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  1. *I've never seen a regional Cohiba before! It sure looks legit despite the plume and the maduro top and shade grown bottom!
  2. *It's NOT as ugly as the bald headed big-eared dude behind the grinning faces in the feet monstrosity. I wouldn't give that one to my worst enemy. At least THIS one is reasonably "normal".
  3. *Love the appearance of such but I haven't had the best experience with La Escepcion Habanas lately...
  4. *I understand they've got plenty in some Dominican Republic and Jamaican shop stands. Even plexiglass offers of 5 or 6 pyramides of Montes and Romeos, etc.
  5. *That's gonna little toddler niece who got into EVERYTHING, before I knew it, had gotten into my humidor and pulled out my very last remaining Fonseca Invictos perfecto. I discovered her crumbling it up in her tiny little inquisitive hands. And there I was
  6. **They look like EL Producto's on a rough day...
  7. *As it's not all caps, no...only emphasizing where needed
  8. *Just to let you know - as soon as the slaves were supposedly "freed" (and the Juneteenth Holiday is for the slaves that were deliberately informed 2 years later that they'd been freed) the Slave Owners were IMMEDIATELY PAID REPARATIONS then and there for their loss of free revenue. Even in Haiti, when they'd freed themselves from French rule only to have the Americans march into their country in 1820 and dissolve their parliament at gunpoint - they were made to pay reparations to France right then and there for the loss of revenue. Why does it always have to be a point of contention to PAY TH
  9. *I've purchased the Cuban Crafters guillotine cutter in gold tone; along with my collection of Zino self sharpening guillotine, and a XIKAR V-cutter too. No complaints about any of them along with my Mean Sardine guillotine!
  10. *I liked having my brother-in-law around to smoke my stogies with, however his wife (my sister) advised me NUMEROUS times that I might as well not waste my time and resources providing him with my priceless, precious CC's because for all he cares they might as well El Producto's, King Edwards, etc. Now that he's gone I'm back to smoking my cigars with my own company and a good movie, good reading material, etc.
  11. *For the longest I refused to watch "Remo Williams, the Adventure Begins" because I resented seeing this White guy, Joel Grey play the part of the Korean trainer when they could have gotten a real Oriental. Then, many years later when I got older I gave it a chance. What a fantastic job he did! I didn't even know that he received, I believe, an Oscar for his portrayal in that role. And it doesn't bother me a tad to see a mammoth great actor like Lawrence Olivier` play Othello. He played it true to the role of the Moorish prince by really darkening his skin true to form instead of just a bit of

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