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  1. Awesome pics Andy!
  2. Bartolomeo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Very delish fairly fresh EL Espy tonight
  3. Bartolomeo

    What do you do on Labor Day?

    Cooked tonight....BBQ chicken, sautéed spinach, corn muffins and scalloped potatoes tomorrow will be pool and more grilling
  4. Majuestosos...very, very good Partagas P2...these have made a great comeback in past 6 months Talisman...continue to like these a year after release, which is rare for me liking LE this long
  5. Smoked 5-6 over past 9-12 months, they are not doing it for me as they were a couple of years ago, seemed watered down......while I have other PL that just keep getting better w time
  6. Bartolomeo

    French Riviera

    Have fun!!
  7. Bartolomeo


    I agree, if he qualified decently on Sat then he wouldn’t be in the position he was in the pack to get in an incident.....poor planning on Ferrari’s part w lack of fuel....Forza Ferrari!
  8. Overthinking it.....
  9. Bartolomeo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Punch Sir David RE.....sweetness, like Juicy Fruit gum, something I usually get in older Punch SS1 or RS1, surprisingly very good blend for a freshie, didn’t have to touch it up at all
  10. Bartolomeo

    impala v croc v hippo

    For guys into this stuff go check out natureismetal_ on IG
  11. Bartolomeo

    Bart's Ever Growing Collection

    Looking forward to trying these soon
  12. Bartolomeo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Name a better cigar right now...#youcant #itwasthatgood Excellent!
  13. Bartolomeo

    tipping? yes, no, where?

    Having worked in the restaurant/bar business when I was younger, I make sure to take care of the servers as I have first hand experience how hard/fun it can be, also suggest every high school/college kid works in a restaurant at some point in their life, that experience teaches them math, customer service, social behaviors, responsibility, etc. that is priceless later in life IMHO As far as drinks go, I tip a $1 a drink whether it’s $1 bottle night or $11/beer at a Vegas pool cabana.....same tip amount at a minimum no matter the venue and have the ability to add more money if service/experience was great I dont believe in leaving a $0 tip but leave something then explain it to the guilty party on what problems I experienced so hopefully it gets corrected for the next table Bart
  14. Bartolomeo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2013 Sig 4 on back porch here in Wilmington

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