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  1. Erm310mce

    A year later

    I have done a trade with Sean @archosaur in the past and agree he is a gentleman and a great asset to FOH. I’m not surprised to see his generosity here. Great stuff gents!! Congrats on your marriage @miurajus
  2. Cohiba Siglo 1 OPA DIC 09 Rolled so tight, big knot near the head. I tried the draw poker, massaged it, whispered sweetly to it.. nothing ditched it and enjoyed an Upmann half corona.
  3. Erm310mce

    RyJ Petit Royales LGR JUN 18 (RyJRW)

    Nice review, thank you I love these, a great addition to my small smoke rotation
  4. Have a safe trip Chris, good luck
  5. I usually go with Dip or Upmann #2s on the front and then maybe D4-D5s on the back.
  6. I also prefer smoking time in the morning, When I drive I don’t seem to enjoy it as much. With the window cracked the cigar seems to burn hot and loses flavor. But that's not the case if you enjoy your evening cigar in the car as well. Hope you can figure it out mate, cheers
  7. Erm310mce

    Work life balance!!

    I have struggled with this very much, still do Working in sales I used to work constantly 7 days a week. When I became a dad everything changed, all the success didn't matter as much, I want to be home at night and put them to bed. I still work a lot but I say no to a lot now so I can be home. It just took someone calling me Dada to realize it.
  8. Erm310mce


    Happy birthday Lisa!!!
  9. Erm310mce

    Super Bowl Wrap-up

    Fantastic stuff!!! We are thrilled in New England!! Everyone wrote them off this year, Tom’s to old, Gronk to slow, etc.... and they still battled through some tough games and played best when they needed to. Boring offensive game for sure but I’ll take a boring win!
  10. I’ve owned two Avallo humidors. I like his product very much and his customer service is excellent. He has helped me replace my cooling unit and gave me very detailed instructions to be able to do it myself. Highly recommend Matthew’s product.
  11. Erm310mce

    Super Bowl Predictions

    I know there is a lot of hate outside of New England for the Pats, but I’m just not sure I agree with this statement. The Pats held them scoreless in the first half, I think KC had 4 snaps the first quarter? I know there were some questionable calls but it really was both ways. Gronk gets interfered with so many times without call. On paper KC should be the better team talent wise, but in the end they were beaten twice by the Pats. I think the Pats are enjoying being “the underdog” with the media though.
  12. I love all three of these cigars, so hard to answer. Right now I’m loving the R&J so I’ll go with it, but I could reach for any.

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