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    Interests include *writing *cigars of course!* automobiles* cute little doggies *UFC Championship bouts *hot dogs w/mustard *rare tender steaks *PIZZA! *Fresh flowing clean water for ALL *Snuggles***

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  1. cigcars

    Hello from Vienna!

    *The Hapsburgs are supposed to be direct descendants of the Roman Emperors, aren't they?
  2. cigcars

    California Fires

    *I live in Kentucky but I just wanted to say "thanks" for your concern and compassion
  3. cigcars

    RIP Stan Lee

    Rest In Peace, "Smilin" Stan Lee. You entertained me with The Hulk, Machine Man, Etc., Etc., Etc. ad infinitum when I was in my '20's and on up to the present day with those wonderful Marvel Comics thrill-a-minute special effects laden delights! Love you and will miss you, man!
  4. The only thing I can think as to why this Einstein put the peanut butter on his genitals and then apparently had them where his dog could get to them...was because he might have been trying to get the dog to do what he couldn't get a woman to do for him... * And it's not THAT hard to get someone willing to do that - either for the right price or because you're hot and she's kinky. My 2 cts.
  5. cigcars

    best movie trilogies

    *I would have had a gosh-darn hard time deciding if your list consisted of only the first and second films: The Godfather I and II - beyond excellent: Alien and Aliens - what a joy fest! Part 3 for those two - WHAT the HELL!!?? Francis Ford Coppola had rightly lamented his being goaded and no doubt WELL paid to do a part 3 to the Godfather - BLAAAHHHH, YUKKK. Alien 3 - again, WHAT the HELL!!?? WHAT kind of horsecrap was on those peoples' mind??? The Terminator and T2, Judgement Day were Tha BOMB! Tha BEST. But Terminator 3 fell short IMHO because James Cameron was not the director. Good action but the film didn't really HIT you the way Parts I and 2 did. My humble 2cts..
  6. *I'll still be at work - Thank GOD. So I'll be safely and comfortably avoiding the ankle biting, Tootsie-Roll begging little Freddy Krueger Frankenstein monsters - again - WHEW!
  7. *Before I saw them I was thinking, "What a waste for the cigars!"
  8. *My sister admonishes me because ALL I PURCHASE are T-shirts with humorous sayings and phrases on them! The one for this week is: "Out of My Mind: Back in 5 minutes." The others are "Uploading: Attempting to care; please wait", and "Got No Worries". Those are the ones I can at least wear to work. The others my boss said, "Uhm - unh unh."
  9. 1. Fonseca KDT's 2. Vegueros Mananitas
  10. Welllll - I have a Che Pyraminde courtesy of Mitchell Orchant's stock that's been aging since 2008. Also some very small Flor de Farruch 2in. belicoso's since 1999. I also have a Behike 56 from Mr. Orchant's company too. Hmm - which to choose, which to choose...
  11. cigcars

    New FOH Caps!!!

    *That wouldn't be bad. Everybody who sees my FOH cap thinks it's W.C. Fields' pic on it instead of Sir Winston's!
  12. *SpongeBob Squarepants with my little niece to the point of numbness on my part - I ended up liking very much Squidward...and wanting to commit murder with Patrick Star, and SpongeBob.

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