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  1. Ahh Box Pass! Fond memories for sure. I'd love to participate, although I'm a bit biased towards having a box pass with not just regular production, but also Discontinued, REs and LEs - gives something for everyone. With a toddler and now a 3-month old filling my days, I certainly couldnt run one on my own right now, but i'm more than happy to help with puts/takes assessment as needed. I recommend that if you're using more than one person to assess puts/takes, make an online chat (like a whatsapp group, etc) where the assessors can discuss easily, that worked exceptionally well for the last Bo
  2. I just realized I never got you out on my ship for a tour when we stopped in at Brisbane, Ken. My fault, apologies. I could have at least corrected some misconceptions about the RCN...🤣 About the subs, depends when you were there. We went through a long phase with none in service, we're definitely past that now.
  3. I do recall being excited to try a *brand withheld* Tempus Lancero years ago after it got some awards. 5 mins in, my fingers were slimed with oily brown varnish. I dont even remember how the cigar tasted, just that brown paint coming off the wrapper. Needless to say, that was my last-ever cigar by that manufacturer. I mean, if that's what you have to do to make your cigars sell, fine but count me out. Bleccccch...
  4. My thoughts exactly. Never had a draw problem on my box either, of which I have a few left too (one of the more cool Andorra finds I had back in the day) I think a head to head review between a Slendy and its chopstick brethren ERDM Panetela Larga and LGC MdO No. 3 would be fun!
  5. That's part of the reason - Ardbeg only restarted production in late 1997 under the present owners, and had produced no whisky from about 1981 to 1989, and sparingly from 1989 to 1996. And, most of the 1989-1996 stuff is long gone (think Airigh Nam Beist, Old Ardbeg 10 (Pre-2008) and was, by and large, fabulous whisky. The other reason they release so many NAS bottlings is that.....they sell. Their fanbase and reputation was such that for almost a decade, they have been able to fiddle with the cask type/treatment each time, and people will gobble up the bottling regardless of the inter
  6. I agree, Nino. This is just how things went in the colonial era, until WWI obliterated that world. Colonies/overseas possessions changed hands numerous times....regardless of their own state of development. Makes me glad to know the colonial era is long past.....although if you consider the PRC's actions in Africa, we may be witnessing a neo-colonialism, based on economic control. Build critical infrastructure with cheap loans, and when the local govt can't pay the loans, you take the infrastructure and now you have that country in your control....
  7. Agreed on Spain, but then at that point she was so weak militarily and financially, there was no question that her overseas possessions (those mentioned, but also Guam) would eventually fall to the first aggressor. I share your hope but with PRC pushing the envelope as far as it has in the SCS (creating new islands and then claiming the 12 NM around it? Unreal and outrageous, and yet so far they've gotten away with it), it's only a matter of time before something flares in that region....IMHO anyway. From experience, they are interesting seas to sail through, i'll say that...
  8. Yup. USS Cole almost did the same thing. Instead it foreshadowed the events of one year later....
  9. Great blast from the past! I love old Pre-Dreadnought Battleships like USS Maine - tumblehome hull forms for steel ships always capture my interest. So unstable.... The Maine sinking is one of those sinkings that will always create debate - it just seems so easy to imagine a Spanish mine sinking it, given the geopolitical situation if the day.
  10. Very cool piece! I'm guessing, pull the chain, and the aperture above produces a flame. As to how the flame appears, my best guess is alchemy.
  11. Very nice Art! Love the ERDM PC - Got one box from '10 stashed away, but that one is not seeing anyone's humi but my own, I like these too much. Funny, I had an NNSC VC1 box, and I got a lot of Eucalyptus from those cigars too. I think I have one lonely single from it left, need to spark it up to see.
  12. Ichiro is a legend. When Hanyu closed, he bought all the casks he could get so that they could stay in the family and released bottlings steadily. I often wonder how the world would see them (and Japanese Whisky in general) if Jimmy M had kept his mouth shut about Yamazaki in his bible. Have you been to Zoetrope in Tokyo? Phenomenal little whisky bar to try some rare and HTF Japanese whiskies, not to mention his own cask bottlings of Chichibu. That is - if the owner/bartender lets you come in! He can be a bit prickly....

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