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    Carson Wentz is back and motivated. All Pro Left Tackle Jason Peters is back and motivated. All Pro Return Specialist/Rb Darren Sproles is back for his final Season in the NFL and motivated. Starting MLB Jordan Hicks is back and motivated. Special Teams Captain Chris Maragos is back and motivated. Won the Super Bowl without these Gents on the Field. Looking forward to another great Year from the Birds!


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  2. Best Shop in Zurich is Samuel Menzi's LCDH on Bleicherweg 9. There are also Davidoff Shops throughout the City Center if you want your typical ready to smoke stuff. Airport Duty Free in Zurich is nothing special.

    Be sure to bring the Cigars you want to smoke to Zermatt as there are very few places to purchase a Cigar if you are not carrying. Cigar Bars etc...

    Will be in Zermatt myself spending Christmas, then over to St. Moritz for the New Year. Enjoy CH!

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  3. 22 minutes ago, PigFish said:

    I have some additional reviews on my YouBoob channel. I am trying to get to 100 subscribers so I can get the CigarClimatology name shortcut for my channel. If you happen to go there, please subscribe! Thanks... -Ray

    Done! Are you at 98 Subscribed? 

    Will watch that 1998 Dip 4 review when I light something up at Aperitivo time.

  4. 3 hours ago, PigFish said:

    This was just too damn juicy to pass up!


    More compelling data from the flat-earth movement. Want to save the planet, get rid of Fido in favor of a hamster!!! -LOL


    I am looking forward to see what Klimate Ken has to say about this? :ph34r:

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  5. 2 hours ago, PigFish said:

    So here we go amigos... Credit where due!


    Great review Ray! Keep them coming. Especially enjoyed the background track from A Trick of the Tail during the review. A brilliant Song/Album and apropos for a Party SdC #3! 

    Interesting that you picked up the same gamey, animal protien, nuances that the OP and I picked up on. I added the balsamic reduction nuance as that sweetness component that I believe you and the OP referenced in your review. It was not overt, but it was there a twinge on the back finish of a retrohale. Glad that you enjoyed the Cigar and it appears that all 3 different Vintages (03,05,06) reviewed, are smoking nicely.

    These vintage SdC 1,2 #3's, HdM du Prince, du Roi, du Dauphin, Punch SS#1, Ninfa's, to name a few, are some of the Classic Habanos that I truly enjoy and are so much different than today's current releases. It would be great for you to consider any number of your Classic's for future reviews!?


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  6. This thread motivated me to try a Stick from this Box that I purchased about a year ago in St. Moritz... POS May 2006


    1st third: great restrictive draw and feel in the hand. Minty dry draw before 1st light. Right into stride w a nice leather, spicy Partagas profile. I did pick up on the Foie Gras reference. I would describe it more as a Duck breast w a balsamic reduction. A sweet gamey flavor that mingled w the leather and spice.

    2nd third: stayed consistent w these flavors. A bit of a bite, tannic, on the finish which I liked as these Marcas are far from being spent. Burn was razor sharp w plenty of aromatic smoke filling the air.

    Final third: very pleasurable as I nursed the Cigar along. Leather, spice, pepper, and that gamey sweetness still prevails as I winded down. Love these #3's and this is another example of why this has been a favorite of Habanos lovers worldwide.

    Conclusion: 60 minutes of smoke time. If you have never had the pleasure of smoking one of these brilliant #3's, I encourage you to do so if you ever have the opportunity to secure a Box. The flavor intensity of these Vintage SdC #3's is pure joy to this Habanophile!

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