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  1. 5 hours ago, Colt45 said:

    Not from California fruit!  ???

    Correct.... tough to import a bunch of Nebbiolo from Piemonte to press ?


    5 hours ago, brutusthebuckeye said:

    My dad used to crush the grapes but as him and his friends got older they would just buy the juice in 6 gallon jugs and transfer it over to a glass 5 gallon jug and let it work then use the last gallon to fill back up. They got some really good wine doing it that way and it was way easier. 

    Hey Brutus! Long time brother, how you been? 

    My dad and I have talked about this and maybe we will give it a go this year. It is certainly easier than using the big press and crushing. I’m glad to hear you are having success doing it. 

  2. Hey Kitchen,

    been making homemade wine with my family all my life. Started in Italy and here in the states still with my Dad. 

    Is it worth it? Absolutely, I spend time with my Dad. We have made a medium investment in barrels, a press, glass etc. 

    once a year a bunch of us pay into a full truck from California. We chose what variety we want, lots around here like to make Zinfandel but plenty of guys like blends, cab, pinot etc. 

    You may have luck finding distribution through a local hobby store that sells beer, wine accessories etc. otherwise we have a state fruit distribution center that in early October is set up for people to drive in and buy bushels from California. 

    Its certainly not easy and.... if you are expecting amazing wines off the bat it’s probably not going to happen. If you can be light and not get caught up in the pretentious world of wine, just have fun, you can make really enjoyable wines.

    I have a cellar of barolos, chateauneufs, barbarescos... and certainly I’m under no delusion that my wine is anywhere in the same world of Clerico or Conterno... haha

    I'm having fun with my dad carrying on family tradition.

    Good luck, it is a lot of work so if you go for it, go all in. 


  3. I’m a fan of RASS. They have always been a very solid cigar for me, like all some are better than others but I’ve enjoyed them over the years. 

    the best runs (in general) I can remember for my taste:

    Magical TEB codes from ‘07-‘08. There was a sweetness to them that I still dream about.  

    MUR ‘13 cabs were great for me and the latest ‘19s have been really fabulous 

    I’ve had great ones, fabulous ones, ok ones and lousy ones.... 

  4. 13 hours ago, Lomey said:

    To all the AB champions do you not remember the Moss year? Great year but no Superbowl win and Moss was better. Just saying...emoji6.png

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    Agreed, Moss was better but what a year that was. Came down to the Tyree Helmet catch. 

    I’m not sure Brady has ever had a better receiving team than this year if they can avoid the drama and stay healthy. It’s hard to argue any team having a better offense

    #7 is quite possible....

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