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  1. No real preference, as long as either one isn't covered up anyway by a guy laying in bed who can't get it up because he smokes cigars
  2. "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it"
  3. peteando

    Super Bowl Predictions

    Pats 27, Rams 17. Bold prediction: Belichick announces retirement this offseason.
  4. peteando

    Favourite Cheap and chearful

    Super Partagas smoking really well ROTT right now (2018 box)
  5. peteando

    C&C for Aging

    Young they were mild and had an ammonia flavor, a couple of years later they had honey and sugarcane notes. Really nice.
  6. I showed the wife a few of these rigs, to help "promote understanding" how much less I am in to cigars than some folks. That still didn't help me too much with the credit card bill this month. Anyway, thanks for sharing the pics!
  7. peteando

    LEs - pricing and value

    To me, an indivdual LE is not something I'm going to smoke a lot of. So the value proposition is slightly skewed due to new, different, limited. I know exactly what the Fonseca #1 experience is going to give me, and I love it, so I smoke a ton of them, but it's a different experience.
  8. Have 1 lgc tainos left. It's been sitting for years. Maybe this summer.
  9. Nice review! This got me hungry for leibkuchen. Great flavor discriptor.
  10. Nice review. It's difficult to let these rest for a couple of years but patience definitely pays off.
  11. Nice review, thanks. One of the best values around.
  12. Avoiding steerage class and associated body odor on Qantas altogether, you’ll be teleported in to the body of El Prez for 24 glorious hours! Your itinerary is as follows: 8:00 a.m.: Wake up. Eat Vegemite on something (required) 8:30 a.m.: Depart for the Czar shop 8:35 a.m.: Land Rover begins to spontaneously combust and wheels fall off. Get out of there before you get burnt and hitch a ride! 9:00 a.m.: Answer emails. Typical example “Your forum recommended I coat the end of my cigar in earwax and now it tastes terrible! I demand a refund.” 11:00 a.m.: Make selections for 24:24. Plan to post thread 30 seconds late just to toy with the folks who are continuously hitting refresh hoping for Q’Dorsay to pop up. 1:00 p.m.: Head to Ken’s. Try some old port of dubious origin. Talk about giant spiders or rugby or something. Make a video review of an entirely overpriced regional. 4:00 p.m.: Hit the beach! Grab a couple of aged Sir Winnies to accompany you. 8:00 p.m.: Your carriage turned back to a pumpkin. Grab a couple boxes of Siglo VI to take back with you. Price $10000 U.S. In or out?
  13. Rabbit fur hat with ear flaps. Has to be real fur for the insulating effect. I stick primarily with smaller rg smokes as well as they tend to burn a bit easier in the cold.

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