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  1. Great post. I'm heading there later this month and have found this info very helpful.
  2. Happy birthday Rob, you've turned up the warm weather dial for this weekend that's for sure!
  3. Some great info, thanks very much for sharing. I'm going in June for 8 days. Looking forward to it immensely!
  4. I couldn't agree more Westy! Well said Ken. I enjoyed watching Thompson take a set of the next young Slam winner Thiem last night. The Austrian blew him out of the water in the first 2 sets, but did he quit? No. He came back and won the 3rd and pushed Thiem again in the 4th after a slow start. The kid has ticker. unlike kyrgios and Tomic. And Ash Barty is going great in her comeback. She has guts. Unlike Kyrgios and Tomic. And the small blonde jumpy one now representing us. She puts up a fight whenever she plays. Unlike the two idiots. But I guess it's a sign of the times
  5. I'm planning an 8 day trip to Cuba late June with a mate. We're flying in and out of Havana, but not intending to stay in Havana the whole time. I've never been before, and would be interested in any thoughts from those in the know on: 1. The 'must visit' sites or places in Havana 2. Hotel accom vs casa particular 3. If we do say 4 days in Havana, recommendations on where to spend the other 4 days 4. A recommended cigar factory or farm visit 5. Any other tips. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  6. He's always full of excuses. I've given up. If he wins a slam at some point, good luck to him. I wont be overly excited. Tomic is no better.
  7. Yeah agree fully with your calls on the selections Ken. It's so exciting to see Renshaw and Handscomb bat well. They both look like future Test players. I don't buy the Ch9 dipshit commentators talking about Handscomb needing to change his technique. Seems to work for him. Listening to him interviewed by Chris Rogers after the game he said he plays back so he can play the ball later, and cut more balls. and he prefers a back foot defence. Fair enough. He still gets onto the front foot a fair amount as I can tell anyway. He played their leggie very well I thought. Loved how he used his feet oft
  8. You're not wrong. That little area btw the wrecks and the beach will be chokka block with outboards and ski boats today and tomorrow I reckon Waz. I've only been there once in a boat, on a nice Sunday, and you could hardly move. I think a weekday trip would have been much quieter! I once rang up about using the little grass strip just off the beach to the North of the wrecks, but they wouldn't let me land there unless I was staying overnight at the resort. Someone put a light a/c into the trees at the end of the strip a few years back so it's off limits to most now. it's a 10-15 minute h
  9. I thought this topic might relate to the Paki's efforts yesterday! I was wondering, after they dropped a handful of sitters (wk, long off and silly mid on) and then didn't refer a couple of probable outs (Shane Watson must be thinking "i thought you had to refer everything) that maybe they'd put some $ on an Aussie win. Then after their batting performance, I knew they had. They really did look like they had no idea what they were doing under the lights with the pink ball. But then Wade missed that easy (for a 1st class keeper) stumping....... so maybe all the Paki's are just colou
  10. Auto throttles! lol, you'll have to come for a fly in my Jabiru 230 (our syndicate is getting a new one delivered early March) and get back to basics. I've flown the 73 sim a couple of times now and found it tougher to land the 777. Does that sound right? Next time you're in BNE for a sim lets hook up. Here's some more beautiful South East Queensland scenery from low level in the bug smasher! All taken in winter if I recall correctly.
  11. Massive props to you mate for following your dream!
  12. Great flying thread Tupps! I've been in a syndicate that owns recreational category a/c (under 600kg MTOW in Oz) here in SE Qld for a few years now. Have taken Smithy up for a couple of flights and he only squealed once or twice! SE Qld is a beaut place to fly as the weather is generally awesome. Had always wanted to fly in the airlines but in a moment of stupidity when I was in my early 20's, broke my back rolling a car while not wearing a seatbelt. Had the opportunity prior to that of working as an instructor and charter pilot for a couple of years, so can't complain too much!
  13. Love the 'Mutt Muffs!' I've taken my mutt flying a couple of times and he loves it as well.
  14. Nice photos Dux! I took that 777 sim you're sitting in for a birl once. Mike M. (back when he was a 777 CCPT) told me to be wary of over flaring, so of course i bounced it so hard he nearly fell off his seat!

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