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  1. Franklin and Madison county prohibit mixed drinks with liquor to be sold in restaurants. Rexburg is in Madison County. These laws are “old school” Mormon influenced laws. Not condemning in any way, just explaining the root of many laws in Idaho, especially the southeast.
  2. Sorry to correct you @Corylax18, but there are zero dry areas in Idaho (thankfully). That is where I call home. You can’t buy liquor on Sundays (except in a bar) because all is sold through a state run store.
  3. Not to make you freak out @El Presidente, but my son had the original version December 2020, and he’s still not fully recovered his acute sense of taste and smell. He loves to cook, now it’s taken the joy out of it.
  4. If I’m able to handle the length of time, I have a single Parti Salomones I bought nearly 20 yrs ago. If time is short, then the first CC I had…Monte 4 for the reminiscing.
  5. Thank you @Ken Gargett for sharing his description of your “island”! Since you shared, shall I presume he hit the nail on the head? 😁
  6. @Nino that is a beautiful wrapper, looks just like the Trini of old!
  7. @hrs1There’s a cab of 50 SLR DC up on BR if you want to round out the collection…
  8. Decided back in October I needed to do an inventory for CCW creation. Not the best photo, but I thought “…dude, you’re addicted…” 😳 I’ve added at least a half dozen boxes since this photo…
  9. I vote for the one on the right, because she has the biggest…ruffled sleeves!
  10. @MoeFOH, the 17th and 18th of Nov are not Monday and Tuesday, rather Wednesday and Thursday this week. Thought I’d point this out for correction.
  11. Latest 24:24 arrivals from the last 2 weeks. Monte 1 arrived yesterday (PSP and smell amazing). I have a full box of the Harimau Malaya from last month, so grabbed the 2fer to try them out without touching the box. Mag46 had mold on 7 sticks, but cleaned up nicely (🤞). First cab of BBF (🥳). And my favorite Monte4 (can never have too many, and PSP to boot!) Its been a good 2 weeks!
  12. I guess you’re just a “connoisseur” kinda guy! 😉

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