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  1. *When I watch this scene (and I know me...) the way that I approached it is feeling like Michael should have pointed out to Fredo, when he said I'm smart and I want respect! Michael should have told him: "Fredo - you couldn't even remember the lie you told that you'd never met Johnny Ola. Then you're talking about how Johnny Ola told me about this place...Fredo - you can't make mistakes like this with the people we're dealing with. If the Family was in your control we would cease to be in less than a week..." or something to that effect. You know - in order to try to reason with a really stupid person before the inevitable resort. Also the highly satisfactory scene of Vito Corleone killing Don Fanucci and the sudden simultaneous street celebration going on right afterward, and Vito became the new but beloved Godfather of the neighborhood!
  2. *I feel too that this will be very tasty once tried.
  3. *I would suggest too the Ashton ESG - VERY nice smoke; the Casdaglia Daughters of the Dust - frighteningly close to a Habana smoke: also (believe it or not) the regular Honduran Punch RARE COROJO - also frighteningly close to a Cuban smoke; and Zino Platinums, which if you don't mind donating a kidney can be a very pleasant experience. I would recommend getting these out of Mike's Cigar Company catalog sampler specials. They sometimes add this smoke to their sampler section for a very reasonable bargain price.
  4. *Despite this maybe getting me on the sh#t list of most folks, I love Fidel's been ascertained that he was more a Jesuit than a Communist (which he declared himself only to get the protection of the Soviet Union because the United States was constantly trying to kill him) for political reasons, I admire the man greatly. But the ONLY way I'd pay that much for a Cuban cigar box with his signature would be if the cigars were still in the box.
  5. *For me the leaf that I have consistently enjoyed outside of Cuba has been Brazilian; sweet, cool and a good tough blending leaf. Always delivers flavor to whatever cigar make-up it's added to. The close second I've always enjoyed is Connecticut Broadleaf. GOD, how I miss Muniemaker cigars which you just can't find anymore! *As far as "weird" tobacco I'll have to go along with Kentucky fire cured leaf used in Toscano Italian cigars. I've never enjoyed them but I smoke them once in a blue moon because I'm a Kentucky native and out of respect for that leaf. But enjoyment -? "BLAHHH"!
  6. *Well I for one am very saddened that this happened...and people keep talking about how it should have been Dave Chappell that he slapped. He's much more "street savvy" and so on. Also I'm grateful for the pictures showing the shocked reaction on the various attendee's faces...even Mel Gibson looked shocked. I still love Mel Gibson! And Chris Rock had said numerous times (despite being encouraged to do so by Academy officials) that he does NOT want to press charges against Will. Also did everybody hear about the sudden spike in sales and cost of the concert tickets to go see Chris Rock in concert!? So some consequences of such actions can be advantageous as well as tragic.
  7. *Well as I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you, my FOH Forum members - you can probably safely bet your entire year's salary...for the next 10 years...that if you go to the homes of these very same cigar store proprietors, sellers and all who chide, deride, and run down Cuban cigars - and take their key to their very private stash cabinets and stufff - that you'll find a boo-coo storage of Cuban cigars on hand in their private, hidden cabinets. Yes, the other premium cigar makers out there, i.e. Padron 45th Family Anniversary, Arturo Fuente Hemingway and Don Carlos cigars, etc. do have a very good showing in their own right - still, there is just nothing like a Cuban cigar! Colombia has the best coffee; Japan has the best beef for consumption; India makes the best incense; Arabia has the best horses, etc., etc.,- Cuba has the best cigars on earth. There is just nothing like a Cuban cigar!
  8. *During the days of my drinking, experimental years - I could drink almost ANYTHING. But I could never drink Gin. I ALWAYS got a headache out of this world! Only Wild Turkey and 100 Proof Vodka would do to me what Gin did.
  9. *I thought he was talking about the car pictured above...
