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  1. Sancho Panza no.2, light whisky in the afternoon sun, I concur sir (and have finished a box that way, also the odd one on my annual hack around the golf course). I've found the Punch Punch to be competent (but different - cedar and cloves) in the same context.
  2. I'll be interested to hear other people and follow up with a purchase, as i currently don't have anything in my humidor which is out of the ordinary in terms of flavours... Czars have sent me some crackers recently including some Monte 4s with meaty cocoa, and Quai d'Orsay full of cedar with gingerbread and cinnamon touches, but these are "just" great examples of the respective marca as opposed to unique / out of the ordinary flavours? (not sure if that's what you mean Rob). In the past decade or so I remember very unique Vegas Robaina Clasicos with an amazing ligero kick, colorado c
  3. Well that just about does it, beautiful elegy, I will pray for his family despite not knowing him and will have to crack into a M#4. Here's to Ricky and may we all enjoy our M4s and life while we still have it, a good reminder to do so, God bless you all.
  4. Ah interesting. That would explain the reaction to plugged cigars on review sites. Mind you when you're smoking a 4" by 64rg cigar, what do you expect!?!
  5. ... in halfwheel / NC reviewing? do you mean to say wind tunnel cigars get A++ marks for smoke delivery on these websites? or just that NCs have a large proportion of wind tunnels
  6. There is a game called Tropico - you get to be the dictator and choose how to rip the people off, take the bribes from overseas multinationals, and imprison activists etc...
  7. I agree. The NC market tends to be novelty-driven, full-bodied cigar-centric, and construction flaws are not acceptable. Halfwheel reflects that and that's fine with me. Helps to keep NC smokers away from my habanos for one. Well that and the prohibition, may it live forever and ever, amen. 😉 Also it is absolutely fair to knock cuban cigars for bad construction, that's why we shop at Czars right? Similarly, I don't like 7" 60rg nicotine bombs, but love your mild cedar-y cuban tobacco, totally accept that is a matter of taste. if I feel like an NC excursion I may well che
  8. I bought a box of Mag48 ELs, maybe off you Rob, that was about 3-4 years old and it was a cracker, lots of sweet cocoa. So i bought another one a year later, still good but around 6 years of age they lost their vigour. I think the Bolivar Gold Medals hung around for a few years... great young, tasted of tinned peaches from memory !, but lost everything within 3 years
  9. Just realised, this is what i'd be thinking:
  10. sent this printed on a card to my brother with a bunch of cigars before day 1 of our Covid lockdown last year ...
  11. I doubt these all come up for reasonable pricing or in some cases can be found at all ... not enough research ... but I enjoyed boxes of these over a decade (as in yes i had a box and carefully took 5 to 10 years to smoke my way through them, because they had that potential in them) La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or no.1 Vegas Robaina Clasicos Trinidad Fundadores Partagas Serie du Connaisseur no.1 Le Hoyo des Dieux Punch Royal Selection no.11 Sancho Panza Bachilleres In any case, I'd prefer a box young and age my way through them again over a decade.
  12. Thanks for sharing Nino, entertaining, full of ironies, and of course a touch sad - this is how you do hostile takeover, in any semi-corrupt country, "phone a friend!" ... and also, what a great house! almost as nice as Boris Johnson's apartment?? 😉
  13. Going back in time to early 2000s for two of the best epic multiseason narrative arc series that havent yet been mentioned: - Battlestar Galactica (scifi - leading lady just popped up in Mandalorian) - Deadwood (best western tv series of all time)
  14. Thanks for posting, the last box i had of JL no1s some years ago definitely had graham cracker/vanilla sugariness for the first 18 months of its life, big clouds of white smoke, just beautiful. Possibly had nicer wrappers though. After that it lost the sweetness altogether and turned to cedar, more complex but pretty typical as cubans go and less satisfying. So ymmv but that's my tip, maybe leave for 2-3 months and see if it softens the 2nd half, but beware that rare sweetness may soon depart forever... enjoy!
  15. lies and damn statistics - i'm in between. if it's really cold or i'm hungry after a few beers, ok, otherwise i'll pass on them. i'm sure someone somewhere makes high quality ones, better than the usual stodge they chuck around at sports stadiums, but i've yet to taste an HQ!

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