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    Interests include *writing *cigars of course!* automobiles* cute little doggies *UFC Championship bouts *hot dogs w/mustard *rare tender steaks *PIZZA! *Fresh flowing clean water for ALL *Snuggles***

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  1. *My brother's 2004 Ford Escape is at 300,000+ miles and still truckin'
  2. *I also thought you were talking about, "Lordy, Lordy, Look who's 40!" And - yes! What make and model
  3. *I could handle a pet rat....only if that rat was Splinter, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' mentor *
  4. Who is this wonderful hero of a man!? I'm re-mortgaging my house to make him co-owner!
  5. *D'ya think Mitchell Orchant will be there!?
  6. 1. Richard Pryor 2. Lewis Black 3. D.L. Hughley
  7. With there being soooo many persons being "sue crazy" if they have a good number of these out, there'd likely be so many lawsuits (I think) unjustly filed by those who fall off of them and hurt themselves due to their own bad balancing - would it really behoove the creators/inventors of it? They'd probably have to have bonafide disclaimers attached with them absolving themselves of any liability if "Bonehead Rider Jones" falls off it from too high a height and kills himself. Otherwise - if I was a few DECADES younger - I'D LOOOOOVE TO HAVE ONE!!!!!
  8. cigcars

    Repurposing old tubes

    *The empty tubes are great for storing dimes inside of
  9. *Punch Black Prince * El Rey Del Mundo Gran Corona and Lonsdale * Ramon Allones 898 Lonsdale * And though I don't think they're discontinued, I'd love to have readier access to Los Statos Deluxe for just cherished memories' sake
  10. cigcars

    Louisville KY

    Hey! Welcome to my home and city state! You can visit Kremer's Smoke Shop on 1839 Brownsboro Road: J. Shepherd's on 1429 Bardstown Road: And if he's still there, Triple Crown cigar shop at 315 W. Woodlawn Ave. Have fun while you're here! They got a great variety of NC's in their shops, and very comfortable lounge chairs for get-together smoking.
  11. *Soooo glad to see you all's comments about this attempted "transaction" here in the States - where it's not supposed to be allowed according to the U.S. Treasury and "Trading With The Enemy(s) Act." You and I wouldn't even be able to verbalize this action, let alone get involved in "selling Cuban products" either at home or even abroad. Not to mention the fact that those smokes have been kept in God knows WHAT kind of conditions...
  12. *I thought that once the Castro's were no longer alive or running things all the hostilities from the west was supposed to suddenly dissolve away. And now Western companies are still in Cuba's stuff about what was done by their original "Bad Boy" 60 years ago - as if he were still around?

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