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  1. No regrets. When I identify a trusted cigar merchant, I have been a loyal costumer and profited from it. The only advice I would offer is to encourage a measure restraint: Do not pull the trigger every time you see a fantastic cigar or box of cigars!
  2. Recommended by Trevor. Addicted by the humour, honesty and enthusiasm of the Fellowship of the Cigar. Inspired by the Rebel knights fighting the Sith lords of government. Guided by the gentle authority of all contributors.
  3. I really look forward to the next stage. Who will be the new villain? What remains of the Empire? Will the Skywalker family remain key to the story line, or will the approach be completely different? Will Luke be old or long dead?
  4. Germany is a good place to search . Several retailers still still sell them. A real treat to be recommended!
  5. Stop producing LEs and REs and introduce standard production Bolivar and Ramon Allones Lanceros instead!
  6. Amen. Maybe the Cuban Cigar Website could feature a random selection of fantastic cigar boxes while LTFH lists similar cigar boxes for sale
  7. Great movie, fantastic photography ("eye-candy"), and true to the Alien universe. There will most certainly be a sequel to the prequel. To be recommended.
  8. +1 A return of the Bolivar Demi Tasse would also fit the bill.
  9. This is just so Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Email sent and answer received from Lady Di.
  10. Feel like an idiot, since I dit not register the invitation to pre-order a box.
  11. You could add the followng box codes to your list: - SUA MAR 03 - RSE ABR 03 - ORE JUN 03 I would prefer FOH advice on content rather than trust a box code as proof of PSP qualities. Good hunting!
  12. Custom lancero from 2009. Faboulous cigars. They are getting better every time I come back to them.
  13. If you still have a box available.... E-mail sent to Diana/Lisa.
  14. I hope this is within FOH guidelines... Dear Mr. DCS, We are very sorry to inform you that the Andorran custom’s laws prohibit us to make any shipment of tobacco. We will be very glad to help you personally in our establishment in your next visit to Andorra. Kindest regards, XXXX
  15. So that is why you occasionally offer the Hoyo De Pute...
  16. Punch bought back in the nineties. V-cutter for the piramides.

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