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  1. Lovely read Ken, thank you! I love my whisky, and yet agree that a fine tequila is a wonderful thing. I savour my Orgullo Pueblo Viejo Anejo tequila - fantastic stuff and one of my favourite drinks, period!!!
  2. This was always my favourite, a box of Punch Petit Corona del Punch that I picked up in Geneva a few years back, that ended up being somewhat "Petti".......Great cigars though!
  3. I've tried the Shelter Point. It's decent......needs more years in the Cask. The distillery itself is very nice, it's about 3 hours north of where I live on Vancouver Island. They are doing it the right way, just needs more time to build complexity. It's no Alberta Premium
  4. So very sad to hear this. Derrick was a lovely gentleman. I met him in Havana while there for Havanathon a couple of years ago. He wasn't there for the events, just liked to go to enjoy himself and smoke cigars. I took a cab out to the Comodoro, we met in the terrrace and just sat, talked and enjoyed fine coronas and petit coronas. We spoke of our military backgrounds, and just - connected, it was just a relaxing afternoon. Before parted, we exchanged the kinds of cigars we love. He gave me a rare old RyJ Celestiales Finos, I gave him a Corona (my memory escapes me of which marca). I always thought I'd see him again, in Alberta or again in Cuba, but I guess it was never meant to be. It hurts to lose these members of our community, particularly those with whom we make a connection, who share not only the fondness for cigars, but for the particulars - the sizes, the flavours, etc. He will be sorely missed. We'll see each other again, mate. I'll keep a corona at the ready for you!
  5. Netflix has already pulled it for being "fake news". I'm going to go with old wooden rollercoasters for me. Ridiculous contraptions. You just know those ancient wooden supports are going to give way just as I finally give in and go for a ride.
  6. Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it! We did two reviews and they were an absolute pleasure. Spending time chatting with good people and getting to know them better, making a connection - such an experience is worth more than any gift anyone can give you. I've done a lot of sailing, a lot of port visits and a lot of opportunities to meet new friends, old friends.....and what i remember above all else is the times spent with the people I've met. Half the time I don't even remember the cigar I smoked with people, but i'll remember the conversations we had. That's the beauty of this community! I was happy to bring the cigars and the whisky, and I'd gladly do it again! Rob and Ken were both fantastic and generous hosts to me that weekend, I could never ask for anything more.
  7. Cheers Ken! Greatly enjoyed our time together, and I will take you up on that offer if/when i can ever get back, thanks so much! If you're ever over to the West Coast, please drop me a line so I can repay the hospitality. These reviews were an honour and lot of fun, thanks for the opportunity!
  8. Thanks mate, very kind! It's a deployment 'stache! It won't last long once I'm ashore, believe you me. Haha no power-slamming Ken - he was a gracious host with his whisky and company - we had a grand time, as you can see from the video! Try the Nortenos now, or give them another year. I havn't had a terrible one, but I think they still have room to grow. I do agree that the box we tried on the deck here was the best I've had - so there's likely to be a range, for sure. I havn't tried any yet but I will see if I can trade for some Invictos. I've heard good things! Cheers brother - I'll be home soon! I never said I was a professional I hope you enjoy it! The fact that they do not export it is a great sadness. It's a very underrated Canadian Rye Whiskey.
  9. For the record, my chair was problem-free, thanks Ken!
  10. Agreed. They nailed the blend, resulting in a flavour bomb that exceeded the BBF in richness, and not just in size.
  11. Best Cigar of the Month? I have to agree with El Prez - The blind Corona we had tops it for me. Those are always spot on for me, but this one nailed the richness of the blend just a bit more than usual. Must have been the extra aging they got from 6 months at sea! Best Cigar Experience of the Month? Mag 50 on the beach along the Gold Coast. Perfect setting for enjoyment of a great cigar (one that reminded me how great a Mag 50 can be, not having had one in years), great company and conversation, a nip of Cuban Rum to balance the cigar - Fantastic. Can't top it, for me. Thanks again Rob!
  12. Cheers mate! B-2's are a regret, never managed to snag any boxes, and smoked what few singles I had. Gordies were excellent too, Rich RA flavour before RA got massively overdone on RE's....

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