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  1. Ripe Fruit? I used to find tart stone fruit in Punch cigars years ago (we're talking Punch Petit Punch when they were young, Punch Petit Corona del Punch, Punch DCs, etc) but it's been a long time since I noticed that flavor profile in one. Interesting. I'd be keen to try one now based on the flavour profile, even though the price and size still turns me off
  2. I've been thinking of ordering one for a while. That said, I'd rather have the V1 if that picture is accurate, i don't want to pull too much out and V2 looks like it would remove half the cigar.
  3. Anyone have an idea which Factory "REG" is? REG is the abbreviated code for my ship (REGINA), and I'm keeping an eye out for a good REG FEB 19 box (to commemorate my ship's deployment that started in February 2019)........but I'd sure like to know which factory it is!
  4. Yes. No one ever shuts the F up about Game of Thrones around here. You'd think it was the only show that ever aired on television.
  5. I thank goodness for Whatsapp and FB Messenger and their video chat capabilities. Without them, I would go months without hearing and seeing my wife and son while on deployment with the Navy overseas. Cigar - Monte 2. Cant stand the damn thing. I keep trying and it keeps tasting like cheap easter "Chocolate". Terrible, doesn't matter if it's well aged or fresh. Other - the apparent importance of over-complex faux-medieval epic-drama-macro-TV-series's like "Game of Thrones". It's a damn TV show - who cares, give it a rest! Can we deal with the problems of who really sits on the "thrones" of today's countries!?!?!
  6. So far, so good - I remember that, I felt terrible for you! I know I would have been crushed if my deployment had ended so soon.....
  7. Your experience mirrors mine at Fincato too - visited many time, was able to gain entry only once, and no RE's to be found when I did get in. That was back in 2011. Lovely store, great ambiance, terrible stock situation. Still, i'm glad you found the Invictos after all!!!!!
  8. Bonds = clothing store. The Bonds Wondersuits for infants/small children have a strong following outside of Australia.... MacKay seemed like a nice town! We only had a couple of hours, only enough time to go to Canelands mall, get a coffee, send some mail and purchase an Aussie Sim Card for use in Brisbane later this month. After years of hilarious Telestra stories on FOH, I went with Optus without hesitation
  9. Well, as mentioned - After leaving Dubai at end May, the second half of the deployment has been pretty busy from an operational side (for anyone interested, pop in "Regina" and "Neon" or "Regina" and "Vietnam" into Google News), and the port visits have been pretty tight/short. That said, I did get a bit of time to myself, and even a cigar or two! First was Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. A newly overhauled international port, this was an interesting visit for me, as it was 11 years ago that I sailed up the Ho Chi Minh River to Saigon in 2008 aboard the same ship to another Vietnamese port visit. This time, we weren't exploring much of the port, but nearby Nha Trang was a very fun town. I enjoy Vietnam greatly - the chaos of the city, the beauty of the countryside (that I could see) the excellent and varied cuisine - so it was a lot of fun. Not much of anything to be found in cigars, but I did enjoy a few of my own at a sea-side brewpub, including my one and only 2006 Por Larranaga Lonsdale RE Alemania (a lovely, nuanced cigar - I would take it over the Encantos!). Unfortunately, the experience was clouded by a bad case of food poisoning upon departure. Had to happen some time..... I'd like to think that a "T&A Wedding" would be a pretty good time..... Next up, after some interesting work at sea, was a couple of days in Okinawa, another place i'd been to before but was eager to revisit. It didn't feel all that different to me, particularly when visiting the "Okinawa World" cultural/amusement that I had last seen 11 years ago. The highlight of this visit (and one of my highlights of the trip) was the discovery of "I's Ale House" in Chatan, Okinawa. Here was a perfect confluence of two great interests of mine - whisky and cigars. A un-assuming Cigar bar from the outside, the owner/manager (who goes by "i") has a very fine and well-stocked humidor, including some harder-to-find sticks not on the menu, but you can also smoke your own (I enjoyed an excellent '12 RAG that I brought with me, among others). The bar specializes in Craft Beers on tap, but also had a very fine selection of Japanese Whisky, including some drams I've waited years to find and try, including aged bottles of Yoichi (10-12-15 yr), Miyagikyo and a few different bottles of Ichiro's Card series of Hanyu whisky. Let's just say I closed up the bar both nights, and tried more rare old Japanese whisky than I ever thought I would do, particularly in one location! "I" was a generous host,and knows his cigars and whisky alike. If you're on Okinawa and love your cigars or Japanese whisky - go there. I know I will again... Lastly, it wouldn't be a trip to the Pacific without a stop to Guam, so of course we dropped on by for my 5th visit to the island (I think the 6th one is free). Not too much more than a day here, but it was enough time to get on down to the beach, and enjoy a very fine '01 RYJ Corona Grandes from Dubai, in front of a traditional Chamorro sailing craft. Can't beat it! to Australia!
