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  1. *Light East Indian Incense and have a Smoker's Candle burning at the same time and see if that helps. East Indian incense (Hem, Celestial Seasons, Nature Nature Frankencence, etc.) is usually strong enough to mask most smells...
  2. *Don't do "butter": Don't do "pepper": Don't like "Vegetal" - E-E-U-U-W-W. And am finding I'm gravitating more and more away from Honduran puro cigars - too dirty and earthy tasting for me.
  3. *BOY, WHAT A TOPIC!! You talk about somebody terrified of the dentist. Because every time I would visit they'd all say, "You need a root canal: You need a root canal - Root Canal; Root Canal: Root Canal!" And I had kept declaring again and again: I would rather go skinny dipping in the Bermuda Triangle than get a root canal: I would rather betray Michael Corleone than get a root canal: I would rather book a two week stay in Room 1408 than get a root canal: I would rather pour Worchestershire sauce all over myself and then go on a date with Hannibal Lechter than get a root canal... And the
  4. *As always I will be watching the Puppy Bowl !!
  5. *We never got Elvira in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm sure she was a gas! We get nowadays, "Svengoolie" showing yesteryear's horror and monster movies. He's a very entertaining dude, too!
  6. *AT LAST!! Somebody who's mentioned that movie, Mano the Hands of Fate: Man, I tried TWICE to sit through that movie with the MISTY 3K's...I just couldn't do it. Torgo with his, "My M-a-a-s-t-e-r..." was so exasperatingly annoying I was ready to kill myself!
  7. *If you want truly bad movies then you need to become a member of the MST3K's (Mystery Science Theatre 3000 ). With their opening them song: "We'll send him cheesy movies - the worst we can find" - they MEAN it. Some of those movies are SO bad - and I mean I'll be enjoying their dialog to death; but some of those movies are SOOOO bad until I just can't sit through them any more. They've got movies that make "Plan 9 From Outer Space" look like "Citizen Kane". They've got movies that make "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians" look like "Gone With The Wind."
  8. *I thought after the Castro's were gone the U.S. was supposed to be open to "talks" or possible friendliness toward Cuba. What happened? Is the leader of Cuba still somebody who our government "doesn't like"?
  9. "GRAYLADY" for the name. Plus there's an old saying: Dogs have masters; Cats have staff.
  10. * I remember that urban legend from all the way back in the '90's and how the lawyer was supposedly sentenced to one year for each charge - thus 24 years in the "clink". Also I had to look again...I thought at first that was a local politician speaking but it was instead my favorite gospel radio preacher Chuck Swindoll ! Thanks for the posting of this very entertaining video!

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