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  1. ChanceSchmerr

    San Cristobal Prado

    Love the Murallas! Only have a few left now...
  2. Mate, I'll be in Dubai in 4 weeks - let me know the address of that LCDH - I look forward to trying out the terrace!
  3. ChanceSchmerr

    The Word's Best Whiskey

    Thanks mate, I'll try it again next time I'm stateside. Doing alright, in the "Arabian area" at present. Weather can't be beat LOL!
  4. ChanceSchmerr

    The Word's Best Whiskey

    Agreed. I tried some McKenna in San Francisco late last year, was not impressed in the slightest. I can't fathom that a single barrel bottling of the stuff would be so stratospheric.
  5. ChanceSchmerr

    Worst Airports?

    Ahhh Ken. I personally love the town of Vigo but never flown through there - I have had the misfortune of Air Europa, though. As you can agree - never again with that. TAP Portugal is probably my least favorite airline of all time. Have not had one flight so far where were weren't either delayed, jerked around at check in and/or luggage damaged/torn up. A garbage airline if there ever was one. I love Super Bock beer though, so there's that! LOL
  6. ChanceSchmerr

    Worst Airports?

    My worst: LGR - Worst ever. Just a depressing blight on the travel landscape YHZ - I hate Halifax. The Airport sucks, it's in the middle of nowhere with poor transport links (taxi-union in full force), and they didn't do a proper geo-assessment when they built it on cheap land so it's perpetually fogged in. MEX - I'll echo El Prez - An intimidating, terrible airport, with bleak food options and a ghetto atmosphere. Plus they tried to deny me taking my Hotel Nacional Ashtray in my carry on luggage when I was transiting through - BS! FRA - Why is every flight I take here on major aircraft never allotted a jetway? I shouldn't be leaving an Airbus 330 via outdoor staircase. German efficiency-fail, if you ask me. My Best: LHR - I love the Queen's Terminal, and I tend towards Star Alliance Carriers so I typically fly out of there. The old LHR terminals were rubbish but the new one is great. Just hate that endless Escalator walk to the other side. HNL - I like the open-air-ness of this airport, and the services are good. The Pineapples are ridiculously priced though. YYZ - I didn't like it at first, but it's grown on me. Fares better in comparison to others in the world.
  7. ChanceSchmerr

    New regional for Russia.

    I think those are all dumb, unoriginal sizes, too fat + too short. I think I will not try to seek any of these out, no matter what Vitola chosen. I think the RE program is making it easier on my pocketbook by releasing sizes I don't care for, which makes it easier to go after the releases I actually want. you asked....
  8. ChanceSchmerr

    Aged Cardboard Packs ....Opinion

    Have had many terribly tasteless HDM Du Roi's from Cardboard packs from '03, and an equal number of excellent SLR PC '05s from Cardboard I guess it goes down to sheer luck. Most cardboard Cohiba's I've had have been meh - with the exception of an '01 EL CoLa that I received in a box pass, that was excellent. I normally avoid Cardboard as much as I possibly can.
  9. ChanceSchmerr

    Japanese Whisky - Chichibu

    You did luck out, Ken! The MWR is quite nice, to my taste. The Ichiro's Malt Series (with the Leaf shaped lable) is a little easier to find than the Chichibu Single Malts, but not that much so.
  10. ChanceSchmerr

    Japanese Whisky - Chichibu

    I visited Chichibu Distillery in Oct 2017 - they are not open to the public but as a Whisky Club founder I was able to book a tour. They are truly passionate about what they do - my favorite aspect is the way in which they determine their cuts on the distillation - not based solely on ABV%, but on the taste/aroma of the spirit coming out. They had a series of glasses taken at minuted intervals to illustrate the changes in the spirit as it came through the safe. Marvelous place. Of course - whilst you can try all sorts of Chichibu whiskies at the distillery, you cannot buy any of it there at all, nor is there any in the town of Chichibu....or in Tokyo based on my searches. It essentially does sell out before it ever hits a store shelf. A massive pity for the regular whisky punter, who just doesn't see it until it hits a bar shelf at an exorbitant price per dram, thanks not to the distillery's pricing, but by the sheer volume of demand and resale price explosions. With all that said - it is magnificent whisky, and I've enjoyed immensely each one I've tried. My favorites would be the recent Peated and On the Way releases, as well as the Port Pipe bottlings - so rich and full. I own no bottles but perhaps someday I'll luck out.
  11. I asked to go there! With a tanker along for the ride, we didn't need the fuel or supplies, so we skipped over it. Our loss I guess..... Thanks anyway for the tip, Derrek! I hope you're keeping well, mate!
  12. I would commit whatever I could muster whenever the go-ahead was given. @dvickery - you give us all hope showing that it can be done (and for a Corona, which is my favorite size, even if it's not for many other people!). I'm game to try and I'd put down whatever I could. At least enough for a few boxes!
  13. I love a good Toscano. I always pick up several when I visit Italy. Havn't been in a few years! They always have a few commemorative ones out there, even before the 200th anniversary. I have some of the 1815-2015 ones still.
  14. Leif, I'll be there Thursday! Let me know if you're still there! I don't think I will have a car just for the afternoon so I'm sure I'll just be around Victoria on Mahe.
  15. Hey everyone! My deployment continues - a lovely short stay in Singapore. My poor timing meant I missed meeting Jimmy Ng, but I shall try again next time. Still, I enjoyed some amazing food, great whisky at some fine whisky clubs, and a great Bolivar Colosales RE Alemania at Jimmy's. Also, a great dinner at Brasserie Gavroche on a tip from a good friend - French food to die for, and a true gentleman running the show who likes his cigars! I'll get some pictures posted up when I can. In the meantime, we have just crossed the Equator (a Shellback am I!) and we're coming up soon to Seychelles! Anyone been before, any good recommendations? My time is very short, I only have one evening as I'm on the Duty watch the second day and then we sail on. I'd like to make that one afternoon/evening count! Cheers all!
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