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    Interests include *writing *cigars of course!* automobiles* cute little doggies *UFC Championship bouts *hot dogs w/mustard *rare tender steaks *PIZZA! *Fresh flowing clean water for ALL *Snuggles***

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  1. cigcars

    Graycliff Cigars

    *For me the Crystal Pirate Graycliff is alright. I also sampled their Espresso (little short robusto) size. Despite Avalina Lara's input, the cigars IMHO are basically, "Meh"
  2. *Funny you mention Brian Blessed: not only is that a name of an actor seldom mentioned, I remember being very fond of his character the leader of the Hawkmen, Voltan (I think that was his name) in Flash Gordon! That perpetual grinning smile and hearty laugh!
  3. I would put my Morgan Freeman question pic on this about being really "unsmart" - but at least the guy came clean and was honest about his mistake.
  4. cigcars

    Select Draw Cigar Cutters

    *This gadget makes the Shuriken cutter look good!
  5. *I would have thought the prime Havana cigar consumption/purchase countries would be (in this order): 1. Spain 2. Switzerland 3. Germany 4. China - and THEN France or some such. Oh yeah, and then WE in the States would fall somewhere wavering in-between one or more of those countries...but there are no real statistics - are there?
  6. cigcars

    Shaq's House for Sale

    22 Million - ? Is that ALL?! Why I can buy that tomorrow!
  7. U-U-R-G-H-H!!! And thanks GREATLY for that advice!!! It's the little things of modern convenience we take for granted over here that would SCREW UP OUR MINDS to find missing anywhere else!!!
  8. Wow, you guys really are confirming what the late comic Richard Jeni had said about travelling abroad: "You can't get diarrhea like that anywhere else! I mean that is a germ wearing a sombrero and firing two six guns riding up your colon going: "BWOH! BWOH! BWOH-BWOH, BWOWBWOWBWOH!!! ANDELE`! ANDELE!!! VAMANOS! VAMANOS!! EVERYBODY OUT - EVERYBODY O-U-U-U-U-T!!!!!!
  9. cigcars

    email of the week

    *Yeah; make them Gurkhas...
  10. *** Be careful where you wear that, son
  11. cigcars

    disciplining children

    LOVE IT! LOOOOOVE IT!!! Listen, new modern parents: we're not talking about kicking your child down the steps: blacking both their eyes, or putting your cigarette out in their hand...** Just a plain ole' fashion "whop! whomp! whop!" on the butt! EVERYBODY my, Ken's, El Presidente's, and many other members here over the age of 55 can attest - WE GOT OUR BUTTS BEAT. And we didn't turn out to be menaces to society. We're law abiding, respectful of other persons, decent citizens. I CAN attest to the fact that we police officers end up with young folks in our custody all the time who's parents go: "I just don't understand...he was NEVER spanked!" And that's society's problem. We've seen it too much. While on patrol I had to look at near toddlers, almost, ruling their parents. And I would have to intervene to keep a public calamity from happening...I'D grab that kid and ORDER him to knock off the dumb stuff. And they would. Each and every time (and it's happened too many times to count) their parents would come up close to me, and timidly whisper, "Thank you!" I'd always go on thinking to myself, "Can't you control your kid? Can't you control your own kid!???" That's today's parents: "TIME OUT!" Seriously??? Yeah, here's YOUR sign!
  12. ** That in the following year (2019) I'll be of retirement age

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