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  1. *Yes - row of two square dots above band instead of three: No triple caps to speak of... FAKES *FAKES *FAKES
  2. **The Arnold Predator or the newer one with Adrien Brody?
  3. *In my years of being a SOTL aficionado I would say I've had three (3) cigars that would have rated a 100 with me: 1987 a Peter Stokkyebe Santa Maria lancero (and I am NOT a long and skinny lover!) But I will remember that cigar for the rest of my life for its near sugary sweet taste and mild, mild aroma. I haven't been able to find anymore since: My first authentic Cuban Montecristo No.2 - OOO LA LA I was blown away by that smoke. I'll always remember that one: And finally a Padron 45th Family Anniversary. Very long lasting, very well satisfying. Thick, rich, aesthetically pleasing to hold,
  4. *The Fighting Cock cigars from the Philipines, the original formula, is a pretty good smoke. Some folks have compared this cigar to a weak Bolivar. The Double Happiness (which I'm sure is discontinued now) was more a novelty piece than a serious cigar, although I'm sure it had its defenders. I've not had any Don Urquijo Philipine cigars but am willing to give them a try some time.
  5. *I can't say I've had a Cuaba I didn't like
  6. *Maybe they were stored next to some foul atmosphered storage area???
  7. *Well, just to add my 2 cents: the Ashton ESG is in my view a wonderful smoke. VERY flavorful, smooth and full. And for the Padron - I've got only the highest praise for the 45th Family Anniversary sticks as opposed to the more ordinary 1000 series, etc. Both extremely expensive smokes, but they well earn their place among beloved flavorful aromatic aficionado sticks!
  8. *Everytime I wear my FOH baseball cap people think it's W.C. Fields' image on it, and I have to tell them, no it's Winston Churchill.
  9. *My brother-in-law just recently passed away due to complications with diabetes and he was always somebody who'd smoke ANYTHING I gave him. But basically I just hold on to them until an opportunity to share some "cigars" (ha-ha) with somebody who happens along that's not as educated about them as we are.
  10. *I'm afraid I would automatically assume that this was a bogus site: how are YOU gonna have an impossible to get, rare smoke that the other legitimate proven vendors don't have...? I would doubt their authenticity and figure they are La Unicas or some such with a fake Cuban band on them....
  11. *I've had nothing but pleasurable smoking experience with the machine-made, short filler mixed cigars in the past, i.e. Troya, Belinda, etc. when they could be found. I've also been gifted some native Cuban "peso" smokes (machine made as far as I know?) and didn't have any bad experience with those either.
  12. *Well I'm caught by surprise...I had thought that Raul Castro died some years ago. I didn't know he was still in the picture. And that whoever had taken his place was somebody the U.S. STILL didn't like which was why the Embargo was still on...
  13. *He's bold and always on point as BigGuns pointed out: he's even taken on The Lord, Himself when it comes to Judgement Day. MAN! Talk about NERVES, man! He said he thinks about Judgement Day and God taking out the DVD about his life, popping it in and saying to him, "Well I don't know about this stuff right here!" (folding His arms and looking at him)..."Wanna explain yourself!?" And Bill's response is something to the effect of, "Well YOU created tits and ass and beer...what did you expect?? This is YOUR F&CK UP!" And of course, we out here are cowering down and going, "OOOHHH.....! "

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