  10. *Well I believe in giving anybody an "E" for effort. Poor Ed did what he meant for best - (??) Even so...I would give this film a "2" out of "10" rating. As you've heard me observe previously...the good fun guys of Mystery Science Theater 3000 who exhaustively seek out "the worst movies we can find" in order to rib them during their show have shown movies that make "Plan 9 From Outer Space" look like "Citizen Kane"... really. I can sit through Plan 9 all the way through and find it tolerable. The MST3K's films they show are SOOO BAD that even though I'll be enjoying the ribbing audience's dialog to death - still those movies, some of them, are SO bad that I just can't sit through them all the way through. All my best to Bela - may he Rest In Peace; Tor Johnson; Vampira and others. You did what you could, and Ed Wood, who really only wanted to help Bela!
  11. *Just like the scene in Shawshank Redemption where prison guard Byron Hadlin creams Boggs' corn with his baton! Gratifying; Gratifying: GRATIFYING!!
  12. *Well this describes my exact sentiments about, "The Color Purple." As my mom pointed out: if any other self-respecting group had've been the subject matter, i.e. Chinese, Scottish, Hispanics, etc. that movie would have been called "sordid." Sitting through it for me was like sitting through a car accident in slow-motion...true torture. EVERY man in that was raping his own daughter. Describing an ENTIRE PEOPLE as doing that was senseless and pathetic, even if such may happen here and there. But that's with ALL groups across the board...and again only here and there. So while an entertaining vehicle (The Godfather) I can respect where the author of this article is coming from.
  13. *What do you call a fake Irish diamond? A Shamrock *Why did St. Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland? Because it was too far to walk
  14. *The Godfather is a 10 out of 10 movie all the way. A rare insight look at Power, regardless of who has it. What I found as the most significant and insightful dialog in this was the scene when Michael is walking with Kaye and tells her, "My father is no different from a senator or congressman." And she comes back with, "Do you know how naive you sound, Michael? Senators and congressmen don't have people killed!" And then Michael says, "Who's being naive, Kaye?" I found that to be the most truthful and on-target statement in movies, period! OF COURSE senators and congressmen resort to that, no doubt - they're just probably better at hiding their hands about it. Every now and then a movie will come along where the pro and antagonists will make a statement that you're suppose to contest - but where they make perfect sense! I.E. - the conclusion of Gregory Peck's Moby Dick where the tough crew is ready to call it quits, saying, "Alright no more of this, no more of this!" And Mr. Starbuck goes, "After him! In after him!" And they say, "After that devil!?" And Starbuck says, "Moby Dick's no devil he's a whale! A monstrous big whale, aye - and we're whaling men no less. We do not turn from whales, we kill 'em! WE'LL KILL MOBY DICK! PULL!" Now Mr. Starbuck had been trying all movie long to get Cpt. Ahab to abandon his search of the white whale - even to the point of talking to the crew about mutinying. And for all get-out it looked like he'd caught Ahab's fever! But what he said made total sense - "We're whaling men, we do not turn from whales!" So how could one argue with it!? But it sure looked like Starbuck had gone insane too! And then there's the "Children of the Damned," with those alien kids with the creepy eyes. And of course before long the village pitchfork and torch carrying mob assembles to get them, led by the ring leader when they meet in the pub. "We've gotta put a stop to those kids and put a stop NOW!!" Of course one of the village women goes, "But they're CHILDREN!" And the mob ring leader goes, "Have you ever seen them run: have you ever seen them play - HAVE YOU EVER HEARD THEM LAUGH!? No - but we have seen them kill!" Once again it was a case where you have to go, "Hmmm - y'know he IS right! That's what children do - they run, they play, and they sure laugh! All these kids do is stare at you with those creepy eyes - EEEENNNN!!" So how and who can you argue that point!
  15. *That humidor must be for storing mini's
  16. "Esplendidos"??? They look more like Lanceros just without the pigtail. ""! I like that!
  17. *I don't recall any CC giving me a nicotine buzz. Only a pleasant and satisfying smoking experience. But I can point to a few NC's that have definitely given me a nicotine buzz. Mostly the bundled Nicaraguans/Honduran smokes.
  18. *Try Finck Cigar Company's home brands out of Texas. Their Lamb's Club and others really do hit the mark. They'll send you a catalog and I believe in paying attention to the country tobacco make up. Anything Ecuador, Brazilian, Cameroon, Nicaraguan and Connecticut tobacco can't be beat especially if combined

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