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  1. *El Rey Del Mundo Tainos from the early 1990's. And I didn't sell them off, I gave them off. But in reminiscience they were so good I WISH I'd kept the bulk of them!!
  2. *I wonder how many of us have to sell a kidney and band the profits together to be able to purchase this...
  3. *Well okay, you may have me. Chrysler just does such a job copying the style and design of the Rolls and Bentley until I thought I was looking at their 300.
  4. *Bond WOULD NOT be driving a Chrysler. No - not at all. I don't even like the guy. But that's SACRILEGE for a super spy to be inside of. None of the Chrysler executives were driving Chryslers during their heyday under Lee Iacoca. They were all driving Toyotas...because they knew they HAD to get to work...*
  5. *The fowl creatures Rats of the tobacco world...
  6. *Saint Luis Rey *Bolivar *Ramon Allones *Por Larranaga *Cuaba
  7. *The greatest on-screen speech I believe in the history of cinema...
  8. *Being on Facebook to see what kinds of shenanigans everybody's posting...*
  9. *I'm not a great big Steven Segal fan, but his one big movie, "Under Siege" has a dialog in it that I can watch it for over and over again because so many of us in emergency services have experienced it: and that's when he tells Tommy Lee Jones, the terrorist "We're all puppets in the same sick play. We both serve the same master: and he's a lunatic and he's ungrateful..." I can listen to that again and again and again because of how much we've experienced it.
  10. WOW, man - just WOOOOWWW!!! And Cool - just SUPER C-O-O-O-O-L!!!
  11. *Since my bid(s) on Bond Roberts is likely to wipe out my Grand even on one bid...I'd search out and buy singles of Ramon Allones Phoenician Regionals, Edmond Dantes Mexican Regionals, then a few boxes of good ole' standbys to be on hand for daily smokes like Jose L. Pietras, Quintero Brevas, if I can find them Los Statos Deluxes - mainly for heartfelt fond memories sake (they were the first Cuban brand I was able to find and buy on my own), and Belindas. The rest of the premiums I can find and acquire without a lottery win.

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