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  1. Yeah, Mus you did good not to indulge him in his bid to get a "good" job with your company too. I know I've been approached by individuals who supposedly do us a "favor" (supposedly out of the goodness of his heart) that would actually save us a lot of cost...only for that guy to sidle up to me later wanting some kind of monetary compensation for himself on the side for doing this favor. And I mean I was caught on the spot: go ahead and compensate him, only to hate myself later for being so shafted and to save face (I had a companion on the side with me) or to say no and have him rescind his offer - again causing me to possibly lose face in front of this guy I was with. So - thinking quickly (James Bond tune LOL) I decided to put HIM on the spot and I said rather loudly, "What - ARE THEY ON TO OR ARE THEY AFTER YOU??" of which he quickly waved me down in a "Shhhh!!" gesture, and then disappeared, not to be seen anymore that evening. And I mean I had to resort to something to get rid of him because he kept following and seeking us out no matter how much I tried to tactfully lose him (I guess I didn't want to believe he was doing something this crass, as I'd thought highly of him previously). A short time afterward this same individual approached me wanting ME to get him on to MY job as a favor to him. I thought, "How nervy!" I decided to share with my co-worker the story of this individual - the whole thing from the first incident with him, etc., and how now he wants a job with us. And of course my co-worker just lowered and shook his head saying, "No-no-no-no-no-no PLEEEASE don't bring that guy onboard with us!!" You know the old saying: Paying attention to the tip of the iceberg...
  2. *May I ask you what you paid for it? It looks like a superb specimen! Years and years back I got the "brilliant" idea of calling Daniel Marshall company myself and asking if they might have a "scratch n' dent" sale offer because I wanted one of theirs SOOOO BAD!! The very nice man said yes and I was able to buy a 150ct. humidor of theirs that would normally be around $1,200+ for only $450! My best friend who was staying with me for awhile overheard that and yelled from the other room, "THAT WOULD'VE FED A FAMILY FOR A MONTH!!!" But she, of course, wasn't aware of the wonderful deal and savings I'd experienced. Not only could I NOT FIND A THING on it in the way of any "scratch or dent" they also included for free 25 churchill sized Daniel Marshall cigars in the humidor too! WHEEEE!!!
  3. *I've heard that it's easier for a person addicted to cocaine to give that up than it is for cigarette smokers to quit that habit
  4. *It wouldn't shock me not one tiny bit if Duarte wasn't a direct beneficiary of these under handed goings on in his country
  5. *All I can say about your unfortunate situation, Ritch, is that I'm SOOOOO glad that you at least got to give him a parting shot up the backside with your boot/foot/whatever. Too many times people who resort to that kind of thing are so used to people being too shocked to move, retaliate, or do anything...and you know, taking patience/kindness for weakness. I'm retired from the MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) transportation lines and I'm sure you'd be aware of some doozies of some customer service "situations" there. One of our bus drivers had this regular passenger every day who insulted him, gave him problems, etc. Then one day on his way off the bus...this passenger SPAT on the driver! That driver pulled out a knife and CHASED him until he caught up with him and cut him. Of course we law enforcement got called and the driver faced charges...but I'm sure I don't have to tell you HOW much we privately sided with the bus driver...some people can deal with shit better than they can with being spit on! I wasn't one of the officers handling the case, but to my knowledge...I don't think that passenger gave this bus driver any more "sass" after that!!
  6. *Of course! My go to cigar when I first became an aficionado was Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibre, maduro. Years later when I was finally Blessed by The Lord to be able to stock up on Havanas, I tried sampling my good old standby from years back and was heavily and mightily reviled: I went, "AAARRRGGGGHHH!!! This tastes like DIRT!" My co-worker at my old job in Atlanta is a cigar lover, and had been way before he met me. I'd provided him with a plenteous store of Havanas to enjoy when I was able to acquire them. He then told me some time afterwards that, "Y'know it's kinda hard to go back to my old cigars I'd been smoking now that I'm used to these!" Same response from others I'd blessed with them. They all agreed that the only set back about our beloved Cubans was that after a point the ones we'd been smoking previously just didn't "do it" for us anymore. Oh well - no real let down for me! Plus some of today's NC's are actually making a pretty good showing for themselves i.e. Andalusian Bull, Oliva V Melanio series, Padron 46th Anniversario, Warped, etc.
  7. *Mine are special occasions when a particular movie or mixed martial arts sports event comes on. And I gravitate between premium NC's and CC's for the events.
  8. *I'm sure you all know me by now enough to be familiar with my deep love of dogs, period. I will say this, however: puppy or no - and it wasn't a small puppy- this was a pit bull. They're temperament is to NEVER let go from a matter how much you beat, tase or kick them. To release a bite is anathema to them. I saw in a news snippet once about a pit bull that, by itself, KILLED A MOUNTAIN LION that had attacked two small girls belonging to his owner. A full grown cougar...killed it. That's a mighty tough dog! My own crazy-ass Jack Russell is a hard headed, insane enough joker to where before we finally adopted and put him in our yard had been pepper sprayed almost a dozen times by the mail man. He's one of these little jokers who likes to chase and bark at people's heels - and they never know if he's going to bite or not. I don't think he'd actually ever bitten anyone, but people don't know that. He'd do that to the mail man and of course for his protection he would pepper spray him. You'd think he'd know not to get that done to himself again...but no - right the next day mailman would come and Capt. Crazy would go "BOWOWOWOWOW!" at his heels and get sprayed again. He can't learn. I mean I'm really sorrowed at reading all the violence done to this dog under these circumstances. But at least it's going to live, right? I'm a dog lover to no end and have been all my childhood to adult life. But I do draw the line at having anything to do with dangerous dogs that can be unsafe even for their owners at times.
  9. * Well, just a note of advice then, if you can't stand that color of orange: DON'T* EVER* READ* STEPHEN KING'S* short story of "Room 1408. Like 99.9% of his stories, the book is always more thrilling and on-target than the films. While the film with John Cusack was reasonably well-made...the story in King's book will F&%K YOU UP. And that room of 1408 was that color orange. The main character had trouble looking at that color orange from then on too, just like you.

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