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  1. Outstanding!!! Thank you for letting me know. Enjoy!
  2. @HiDrag, not weird in the slightest. You are in esteemed company.
  3. Happy Birthday Diana!!! 🥳 Thank you for all you do, and your kindness to me. I hope today is extra special. Best wishes today and everyday!
  4. Well that’s disheartening. Hopefully dry boxing can reverse that…
  5. Mail call. Trini Vigia 12’s RAG NOV17 PCC sourced from Spain via our esteemed host. Already 3 1/2 yrs of box age. The lighting is NOT playing tricks, box on left is Colorado Maduro and the right is Claro. Will be interesting to see if they taste different. I’m betting the left one will have a bit more richness. 😉
  6. Delivery day. I wasn’t going to buy it, I was going to be strong and steadfast…then I flinched. 🙄 24:24 always gets me! 😂 It’s like a disease. RASS Cabinet SOP JUN20, 1st cab for this marca. They are absolutely stunning PSP. The aroma is exquisite; barnyard, dark chocolate, raisins. Wish there was smell-o-vision to share with all of you. I wanted to eat one they smelled so good. The pictures don’t do justice either. The fill looks beautiful, well crafted. Thank you FOH!!!👏👏👏
  7. Appreciate the advice. Unfortunately I had them for nearly a week before posting the pix and seeing your advice. Might still try the cracked foot...
  8. Recent 24:24 grab. The wrappers on the Sig II’s are fantastic. First time buy for all. Now to be patient! (Although one Sig II stick has a slight tear at the foot, shall I sacrifice for future reference?!?) 😁
  9. Easter coupon purchase, all first timers for me. Left to right: RyJ E4 SCdLH La Fuerza RyJ Caz Parti Presidentes SLR Regios Now which one to sacrifice ROTT. Me thinks it’s the E4! 😁
  10. Beauty of a box @El Presidente. I love the artwork and class of this bygone era. I don’t care much for most new packaging artwork; RA Allones No.2 in that awful lime green lacquer and box lid mid-hump, or the gold/orange color contrast and the box lid concentric rings of the QdO Senadores. There’s no beauty in today’s packaging for the most part. Thank you for sharing all the vintage ephemera you come across!
  11. Thank you @havanaclub! That is certainly excellent news for the CoRo. (Although not worried about the Espy being from a sub-par factory...👍)
  12. Felt it was the best way to try without breaking the bank. The wrappers are flawless and so smooth. The Espy is the same shade as the CoRo, lighting angle made it look darker.

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