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  1. I found the same thing last September the stock was very low and I wanted to spend but only managed a few singles of things I hadn’t tried.
  2. It unfortunately happens and is all part of the process and sometimes it isn’t in your control. Had a great run of no problems for a long time at all except I had a Cohiba Piramedes that couldn’t be saved (bought in London) and a Punch Punch that had a whole in the middle of the cigar back to back the last few days. The Punch hole was just an annoyance once it smoked past the hole it was great but tossing the Cohiba was an annoyance and believe me I tried everything. After the Cohiba went bad I grabbed a 10 year old Opus and it drew perfect but was not satisfying.
  3. Thanks, never thought of that. Now the whole box unopened goes in the freezer!
  4. Piggy, While you were fact checking I think you might have missed a few things. Before you literally shit (subway reference) on a leftist city like NY and mention "massive death counts due to crime" I would be interested in how you statistically defined "massive death counts die to crime". The NYC per capita murder rate within the last few years was its lowest in generations and it actually made some lists as one of the safer large cities in the world never mind just the US. Crime in general in NYC pretty much has been going down since the 90's with the per capita death rate is at historic lows. I would be happy to be corrected though if your source that had a different interpretation. Back to the original post and while a small part of me finds it amusing I agree we are headed down a pretty bad road when people are o.k. with violent activity however minor people find it to be. I wonder if it is just because we seemingly used to elect statesmen and people of both sides could grab a drink or a cigar after a session and work together or has social media changed things and the people that seek office haven't changed but our opinion of them has?
  5. FWIW I was told by a few people in the industry (good sources)..…..well I forget exactly what they said except to say that more or less the tobacco would likely be different if it were rolled aged vs. rolling it and having it age. Now they specifically said it wouldn't necessarily be better just different.
  6. Headed there on Saturday myself and have Koepka in a pool and also don't see anyone catching him at this point. This one is a lot of fun for me as I play it two or three times a year just when I want to beat myself up a bit. At any point if you see someone hitting from a fairway bunker or in the fescue I can totally relate as I have tons of experience in places other than the fairways. Can't relate to them getting it out and advancing it though never mind playing from those back tee boxes amounting to an extra 1000 yards.
  7. Trying to interpret this the best I can this could actually be brilliant because if she doesn't trust you to do the laundry maybe she relieves you from that obligation?
  8. I have the IQAir HealthPro Plus which is likely overkill for a room but I also have allergies so the dual purpose made the high price worthwhile.
  9. Supposedly the ending of the show is being done the way he intends to end it but the way they get there will be different as Martin has said a lot of characters are alive in his books and some never made it to the show. i enjoy both for what they are although the early seasons quoted dialogue from the books which was better imho. I really hope we get the final book but won’t hold my breathe. I suspect he is somewhat close to finishing the Winds of Winter. A lot of people have been criticizing him for taking so long with the final two books but I can’t do that I am happy for him. His creation already has given me a lot of enjoyment and if he doesn’t finish it then hopefully there are other books I can enjoy as much. One thing though there will be a lot of options every streaming service is looking for the next GOT so hopefully one or two get it right. As for being able to watch episodes here and there and get what’s going on I would personally disagree with that as there are a lot of layers and characters built into every episode. That could be though because I read the books first and could be reading into it.
  10. I don’t have the link but I think it was The NY Times that had a nice article a few months back on Tucson. If you can’t find it message me and I will spend some time to find it and get it to you.
  11. Isn't fishing supposed to be relaxing? Worrying about being a bit out of the crocodile strike zone wouldn't help me relax but maybe its me?
  12. El Rey Del Mundo "Abajo Bajo" 109 in the RACF blend.
  13. I usually do a front 6 a middle 6 and an end 6 cigar when I play time permitting. It is the only time I smoke NC and usually smoke something a little strong with a non brittle wrapper ideally. I smoke mostly Olivia V, Epernay and certain Fuente's mostly because I don't concentrate on the cigar that much and they are always constructed perfectly and anything with a brittle wrapper can be tough to deal with so I save my CC's for more relaxing times.

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