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  1. Smoked my last one last night, couldn’t have a better Christmas Eve cigar. All 6 of these I have been lucky enough to smoke have been fantastic, just like the one Ken smoked. This cigar easily has 10 years left in it, I was worried I didn’t. If I had another Christmas wish Rob, I’d wish you had another 10,000 of these. All the fruitcake of a great RA with the great old flavor of a Monte Especial, chocolate, roasted nuts, nougat and caramel. As good as cigars get!
  2. You really need a Esplendido if you want to be like Mike? it’s definitely a cigar smoking documentary ?
  3. Not many choices for me, the number of cigars I’ve smoked from 17-20 I could count on one hand with a finger missing. I’ve bought plenty, but have many more soldiers with seniority. Cigars can be like people, get off to a great start and you’ll keep calling them, get off to a bad start and you may never called them again. The only sad thing about my 50 year love affair with Cuban cigars is how few times I’ve actually gotten to go into a cigar store and select my own cigars. A few years ago in London I was like a old man in a candy store, picking up singles of cigars I wanted to try. I smoked m
  4. You read my mind...pulled one out for Xmas Eve
  5. Music to a crooks ears.....a pathological lying goon sent me
  6. I love them both! In the past I probably smoked 10 RJ Churchill’s for ever 1 HUSW because fruity tobacco is my favorite. But after the leaf change in the very late 90’s I think medium bodied brands we’re more adaptable to the change. Cherry bombs became Turkish delight but vanilla cream wafers are still vanilla cream wafers. Full bodied brands lost the intensity of the past. These days for me it’s 10 to 1 the other way.
  7. If you weren’t tempted to try a cigar you haven’t had you wouldn’t be human. Hell yes try one! But.......LGC and QdO are two of the most age worthy brands there are. IMHO they start blooming at 5 years and keep on opening, very much like PL. If it’s love at first puff why stop, but usually love takes some time. If they’re the only thing you have to smoke then by all means smoke them, otherwise I’d let them age for quite a while. You have some beautiful cigars there, you should get the most out of them.
  8. You might consider a new place to get your cigars. Now your cooking your cigars, just robbing them of what flavor they have or would have had. Leave a couple of each in your experiment and save the rest before you bake a flavorless cake.
  9. Being in the top risk group I have to sit and smoke this one out.....luckily I only drink alone when I’m by myself ?
  10. I’m starting to believe everything Ken says now?
  11. This is what I like my RA wrappers to look like......and smoke like?
  12. Haven’t smoked one of these in a long time, so long I can’t remember when I had my last one, usually time is good to LGC? Very good looking cigar, smooth wrapper with a deep colorado shade. It’s nicely filled at 16.3g but for some reason feels light in my hand. Draw is open but fine, not a wind tunnel but I like some resistance in the draw. First puffs are very fragrant, like smoking a fine perfume, a very exotic start. The smoke feels very soft and smooth in my mouth, it’s under medium bodied. Honey, cedar and light graham cracker follow as the perfume disappears. 10 minutes in the smoke
  13. Thanks for convincing me that the only way I’ll ever smoke one of these is if someone gives one to me ?
  14. Drank way too much cognac one night and bought a box LOR DIC17 from you.
  15. Thanks to my dear friends at HSA I have way too many cigar choices to review. It’s a smoking Sunday so I won’t make this a HSA rant review. I need a morning cigar with coffee for the F1 race before moving to bigger cigars for the Masters. Hoyo and PL are my favorite morning smokes with coffee, probably because I like cream in my coffee. This box has a perfect colorado wrapper shade and is well filled at 6.6g. First puffs are very creamy with buttered toast, hazelnut and nutmeg. Smaller ring gauge cigars can deliver so much flavor, plus you get to sip on them. It’s under medium body, a lovely
  16. I was going to finish stacking firewood this morning but it’s so cold I decided to have a cigar and let it warm up. Don’t smoke these very often, don’t have many boxes, but I was digging for something and saw this box and pulled 2 out to try. Pulled the 2 lightest, this one is 13.9g. Nice box press and feels very solid, looks beautifully rolled. Wrapper shade is dark colorado, my favorite for LGC. Draw is fine, cold draw flavor is gingerbread. From the first puff I know I’ve lit a wonderful cigar. There’s a delicious mouth coating sweetness with vanilla cream, toasted tobacco, nuts, brown suga
  17. If I’m walking for exercise I don’t smoke, but if it’s a leisurely walk hell yes. I don’t smoke when I sleep and I’m not old enough to start smoking in bed,....yet? Otherwise if it’s OK I’m happy to have a cigar anytime.
  18. Sorry Ken....God....aka Bruce will be staying in the USA

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