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  1. Small cigars w/coffee...🌴 RASCC , Shorts, Monte 5's, etc
  2. Hi Lisa.....looooong time no see or chat. Great little family you have You're gonna make a wonderful mom, for sure! Hugs from the desert, Aaron
  3. Had the good fortune to be on the receiving end of a few of these. I tasted one a couple of days ago and was thoroughly and pleasantly surprised with classic Ramon flavors, young but quite smokable now with huge aging potential...yummy stogie!
  4. Geeze Rob...that is freakin frightening! Glad the operation was successful :-)
  5. This review looks strangely familiar...:-D Thanks again mi hermano!
  6. » » Welcome to The FoH board ! Hey Deem O.C>.is NOT SO Cal Deem is geographically challenged :-D
  7. » I like thin, pliable wrappers, which burn well. There is so much variation » in flavor between boxes of the same cigar and so little variation in » wrapper color within a box, that I don't claim to know how wrapper color » affects flavor. I don't understand how others can claim to know, unless » they've done difficult to implement truly scientific comparisons. Curmudgeon...get some Fuente 858's. They're available in natural,maduro, candela,sungrown, and rosado. The insides are identical...only the wrappers (capa) are different. You will taste five similar but very different cigars.
  8. » Next purchase. » » » Siglo VI or CoRo? :-P » » I've smoked the CoRo, not bad, but have never tried the VI. The CoRo is one of the great robustos...pure and classic 'hiba... The VI is an extension of the "newer breed" of Cohibas you may or may not like. Taste a few and your taste buds will tell you what to do ;-)
  9. All incoming cigars are quarantined for a couple months before being released into the general population. I have a cab that is both refrigerated and humidified. A beetle trap as well (just in case).

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