  10. Hello All! I've been pretty tight-lipped on my 2nd half of the deployment - a combination of some busy operations and not too much on the cigar front to talk about! I'll post what I did get up to in a separate piece, but now I can say one of the most exciting parts of the trip is here - my ship is in Australian waters! Right now we're involved in Talisman Sabre, a multi-national exercise that happens every two years off the Queensland coast. We started off with a brief pit stop in MacKay, Australia, to collect some personnel and supplies, and we're back at sea conducting some interesting exercises with our friends in the RAN and others. However, all of that excitement pales in comparison to our port visit on completion - 4 nights in Brisbane! This will be my first time to Brisbane (and to Australia, really - MacKay was only a few hours and too short to leave much of an impression)! I'll be in town from July 26-29th, and looking forward to finally stepping foot on the Czar deck on Friday afternoon, 26 July! I'm staying downtown, I have a rental car to boot (I'll be making a shopping run to Bonds on the Sunday - special request from my wife....) and I can't wait to experience Australia in a town I've heard so much about. If you're in town and able to make it to the Czar's deck on Friday, I look forward to meeting you! Let me know if anyone has any recommended must-do's for Brisbane, so I can pass on to my shipmates as well! Cheers all!!
  11. I think you know which of the two you mentioned are the two that I visit, our experiences are pretty close. CCS is great, and the owner can be a bit odd until you start talking to him, but he's a pleasure once you break the ice. Goodfellas does a lot to support the local Cigar community, and they put on events multiple times a year that I am heartened to see. They hosted Hamlet last time he was in Victoria too, back in 2016, I spent a wonderful few hours there that night! The Third one is Old Morris, it is in the Downtown, across from the Bay Centre (or Eaton Centre, for those of us who remember Eaton's!) It is a ripe shame what's become of it, as it's over 100 years old and has a beautiful ornate gas lighter in the center of the room that is constantly lit (even though you can no longer use it to light your cigars). It caters exclusively at this point to tourists and the cruise ship crowd, and it's humidor is indeed a rainforest. Never Never Never Never Never buy anything there. Commission-driven clueless staff. The fact that they carry my favorite men's cologne line (Truefitt and Hill) does not redeem them in the slightest. They took a treasure of a cigar store (that I bought my first ever CC from - a Sancho Panza Sanchos back in 2008) and are driving it full-speed into pathetic oblivion.
  12. Congratulations! Great Idea, we had our little boy last year, and I thought to buy one box, ended up lucking out in that his month of birth was quite popular for box codes, so I ended up getting a bunch (all from our host here!) My rule of thumb was to stick with blends I had experience with that were robust enough that they should stand the test of time (even with the uncertainty of these new strains being used now). I also tried to stick with Cabs as I feel they age better but couldn't always do so. What I ended up getting was: BBF 25 Cab JL Sel #2 25 Cab Partagas 898 25 Box RA Gigantes 25 Box RASS 50 Cab I think all of these shall age nicely towards 18 years. The last thing I'll mention, as a bonus of getting multiple boxes, is that the BBFs I have decided to smoke one per year, on or around his birthday, to see how the aging process goes compared to his own fantastic grown. The rest of the boxes will remain closed until he turns 18. The BBF was good at year one, but he has given me far more joy thus far. Long may it continue, and for your child as well!
  13. I'll add my $0.02. Sub 44 1. Cohiba Corona Especiales 2. Boli PC Sub 45-50 1. Juan Lopez No.1 2. Ramon Allones Gigantes 52+ 1. Diplomaticos No.2 2. Partagas E2
  14. Ships turning off their AIS (sat-tracking) and running "incognito" happens a lot more than people would expect. Seen it all in the last 6 months!

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