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  1. Look at the first photo: Rob’s mouth is open as he talks, but in the mirror it is closed. Is there a time warp in the mirror?!?
  2. Better than insisting it’s a trouser affair…then conveniently forgetting his!
  3. Punch Punch and 2x Parti Shorts from our host. For over a year I’ve been late grabbing the Punch, but finally had my first success! Smell is incredible.
  4. Ahhh, they’re Cuba Selectos! Very special indeed, should fetch top dollar.
  5. I hate having to stand on my head to right-read the box 😉
  6. @Ken Gargett My local propane filling station has that very slogan! All very good, thank you for the laughs.
  7. One of those unicorns… Monte Especial 2 SOP NOV 21. Strong barnyard and chocolate aroma. Down for a nap they go.
  8. Wish I could, Idaho is just a wee bit too far for a weekend drive.
  9. 3 days ago I received two 10 ct boxes with the same code/date. Was wondering the same thing…
  10. Latest 24:24 10 count acquisitions. 1 x Monte 2 LGB NOV21 2 x PD4 OER NOV21
  11. @Ken Gargett I could have gone all year without reading this. 😂 Everything ok? First it’s the ofal gastronomy feast with your mates, and now this…🤣
  12. Rubber band and staple fights: straighten one of the staple’s legs, bend the other into a 45° And you had an arrow. Wrap the rubber band around the fingers to make a sling shot. Hook the staple around the rubber band, pull back and “zing!” Not too easy to dig out of the skin! No one lost an eye, but a few were pulled from cheeks and noses… 😂 Hooky-bob: in winter with good snow on the roads, wait concealed behind a bush or tree trunk waiting for a passing car, just as they drive past would run out and grab the rear bumper and slide on your feet in a squatted position. The goal was to see how far you could ride before the driver spotted you in the mirror and stopped suddenly. Those old metal bumpers would hurt when you slammed into it when the car stopped too quickly! A lot of fist shaking and swear words thrown by the driver. 🙄
  13. Too funny!!! Next time you go back in time, pick me up a cab of 1986 Davidoff Dom Perignon!
  14. Sorry to tell you @Drguano, but it can’t be a June 2022 since it’s only March 2022…🙄
  15. Happy Birthday Luca! That is a beautiful cake. Wonderful pictures!

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