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  1. I'll agree with the "different" but for different reasons. The Choix is the only ERDM I particularly like. -- Gary F.
  2. FWIW, I have several of these I got in a group buy/split and really like them. Had one of the Robusto Extra pigtails last night. Well, I had two... the first one was plugged solid (first one of the O's I've had that was plugged). Tossed it, lit up another and enjoyed every puff. Definitely something I'll keep on hand. -- Gary F.
  3. Even though I'm probably the only person here who is willing to actually admit that I like the Open (and get the obligatory beating around the ears) it's nowhere near the top of my list. The Trinidad is #1 for me by a hair, CoRo second. The PSD, RASS and Choix Supreme all form a second tier in that order and I like them quite a bit, but the gulf between the 1st tier and 2nd tier is huge. -- Gary F.
  4. I have a nice collection of straights and have been wet shaving with them exclusively for several years now. I used to hang out over at straightrazorplace but haven't been there in a while. I might show up and poke my nose in the door again. -- Gary F.
  5. You are incorrect. There is an across the board ban on the importation of cuban products (including cigars) which applies to all non citizens and citizens alike. As a non-citizen, you are not allowed to import cuban cigars into the US period. As a citizen, you are not allowed to purchase cuban cigars whether they were illegally imported or not (the only legal ones are pre-embargo) and in fact, it's also illegal for a US citizen to buy and smoke a cuban cigar while *outside* the US as well. The following link explains it pretty unambiguously.
  6. Many many many people disagree with you on your quality "educated guess". In fact, most cigar manufacturers freeze the cigars before they ever get to you (nearly all NC ones do and from what I understand nearly all CC ones do now too). I have gotten in the habit of freezing most of my stock as soon as I get it in. Especially if I get custom rolled stuff. It absolutely doesn't take a year for them to recover. -- Gary F.
  7. Got fascinated and mesmerized by my first glimpse of a computer when I was a teen (something like 30 years ago now, so that was when they carved transistors out of wood...). I dove into computers head first (like I do everything that I get interested in, it seems). I decided I wanted to be a software engineer. I took a detour through the navy, nuclear trained machinist mate working on fast attack submarines. Went to welding school, studied water chemistry, got out and supervised a quality control team for a plastics plant. Left there and went to coleman and drove a forklift for awhile. A
  8. Free for the forum owner. Not free for the tapatalk user (you can get a read only version of the client for free though). Of course, it's only "free" for the forum owner if their time is worthless -- Gary F.
  9. Yesterday it was 80 F. so I spent the day gardening and working outside. Today I'm going to church with my Aunt who's visiting from Hawaii, then putting ribs on the smoker as soon as I get home. Of course I'll need a cigar or two to keep me company while I keep an eye on the ribs... and probably a beer or three. -- Gary F.
  10. That's not universally true. Might be true on the Federal level (dunno) but I assure you it is NOT always true on the state and local level. My wife has worked most of her career in local government, is a very senior manager with a bachelor's in economics and a master's degree in public administration, supervises something like a hundred people and makes significantly less than what I do in the private sector (and I supervise *no one*). In addition, her pension is most DEFINITELY based upon contribution. -- Gary F.
  11. Man, I feel really bad for the Aussies, their government is every bit as f'ed up as ours. At least you guys still have a decent international reputation though. Many years ago when I was travelling to Europe a lot, I used to tell people I was Canadian so I wouldn't get an earful about how f'ed up us Americans are... -- Gary F.
  12. I was generally with you until you pulled out the whole "humidity doesn't matter" statement. Then you lost me. -- Gary F.
  13. I wouldn't necessarily agree with that statement at all. In fact, I'd venture a guess that you're inching your way out on an extremely narrow limb, have bowling balls in each pocket and a chainsaw humming in one hand. Data to back my statement up here: With approximately 75% (76% in 2008 in that link, generally 75% in all the other sources I could quickly google) of Americans identifying themselves as "Christian" I hardly think that "most Americans hate Christianity". I didn't even bother googling "westerners in general". -- Gary F.

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