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  1. I don't know mate, I'm not a fan of that particular proviso..... The RCN held out a couple more years, but eliminated the Rum Ration here in 1972, to much dismay. However, when it was done, the serving of alcohol (wine and beer) was permitted at sea for many years afterward, until just recently. Don't get me started on the elimination of booze at sea....
  2. Thanks for digging up this article, @Ken Gargett, as well as the further background @Nino! I remember reading that article when that issue came out years ago (I love Cigar Journal, and ECCJ before that), but one nugget escaped me then that stands out glaringly now - probably the first time I've ever seen anyone recommend the Trinidad Short Robusto T LOL Also, it makes me pine for my since finished box of Partagas Piramides LEs that I found in Bahrain in 2012. Those wrappers were toothy, but not too dark (a nice colorado, tbh). They weren't a perfect burn but not fireproof as some ot
  3. Nope. Just missed those days. At least I have a few sticks left!
  4. Bought in Havana but with the @El Presidente seal of approval. They have all been absolute gangbusters. Glad you agree!
  5. I'm seeing more plugs on recent Belicosos/Piramides than I used to , but otherwise it's more windtunnels that's the problem, particularly with REs. Except the PL Corona. So many plugs in those cabs. 01s did have flavour issues, agreed. But it wasn't across the board. I've had some 01 Diplomaticos, by example, that still packed a wallop 15 years on.
  6. Was about to say this. My 2008 cab from Rob that I bought....8 years ago? 9 years ago? a while ago. ...has always been spot on, I've tucked into about 1/3 of the cab. Great construction, delicious Punch flavour... 08s are winners for me.
  7. It's an Upmann No. 1, mate! Some corroborating pictures, with my boxes of Upmann No1 and Lonsdale for comparison... No.1 above, Lonsdale below No.1 left, lonsdale right. Box codes
  8. Likewise, I was reminiscing about my visit down a little while back. Would love to come back again! We are doing great, two boys now haha! Hope you are great as well!
  9. A gorgeous box indeed. I've got my lottery tickets in for tonight haha!
  10. @Perla!!! Great to see you enjoying that Toppers! I hope it hit the spot, I am still loving my remaining sticks of those - such an underrated cigar. Keep well and keep healthy!
  11. A pass on most Opus Xs for my taste, strong flavour without substance or much evolution IMO. However, completely different story with Casa Fuente Lanceros, and the rare Don Carlos lancero from Casa Fuente when you could still smoke in their in-mall terrace in Vegas. Those are "sell your firstborn for a box" good, to me.
  12. Cheers mate, my pleasure. I look forward to reading it!
  13. Cheers for the shoutout on the Alberta Premium Cask Strength, @Ken Gargett! Sensational sounds like it sure hit the spot, I'm glad you enjoyed it! How was it with the cigar? I should note that Rob's response was pretty priceless - "Is there any chance you could possibly check your draw 😂😂"

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