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  1. This is from a 2010 5 pack. The age has done it well. Golden colorado wrapper, little bit of sheen. Slightly tight but ok cold draw. 1/3 mild, smooth citrus and some coffee. Getting some cocoa powder as well. 2/3 there it is, the twang. Took a couple minutes to warm up and now medium coffee and mocha notes. Time has really taken the edge off. Really nice. 3/3 just at medium strength. Some honey sweetness has come in and the classic monte twang has really hit a crescendo. Nice finish with some dark chocolate near the end. I can't say i've ever had a bad #4. For being so massively produced, they are very consistent over time. Score: 90
  2. I picked this up with a bunch of other singles from our host. It's been a long time since I've smoked a dip. Here goes: 1/3 Light toasted tobacco, cream, caramel macchiato. Tunnel and tough draw, bummer. Dense, coffee, not twangy, some floral notes. Luxurious. 2/3 Not particularly complex, but enjoyable. Draw has thankfully opened up. Deeper coffee notes. Colombian coffee, salty notes, semisweet chocolate. Just over medium. Rich. 3/3 Bell pepper, heavy cream. It's starting to fall apart at this point, but that's the risk with winter smoking. I'm still enjoying this cigar. Would I smoke again? Absolutely. Would I buy a box? Maybe. My struggle is that they are so closely priced to the Monte #2 which is my favorite cigar. Perhaps the dip 2 is the sisyphus of cigars, forever rolling the stone up the hill but never quite reaching the top. Score: 89
  3. I also ran out, and wished I had more. Thanks!
  4. Had a bunch of Monte #4 that looked exactly like this. Super light but had oily sheen. They were awesome. I also had some super dark punch punches from 05 that were so dark and beautiful, like Maduro. They had all the flavor of a charcoal briquette. The only way to know is to smoke!
  5. You're absolutely right. A marriage won't last without it. I just got sick of hearing "MOOORE CIGARS?!?"
  6. I finally got a burn account after all of the "discussions". Now I just have to get the mail first! Seems like every box I've received in 2018 has been great looking and has that pungent barnyard aroma. Few people complain anymore about bland and lifeless cc's. Cigars like Punch Punch that had some really tough years are back with a vengeance. I do hope and believe that we are in a new golden age for cc's.
  7. peteando

    Cuban Cigar Prices?

    Planning my first trip and great to know. Thanks.
  8. peteando

    Cuba Trip Report- 2nd Hand

    Great read. Thanks!
  9. I was gifted a CoLa in 1998. It was indescribably good. I was immediately hooked. Don't consider myself a connoisseur, but I knew I was really serious about it when I bought the Min Ron Nee book some years ago.
  10. peteando


    Thanks for a review on the short. I've not had great luck with minis or puritos, so hopefully this one will be better for a quickie.
  11. peteando

    Left or Right?

    The heart says right, but one of the best I ever had looked just like left. So left. I think...

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