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  1. All, heading to montego bay Jamaica, Cayman islands and Cozumel Mexico in September. Anywhere there to purchase a stick or 2 or should I bring my own.
  2. Thanks for the info. Seeing that I usually smoke one a day on the way to work 5 might be a good number to keep out.
  3. I have a question. I like having sticks ready to smoke with me from time to time and don't want to have to open the humi everyday to get one. I have a cylinder glass jar I guess its used to store dry foods but the seal is tight. What's your suggestion on storing 10-15 sticks in this hot summer weather in my truck? Do I need boveda packs or nothing at all? Thanks
  4. I'm interested..... my daughter is going away to College and I'll be broke but I will need a getaway....Thanks
  5. Happy Easter to everyone.....I'm at Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva Wisconsin
  6. PLMC's arrived today so yes it will be a very merry Christmas. Enjoy your Holiday Team!!!!
  7. Smoking a Monte #2 while surfing the web for a good humidor. I'm using the glass jars now. Funeral @ 12 for my cousin and musical for my daughter's choir this evening.......this Monte will not let me put it down.......
  8. Right! I just want to know what they're smoking after the funeral.........
  9. Hey that's my name.......Happy Birthday namesake....mine is Nov. 10th Have a great one!!!

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