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  1. cigcars

    Davidoff advice needed

    Another one out of his factory that you may want to try is the Zino - Platinum. They are HIGHLY expensive, around $33 per cigar, but you definitely can't go wrong IMHO with this series too
  2. cigcars

    None Cubans

    ** THOSE!!?? With the exception of the NC Habanos copycat brand of Fonsecas - Y-Y-Y-U-U-U-C-K-K!!!
  3. cigcars

    None Cubans

    *And I've found that one does not have to spend a goo - gobble amount of money to get a good and enjoyable smoke: Mike's Cigar's Cuban Sandwich, Odyssey Bundles, and Quorum are VERY good smokes. Also (when you can find them) for Cigar International, Hendrik Kelner's bundles Original Cubans, only around $44 or so, are fantabulous! I like to pay attention to what countries the tobaccos making up Non-Cuban smokes are from: I LOVE Brazilian, Cameroon, Peruvian, and Ecuadorian tobaccos, as well as our good old standard Nicaraguan and Dominican bodied smokes.
  4. cigcars


    *Y'know, JYO, it sounds pretty obvious that these "agents" were planning to treat themselves to wonderful smokes at your expense. I just know that on our police force (okay, we may not be customs and inspections agents), but still if people wanted our name, etc. we would dutifully give them our name, make sure they had the right spelling of it, our badge no., Hell - even give them the phone number to complaints if they liked, whenever we might have to correct some jackass from doing something that sort of falls in the middle of actually breaking a law or reg, and our having to keep our cool with their becoming a straight out ass-wipe. But putting our hand over our badge like Ken's 14 yr. old play agent, or smugly smiling that "we'll seize the whole thing if you don't like it..." etc. - Nah. So now, you're stuck with having to envision these Miami agents leisurely enjoying YOUR stash. Personally, I find that looking to enjoy ill-gotten gain like that will have Karmic reprisals eventually; those cigars will turn to the taste of lead in their mouth; their own favorite car or motorcycle will get "borrowed" and never returned, so that they can't report it stolen because you willingly gave away your car keys; just wait. Something unpleasant and undesirable will befall them. When human beings fail to enforce the laws fairly, and victimize folks unfairly, that will be when "Other Forces" will take up the cause and go to work on the behalf of those wronged. Yeah, I know we're just talking about "Cigars", but what I've read here in your case, JYO is just plane smugly carried out "theft". Why else wouldn't they let you watch them destroy the smokes like they're supposed to and did do in yesteryear?
  5. cigcars

    Things you never knew....

    *I'm sure people are looking at this and sighing, "AAAAHHHHH, the good ole' days..."
  6. cigcars

    Simon Chase...

    Wow, I'm so sorry to learn of this...I always looked forward to his words and coverage of treasured Havana smokes of yesteryear and aged specialties. He will be sorely missed, and thank you for notifying us of this news. Real sorrow to our hearts as Havanaphiles always hanging onto the latest words from Mr. Chase in his coverage of our beloved tobacco treasures...Rest well, Simon. You are missed and you are loved.
  7. *The Fonsecas KDT and Cosacos were the most unsatisfying Cuban cigars I'd ever endured. Bland, Dead, No Flavor, No Aroma, better empty air sucked in the mouth than those. The only Fonsecas I've found to have anything going for them were the No.1's and the now discontinued Invictos - MAN! WHY do they discontinue GOOD Havana smokes!??
  8. *Thank you, Cpacibo bolshoi much, nKostyan! (Sorry for my bad Pa-Ruski!)
  9. CONGRATS to your nephew for surviving Marine Corps bootcamp! I was originally looking at joining the Marines myself, but I let an Army E-7 talk me out of it and I joined the Army instead! However, our Drill Sergeant happened to be an ex-Marine (and rough as a bear!) He was so hard and rough on everybody that two people went AWOL that first night! So I guess I got the best of both worlds you might say! May he be safe and enjoy his tour of duty. Sempre Fi as they say!
  10. cigcars

    Anyone else HATE moving?

    One undeniable, immutable fact I've learned through the experience of moving which I'll carry with me to my dying day - every paperclip takes tons and tons of space while packing... Of course this is due to poor planning and totally under estimating how much to let the movers take with them while you have a couple of days before needing to spit; and you're thinking, "I'll just keep this and that to pack in the car and take with me..." And BOY, I'll NEVER do THAT again!!!!!!!!!
  11. The primary real problem with snows and weather like that is the loss of electricity. I presume people there have emergency generators on hand?

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