add some cognac to it. Opening: Bingo!! carmel, cream, vanilla, coffee and sweet roasted nuts. With a start l
  7. A man after my own heart, smoking in the car. Besides outside my house my car is my cigar lounge. Never in a hurry anymore. I was just trying to figure out what I was going to tell the CHP while I was driving, smoking and taking pictures of the cigar. Thanks for the review. Where are my car keys?
  8. Of all the cigars on the planet I've probably smoked more of these than any other. Instead of grabbing a great one from an older box SEO DEC05, I thought it would be fun to see how these were smoking, cause I have 3 boxes of them. Here's what they should look like, plus a rain drop. Cinnamon, nutmeg and black cherries.....that's a Romeo to me.
  9. Romeo Y Julieta Petit Corona PSO MAY08 Appearance: I wasn't very happy with the look of this box, wrappers just weren't dark enough for me. I know what I want to see in this cigar and this wasn't it. Construction: Rock solid. Draw: Perfect, just the right amount of tightness. Burn: Perfect. Body: Shade under medium. Time: 56 min. Drink: Coffee Opening: A nice blast of cedar, I'm sure from it's youth and a creamy spice that I love from R&J. 1/3: Very creamy with just a bit of leather and spice. Not a hell of a lot else going on. 2/3: As creamy a Romeo as I can remember but that's
  10. A cold weather smoke is a must right now in N. Calif. 17 last night. No large cigar reviews this week unless it warms up. My camera is very accurate color wise, old Sony with big Zeiss lens, takes great pictures.
  11. Saint Luis Rey Petit Corona TGR MAR05 Appearance: fairly light wrapper, a few little bumps. Construction: very solid. Aroma: roasted tobacco. Draw: open but not a wind tunnel. Burn: perfect. Body: medium-light. Time: 41 min. Drink: coffee with plenty of Kahlua, it's freeeeeeeeeezing in Northern California. Open: fairly light with just hints of roasted nuts and tobacco. 1/3: opened up a little with nice honey and cream but not much else. 2/3: stayed nice and creamy with lip smacking peanut butter flavors that I expect from SLR. Final: body picked up a little with walnuts and toffee
  12. RASCC TEB ABR08 Appearance: not the prettiest cigar in the world, a little bumpy and veiny. Construction: nice and solid, no soft spots. Aroma: earthy, leathery tobacco. Draw: smooth, unrestricted. Burn: went off slightly but corrected itself. Body: medium Time: 38 min. Drink: coffee Opening: beautiful carmel and spice flavors. 1/3: flavors went mute for a while then opened up again with roasted nuts, brown sugar and gingerbread. 2/3: got a little stronger with leather added to the brown spice, sweetness comes in and out. Final 1/3: rich leather and sweet brown spice that leaves a
  13. Thank you PigFish!! We here in California have a way of electing second rate actors governor. And we here in the USA have a way of electing second rate actors president. At least this time we won't have president Schwarzenegger.
  14. I drink a lot of wine and smoke a lot of cigars but paring dry or off dry whites wines isn't something I do. If I was to choose a cigar it would be something light and floral. The two cigars that I think of are HDM des dieux and PLPC.
  15. Most memorable was a Vegas Robain Unicos 05, the best cup of coffee I've ever smoked. Most disappointing Cuaba Distinguidos 06, ten bland smokes in one box.
  16. It's not good for me to look at cigar pictures, the more I see the more I want. The picture of the box of BRC got to me. I got 2 boxes TEB MAY08 and I don't really like robustos. But I like these.
  17. That's what's great about having someone in the trenches like you. I absolutely agree that inconsistency is the biggest problem with Cuban cigars today. It really seems like every brand goes through hot and cold streaks, so it's nice to know when somebody's hot. I have yet to have a great Cuaba Distinguidos, but I have about 35 more chances.
  18. Just spent $520. 2 boxes Bolivar RC 1 box Trinidad Ingenios 1 box Diplomaticos #1 And I thought no one was watching me. Normal reasoning......left me a long time ago.
  19. I was jonesing for a Bolivar so I opened a box TEB OCT07, finally made a match. What a great cigar, opened with loads of coffee, chocolate and roasted nuts and just keep getting more and more powerful. I had moved 4 to a desktop and after I smoked the second I put the other two back in the box, monsters that need more time. I agree with Ken, 4 or 5 years will really smooth out these beauties. Then I realized I have another box, life is good.
  20. For me the video cigar reviews are the best thing on this forum. Not only do we get to enjoy your sparking personalities, we get to see how two or three or four cigars preform from the same box. I'll take the one with the cherries. It would be interesting to see a review with the same cigar from different boxes. I wish you had time to do more video reviews, I always look forward to them.
  21. This sounds like a nice way not to give all my $$ to the Swiss.
  22. I started smoking Havanas in the Summer of 1970 and it was love at first puff. I think the biggest difference from the past is the intensity of the tobacco and the consistency of the cigars. When I opened a box and smoked a cigar I knew that every cigar in that box would taste the same. Today it's a rollacoaster, some good some very good and some great. Today it's rare to have a box where every cigar is equal. In the wine business we say "great wine is made in the vinyard" and I believe it's the same with cigars. It comes down to farming and Cuba has not had the ecomnic resourses to maintain q
  23. Keep drinking Rum !!!!! Thanks for the review!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it makes the cigars thats better. Have that red wine with some lamb chops.
  24. I used to wonder how those guys at CA could get a good nights sleep after seeing their cigar ratings until I found out they only smoke an inch or less of a cigar. You taste wine to evaluate it, but you need to smoke a cigar, not taste it. There's lots of cigars I would enjoy if I only smoked an inch or less, but I'd like to smoke them down to an inch instead. What makes Cuban cigars unique is the cigar stays soft and smooth in your mouth until you burn your lips. CA is like having a critic go to a three act play and leave during the first act to go write the review.

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