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  1. Looks like the military is moving me from the coast to Ottawa, I've been sentenced to at least 2 years in a job on the Quebec (Gatineau) side. So i'm trying to figure out which side to live on, and I need to find someone to talk to who knows how the Quebec Tax laws work, particularly for someone with rental income from another province. Anyone who can help (or knows someone who can help me) with some advice, I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance all!
  2. It's my all time favourite cigar, just a hair past the SLR Coronas we had on Ken's deck. Same delicious profile but it sings a little better in the Mareva size. Used to get them in London in cardboard 5-packs, those were to die for (the only CC in cardboard that I've ever liked). I'm lucky to have just over a box and a half left (thanks in part to @PigFish for helping source me a box back in the day!) Always very tempted when I see these boxes on BR but I'm on a buying hiatus, so others can and will get to enjoy these brilliant smokes!
  3. I had arrangements made up for the last time I deployed overseas, but nothing like a proper will with instructions, etc. Good reminder mate, thanks!
  4. You give us too much credit, it'd take us months just to whittle the ice down to a level surface for landing! We havn't had a proper carrier since HMCS Bonaventure, which was scrapped in 1970 (52 years ago) just following an expensive mid-life refit. Classic Gov't thinking. As for Navel Hazards - Easy enough to surpass once you've completed your studies at the right training establishment (courtesy of my son's favourite "Belly Button Book")....
  5. Having seen Fiji's infrastructure up close, I definitely agree on that point Base location should be based more on existing support infrastructure, proximity to industry, etc. The stealth nature of the boats means that placing them closest to the threat isn't as much of a benefit beyond time to intercept. Easier to conceal where it's going if it's not directly pointing at your adversary too... I havnt been to Darwin/NA though, so I can't comment on what they could bring to bear. You're further along than we are though. We'd need working boats before we would need a base for
  6. I'm smoking one of my last two Boli Simones today, inspired by @El Presidente's OP. 15 year old cigar - life's too short to hoard the last two forever.
  7. .....I guess, not so much! I remember when we took our warship up the Brisbane river in 2019, we were checking out seawater intakes/sea bays and filters/strainers for jellyfish, but I think it was jellyfish "offseason" for us luckily when we arrived. We did hear some good stories of Strainers just being clogged with "blue goo" from jellyfish intake..... Jellyfish would ‘inevitably’ force nuclear submarines into shutdown if based in Brisbane, expert says Exclusive: leading marine scientist says Moreton Bay, one of three sites shortlisted, is bad choice due to risk to reactors if jellyfish sucked in Experts says if nuclear submarines are based in Brisbane they will be at risk of emergency reactor shutdown from jellyfish. Photograph: James Ross/AAP Australia’s nuclear-powered submarines would “inevitably” be forced into an emergency reactor shutdown by swarms of jellyfish if the fleet was based in Brisbane, a leading marine scientist says. The Australian government this week released a shortlist of three sites – Brisbane, Newcastle and Wollongong – as a potential east-coast home port for the nuclear submarine fleet, which will arrive in about 2036 under the Aukus partnership with the US and the UK. The Queensland government has been cagey when asked whether it supports a base in Brisbane, a position described as “very strange” by the federal defence minister, Peter Dutton, whose electorate is in Brisbane. “There are many thousands of jobs that are associated with such a facility,” Dutton said last week. “You’ve got to make judgments about whether there’s capacity within a particular port structure to accommodate that additional work.” Jellyfish expert Lisa-ann Gershwin, a leading marine biologist, says Brisbane is “close to the absolute worst place” for a nuclear submarine base, due to the conditions in Moreton Bay and the frequent jellyfish blooms. In 2006, the US nuclear-powered supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan was forced into an emergency reactor shutdown in Brisbane after it sucked more than 800kg of jellyfish into its condensers, hindering coolant from reaching the main reactors. “Picture if you will America’s biggest, most expensive, most fearsome, awesome supercarrier is on its maiden voyage,” Gershwin said. “It comes into the port of Brisbane and it sucks in thousands of jellyfish. It was a very embarrassing situation for the American navy. Luckily there was no major accident, nothing happened, nothing exploded. “But when you’re dealing with nuclear anything, you’ve got to be [more cautious].” The phenomenon of jellyfish shutdowns is surprisingly common in any power plant that sucks in water as a coolant. Gershwin says any base for a submarine with an in-built nuclear reactor could not be enclosed like Moreton Bay, which is sheltered by Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island. “Jellyfish act like plastic,” Gershwin said. “If you’ve ever seen a pool filter that’s got a plastic wrapper caught, it clogs up … and floods all over the place because it’s not going through the filter. The water gets stopped by this ‘plastic’ and then the water can’t pass by that. Emergency shutdowns of power plants happen all the time, very frequently.” Gershwin said that if Brisbane was used to base nuclear submarines, a jellyfish shutdown would be “inevitable”. “There aren’t many things as a scientist that I would say are inevitable, but this is. I couldn’t tell you what day or time it would happen, but I can tell you it would happen. “You’ve got to be really careful about where you put these things. Anywhere that you’ve got warm water, you’re going to have jellyfish. Moreton Bay is just sucked in with jellyfish.” Brisbane ranked eighth of the sites considered by Defence as a potential submarine base in 2011, with Sydney listed as the best choice. Defence was contacted for comment.
  8. I'm so glad to hear this! I've always wanted to try one of the old LFDC Short Churchills or Diademas but never had the opportunity - to know that the Gran Canos are in line with that - so awesome, I'm beyond pleased to have a few boxes of this those! Thanks for making my day, mate!
  9. I'm with you on this one. I'm down to my last 5 in my 50 cab you sold me years ago on the old LFTH. All 110-point, off the chart legend cigars. But my all-time ones i miss the most? Punch Superfinos RE Italia. Last spotted for me in Catania, Sicily back in 2011. Smoked my last a few years ago. Still haunts my was like a brilliant Punch Petit Punch, kicked up 3 notches in flavour, richness and depth.
  10. Weigh in was 279.2 lbs. Actually gained a pound in the last month. Likely due to massive work/home stress, lack of sleep and resultant stress eating. Hoping next month is better.
  11. .....except, the peacekeeper thing evaporated in the 90s. Failed missions/embarrassments in Rwanda and Somalia scared successive Cdn govts off of traditional peacekeeping and we've never really restarted since then, no matter what the current PM says. I can count our "peacekeeping/UN" missions over the last 8 years on one hand...and I've still got fingers to spare. I can almost count the number of people we posted to those missions on one hand too. What we do now is more military assistance missions, where we directly assist one country/faction with troops and equipment to train them up and maintain their new level of effectiveness (Ukraine, Latvia, Iraq, Afghanistan before the fall, etc). Not at all like Peacekeeping. It's a brave new world. I'm watching Ukraine with interest....
  12. I feel like Punch Super Seleccion No.1 could make this list as well, with the caveat that they havn't captured that excessively high a price on BR yet. Still, a brilliant cigar when the construction is right. I have one cab and the construction has been spot on. LOL Ken. Although the early bandless ones were the Prominentes, weren't they? I wasn't around at that time of the hobby but that's what I recall from the literature.
  13. I know....but if I said Monday, I'll be lambasted for getting it wrong anyway haha

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