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  1. At those prices you could buy an entire stack for £1 or less! 😂
  2. Wow, that is outstanding! Wish I had the coin to acquire that piece of history. Thank you @Elpresidente!!!
  3. 🎉👏👏👏🎉 Looking forward to decking out in chic styling!
  4. @Fuzz, those are great ideas, and very doable. Would be thicker than a credit card, but probably not more than 3 cards thick. Well done! 👏👏👏
  5. Haven’t posted the last several acquisitions, so here they are. The HdME2, Monte4, RG Perlas, and RyJSC arrived today.
  6. I’ve carried a knife in my pocket for 50yrs, and I hate it when I fly without checked luggage since I can’t take a knife with me. I feel naked…😳
  7. In all seriousness, I love my Swiss knife. I use it every day; toothpick, small tweezers, screwdrivers, small blade to open up boxes (especially those from the host!). But my job is in the field working on machines, so it’s quite handy when I’m inside a CNC machine and don’t want to climb out to get cutters to snip a zip tie from wire cables. Many uses @Bijan, many uses…
  8. And that is why I always carry my Swiss Army knife! 🤗
  9. One of my favorite lines from Clint Eastwood in Outlaw Josey Wales; “buzzards gotta eat, same as worms”. Favorite movies: Casablanca (classic!!!) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Master and Commander.
  10. I’m with you on this @bassistheplace!!! Lived in California 30+ yrs until last year. Sliders?!? No way! Bbq tri-tip, ribs, and chicken by a long shot! And no way can birria tacos be the top in Idaho, no way. Most people in Idaho don’t even know what birria is made from (young goats for those who don’t). My In-laws are from Mexico, and they only make birria for special occasions, and the Super Bowl is not one of those…
  11. I see a lot of the brethren shooting for the moon; CoLa, Sig VI, Espies, Behikes, Fundies… Myself, we’ll I’m gonna buy as many Monte 4’s and RASS that I can get. Any change left over gets me a lottery ticket(s)🤞. I guess I’m just a blue collar kinda guy…
  12. None taken my friend. Your point is so very valid. Be well, be safe!

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