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  1. Likewise, I was reminiscing about my visit down a little while back. Would love to come back again! We are doing great, two boys now haha! Hope you are great as well!
  2. A gorgeous box indeed. I've got my lottery tickets in for tonight haha!
  3. @Perla!!! Great to see you enjoying that Toppers! I hope it hit the spot, I am still loving my remaining sticks of those - such an underrated cigar. Keep well and keep healthy!
  4. A pass on most Opus Xs for my taste, strong flavour without substance or much evolution IMO. However, completely different story with Casa Fuente Lanceros, and the rare Don Carlos lancero from Casa Fuente when you could still smoke in their in-mall terrace in Vegas. Those are "sell your firstborn for a box" good, to me.
  5. Cheers mate, my pleasure. I look forward to reading it!
  6. Cheers for the shoutout on the Alberta Premium Cask Strength, @Ken Gargett! Sensational sounds like it sure hit the spot, I'm glad you enjoyed it! How was it with the cigar? I should note that Rob's response was pretty priceless - "Is there any chance you could possibly check your draw 😂😂"
  7. Great options all, I went Dip and LGC. Diplo sounds like a better German or UK option (those markets seem to like reviving long discontinued marca/vitolas) but at long as someone is making them, i'm happy. Now just need to bide my time for an SLR Lancero!
  8. Trinidad rum is underrated IMO, very fond memories of Angostura rum and a Shark n' bake on Maracas Bay - a perfect beach for a cigar! Angostura 1919 is my favorite but who could forget Puncheon Rum - 'not less than 75% alcohol' 😂😂😂. My kind of guarantee! But Barbados is the rum king of islands. Foursquare is a must!
  9. Party Presidentes or Lusi with an Ileach is always a winning combination.
  10. To @treberty! I'm helping out, but he's the boss in this pass.
  11. Not to worry mate, we'll help you through. I would recommend that if you're not sure, discuss offline first before posting up your picture of proposed puts/takes. Sometimes there is a lot of back and forth to nail down a good set of puts/takes, and that best takes place in emails/private messages. Enjoy the pass!
  12. And here's the updated Box Pass Contents list. This goes out to Garnett tomorrow!
  13. Here's my Proposed Puts and Takes (with Value level in brackets) Takes: - HdM Epi 2 (7) - HUp Mag 46 (5) - RA Superiores (4) - HUp Noella (3) - QdO Corona (4) Puts: Partagas 898 - RAE FEB 14 (6) RA Especiales de Allones RE France - TEB SEP 08 (9) Punch Royal RE BENELUX - APO AGO 09 (8) Partagas Presidentes - UBM SEP 18 (4) Diplomaticos No. 3 - OEB ABR 06 (6) Extra Added Stick : Punch Petit Corona Del Punch CBL DIC 04 (4)

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