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  1. Yeah, just don't Google images of it while eating 🤢 Thanks for the kind words!
  2. TBH, I have be diagnosed with Onychotillomania (which I have endured for as long as I can remember, just did not know it was an actual thing) and so have always held cigars like this to cover my nails in photographs going back to the SmokingStogie days, because trust me, you do NOT want to see them lol.
  3. Hey, look, we do say nice things every once in a while! FWIW, this was really, really good. Anyone else had one recently?
  4. Easy: Edmundo Dantes Conde 109 or La Escepción Selectos Finos. I would be more than happy to smoke nothing but those two the rest of my life lol.
  5. FWIW, I don't think anyone on the hw staff takes criticism about something in a review personally (I know I don't.) I have no issues with someone saying they don't taste/note what I do, or that they have smoked 50 boxes of the same cigar and had no problems like I did. Cigars are hand-made products, and each person is going to experience each cigar differently, so who am I to judge or say what they did or did not taste/feel/experience? And perhaps more to the point, how can we expect to be taken seriously as people who make at least part of their living criticizing creations other pe
  6. I have always found this type of sentiment interesting. You admit that you know nothing about the cigar in the review, and yet are perfectly willing to pass judgement on it, based (presumably) solely on the fact that it is a non-Cuban Cohiba. How can you have a valid opinion on a cigar that you have not even seen in person, not to mention have never smoked? After doing this job for the past decade or so, I have learned at least one lesson that seems pretty obvious when you really think about it: never, EVER pass judgment a cigar before you smoke it for yourself. No matter
  7. This thread has been quite enlightening, and I appreciate everyone's thoughts. Charlie has done a great job in detailing everything on his end, but here are a few things from my perspective for those that care: We don't take price into account on any of our reviews — TBH, half the time I don't even know how much a cigar cost until I put that info into the final notes section (which usually happens after the cigars have been smoked, the score sheet has been filled out and the tasting notes/bottom line has been written.) It just does not matter to us if a cigar costs $500 or $5, alt
  8. Glad we could help FWIW, I retrohale on just about every puff of every cigar I smoke, although sometimes a full retro and sometimes just a bit at the end. I honestly can't imagine smoking cigars without it, the practice would be a waste of time and money, IMHO.
  9. So, this is always an interesting discussion! For me, it comes down to personal experience with food and flavors: cigars obviously do not taste like chocolate chip cookies, or pencil lead, or chicken skin, or what have you. But there are quite a few flavors in cigars that remind me of certain things, and that is what I am describing in my reviews. For example, I remember talking with someone about 10 years ago who questioned some of the aromas/flavors I came up with, leather and manure in particular. "How can a cigar taste like leather?" he asked, multiple times, followed up by "Whe
  10. Sorry about the link guys, I forgot it was there from the old days before the real site took off lol... Would love to have his contact info, if it can be provided, thanks so much!
  11. Hello all! I am going to Cuba next week to cover the festival, and just wanted to make sure the La Puntillas are still being made by Alex? Bought a bundle last year and loved them, did not know if there were new sizes, etc, so thought I would go to the source Thanks for any info!
  12. Smoked one while in Cuba, great flavor but a bit wet, so will sit on them a little while...other than that, I really loved the flavors in the one I had, construction was excellent and a great vitola.
  13. For those of you that don't know... In the annals of cigar history, Dunhill is considered to have produced some of the best sticks of all time... The cigars that Dunhill produced are legendary (including the Mojito, which I reviewed here), and it has been theorized that the reason the cigars were so good was that Dunhill was using superior tobacco in their blends... What some people may not be aware of is that for a time, Dunhill blended their tobacco with other cigar manufactures in Cuba, and released these creations in joint ventures called "Selección Suprema", most notably El Rey del Mun
  14. I recently purchased a 4 pack of Romeo y Julieta Perfectos from 1968(ish) to see what they would smoke like over 40 years after they were rolled... Now, there is not a bunch of historic info on these specific cigars...According to various websites, these were released pre-1960s (nobody knows an exact year, apparently) and were discontinued in 2003. These cigars were made with all Cuban Tobacco (unlike Clear Havanas, some of which will be reviewed soon) from the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba... A Machine-made cigar (as most were back then), the price of each stick was approximately $.25 (or 10
  15. Thank you all, I am looking forward to hanging out here! ~brooks

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