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  1. Good times, kudos to Andy, Yiorgos, Rob Fox et al for dedication to the hospitality arts....
  2. then first cast – a 12lb salmon!!!i have spent gazillions on flights, accom, guides, top gear, choppers, you name it, chasing that mythical ten pound fish. and then this happens. it didn't seem right. nice fish ken...there's a lesson from the fishing gods in there somewhere....
  3. Rob, was a pleasure to meet you, how you could bring yourself to step on a boat the next morning still has me baffled....enjoy the rest of the odyssey and come back this way soon,
  4. Great scenes of liberation - please let whatever comes next not be any worse!
  5. Great scenes of liberation - please let whatever comes next not be any worse!
  6. another year wiser....hope you have / had good one
  7. Ken, have you listened to anything except The Promise is the last two months? honest now...
  8. Welcome to the forum, enjoy and maybe see you at a herf....
  9. Have been watching news coverage for the last few days...horrific stuff...hope you all manage to stay safe
  10. I agree....I'm not excusing the behavior of some of the idiots involved but surely the publican needs to put the house (and bouncers) in order or face the consequences...
  11. Bon anniversaire et joyeux noel, hope I got that right...
  12. I can already hear a nicely rested Tampa calling my name...
  13. PLPC for me too except EMA SEPT 08 cab - received wisdom suggests that these are at their best around the 5 year mark - no chance they'll make it beyond their third birthday...can well believe that the fresh ones are smoking great right now

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