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  1. Polish up your crystal ball Rob and pick out 20 boxes and I’ll take the other 10? The only certainty in Cuban cigars is there is no certainty. 10 years for a great box of cigars is nothing, getting a great box of cigars these days is something.
  2. How would you know the cigars are plugged unless you’ve cut the cap on them and tested the draw?
  3. Until Sunday I’ve been lucky enough to avoid the power shut offs due to fires and or high winds, but I found out in the middle of my backswing on 13 when I heard someone fire up his generator that I would be going home to no power. I do fine with no power in the daylight but at night it gets ugly. I cope by drinking myself to sleep. So after a bottle of bubbles and sushi it was time for a nice cigar and a nightcap....or two. Picked something I rarely smoke, first one out of my last box. Don’t know what they’re supposed to weight but this one feels well filled at 13.1g. Beautiful colorado madur
  4. There is no bang for the buck just bend over and buy them. Since your getting screwed you might as well smoke your favorite.
  5. Hard to vote against a man who said smoking is a occupation.... but I did
  6. This is my favorite inexpensive cigar, so of course those little darlings at HSA discontinued it, the same people must run AT&T. It was the perfect ride to work smoke with a cup of coffee, but now that I’m retired I don’t smoke them that often. I smoked one the other day and it was so delicious I kept thinking why do I spend so much money on cigars when these $3 sticks make me so happy. I had 2 left in the box, both weighing 6.3g, so what the hell, give one a bath. The Dry First puffs are creamy coffee and lightly toasted tobacco, a little under medium body and the draw is fine.
  7. Besides the beautiful tobacco I find Sir Winston’s to be consistently one of the best rolled and filled cigars coming out of Cuba. They should have a firm draw, feel like a brick and smoke like a dream. Just like Rob and Ken’s did. Only tool required is a lighter.
  8. For me Punch and Juan Lopez share that floral orange peel flavor. PL and Fonseca have that woody caramel coffee flavor. Upmann and SLR have stone fruit in their DNA. I want all my Cohiba’s to taste like sugarcane and all my Trinidad’s to taste like sugarcane dipped in chocolate.
  9. The only reason I would give up on a cigar is $$$$$$$.
  10. Your don’t know much about watches?
  11. This is the second cigar I’ve smoked out of this beautifully rolled box, every cigar is well over the published weight. This one is 11.2g. I’ve gone thru a few boxes and these have the lightest shade wrappers I can remember, not my favorite shade for RA. Opening flavors are nuts and buttery toasted tobacco. Turns into a beautiful almond cream with toasted tobacco. I’ve got the nuts just waiting for the fruitcake. 20 minutes in I get cake, but it’s spongecake with citrus and a rich raisin finish. Blindfolded I’d think I was smoking a Hoyo or Cohiba, but who cares what the band says this is a de
  12. Got these cigars online from St Martin, a great guy....Juggie...picked me out some wonderful cigars for many years. The best of all the boxes I ordered were these Churchill’s. Castro had just died, he said no telling what was going to happen with the tobacco industry and prices were still reasonable so it was a good time to to my ears! I ordered 2 boxes of SLR Churchill’s, when I opened the boxes they looked like they’d been dipped in oil. So I did what any cigar crazed person would do, ordered 2 more boxes, which were just as gorgeous. Just broke into my last box, it’s been a 1
  13. Beautiful looking cigar with a deep chestnut brown wrapper. It feels a little light in my hand but it’s not badly filled at 13.9g. I was lucky to have a good supply of these, they seem to disappear just a few days after going on the dodo bird list. It opened with a lovely chocolate graham cracker malt flavor, a little under medium body. A few minutes later it went to sleep for a few puffs, woke up with mouth coating honey and ginger. Then it did something I wasn’t expecting, got very savory, like chinese roasted duck. I’ve smoked almost half this box but this is the first one that’s taken
  14. Let’s stop pussy footing much for the Reposo Room?
  15. shortbread cookies ? The beautiful after a rain in the forest flavor was so magical in Upmann’s of the past, gone with the leaf.
  16. I remember putting a serious dent in a bottle of 63 Taylor when I was much younger...lesson learned ?
  17. I love pyramid’s, for the first 30 years of my cigar smoking life I smoked more Monte 2’s than any other cigar. But for the last 20 years I can’t think of another cigar that has been so consistently outstanding. I remember a Unicos that tasted like the best cup of french press coffee I’ve ever had, and with my memory that’s really saying something. Rob said he’s never had a bad one and neither have I. This is a beautiful looking cigar, I love the wrapper shade and it’s decently filled at 13.7g. First puff is bitter sweet chocolate, then caramel, deep toasted tobacco, baking spices, raisin
  18. I’m a little gun shy about picking out a special occasion cigar. The only time I think I ever did that was for my 65th birthday, I had one of my few remaining Davidoff’s selected for the occasion, ended up spending my birthday in the hospital. Got out 24 days later, smoked it the next day. After that every day is a special occasion.
  19. Looking forward to a nice Sunday morning with the Italian GP and a beautiful cigar. One of the many things I like about Sir Winston’s is I can start or end my day with them, not many cigars I can say that about. Fortunately the fire close to me is all but out, I didn’t have to evacuate but I did move my cigars to a safer location. Unfortunately there’s a huge forest fire south of Yosemite that’s smoking up all of Northern California and it’s going to be a balmy 110 today at my house, so it’s a shelter in place Sunday. I’m down to the last 4 cigars from this box and they’ve all been delic
  20. Looking forward to a nice cigar and the F1 race this Sunday morning after a week+ of fire and smoke. Lighting storm started lots of fires in Northern California 10 days ago and unfortunately I’ve had a front row seat. Fires are pretty much under control now, just smoky, so I might as well fill my house up with smoke I like to smell. Don’t know what the box code is, I remember buying a couple of 10 count boxes when they were released and this one comes from a desktop I put the heavyweights in. So it comes in at 16.5g, to me it feels perfectly rolled.....wish they all came like this. Perfec
  21. As I’ve said many times, smoking cigars isn’t addictive, buying them sure as hell is. Buy as many cigars as you can afford, prices keep going up like crazy and I live in the one country where their tax and duty free. Cigars that were $200 a box less than 10 years ago are now around $400, I don’t want to think about Canadian prices?

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