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  1. *Almost any of Ennio Morricone's Western Show tunes, particularly "The Good The Bad and the Ugly", and almost all of Enya's music, "Sail Away" and "Carribean Blue". Those songs move my heart and soul until they blend into each other
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. He had attention getting posts! Well...may you rest in peace, Derrick. Enjoy your Dunhills and Cuban Davidoffs up there with Zino, Simon, George (Burns) Milton (Berle) and many, many MANY others, and think of us fondly who are still on earth and thinking just as fondly of you
  3. *For me it's Cuaba - any Cuaba. I have never had any Cuaba that left me disappointed. Thus, I'm always amused a little to see so many negative comments about it
  4. * 1. Robusto: Ramon Allones Specially Selected 2. Petite Corona: Por Larranaga PC 3. Pyramide: Montecristo No. 2
  5. *My Grandmother took me to the show when I was still small to see Vincent Price in House on Haunted Hill! OH, what fun! I've loooved Vincent Price ever since!
  6. *A Juan Lopez Seleccion 1, aging from being gotten from the Czar sometime, I think, in 2017? It was EXQUISITE!!!
  7. *ALL I want to know is - WHERE DID YOU GET A Lonsdale or Corona/Toro size EL REY DEL MUNDO!!!?
  8. **Would I get to sample some of them every now and then through the years to make sure they're aging properly?
  9. AAHHH, the memories of the '80's and '90's. I'd say the '80's probably has more haunting, heartfelt nostalgia for me. I was still in the military, stationed at Fort Dix, NJ, still in my '20's, energy* energy* tireless energy! Driving to Atlantic City at 10pm, even 11pm on a work night; gambling and playing the one-armed bandits, listening to the latest hits on the radio, then driving back to the post, and reporting to formation at 4:30am. Then run P.T., deal with training, answer up to majors and Top Sergeants, have boundless "get-up-and-go", and after our day was reasonably over at about 2000hrs. (8pm) do it all again: And NO, wasn't on no illegal "stimulants" either! Just booze and smokes!
  10. *I had ordered from a supposed "valid" vendor some years ago one of those 5 variety pack pyramides in their own small wooden, cedar container. Because the cedar aroma was SOOOO strong I left them alone for about 8 months. In smoking one, then the other, the only thing I could taste and smell was cedar...practically no tobacco taste or aroma. I then ascertained that possibly I had blank fakes or something: I'd never known cedar to overwhelm tobacco that much, and especially for aging of any time to have NO effect.
  11. For me it's the R y J Milles Fleurs and any regular production Quintero

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