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  1. I was totally in until I saw it holds cigars at 75% humidity...
  2. Okay thanks. I knew the main outer box has the proper seals, etc, but I wasn't positive about the smaller 3/5 pack boxes. Reason I ask is that I saw someone with a current band CoRo petaca, with a pre 2010 warranty seal on it with rounded corners by the hologram. I found it odd but couldn't say for certain if a 5 cigar petaca should have a beveled corner seal, rather than a rounded corner one like I saw.
  3. I rarely buy the cardboard petacas, so I'm looking for some help on the warranty seals... Should the 3-cigar petacas have current/regular warranty seals with the beveled corners by the hologram, vs being rounded at the corners? Should the warranty seals have the micro-print serial numbers on them? And lastly, do all petacas have the barcode with serial numbers on them, either on the seal or printed on the cardboard packaging itself? Cheers
  4. I can still picture Ravi's list when those were for sale... so, many, cabs, of 03s.
  5. Very impressed with your new graphic design work! You definitely win the effort award for putting together a quality design vs using the best picture you could find. Just to be clear, if there are 60 shirts purchased, will every order get a hat, or only ones who order multiple shirts? Just wondering if someone orders one shirt, if they'll get a hat too? Cheers!
  6. I imagine he means the new ones...
  7. I've driven past a bunch of times the hospital where the 1st case in the US is at... crazy how a robot is tending to the person. Hoping it hasn't spread. I also saw a video of a girl wearing a mask dumping out all her Coronas.
  8. Had the Lucy at Matt's and it was definitely a good burger. I miss Kua'aina on Oahun as I ate there many times while living there. But I'm very content with my local cigar lounge's burger as many out of State/town visitors even rave on how good it is...
  9. Masters is definitely up there. Super Bowl is up there too but I've never seen my team in it, so pfft! Not even a big soccer fan, but the World Cup is pretty great.
  10. Those going under the Support for the Cuban People better be prepared to have their itineraries and "proof" completed... you can be "audited" up to 5 years after trip. I can see the administration taking more notice after the people to people tours are done.
  11. I've really enjoyed the PCC blends of Ramon Allones and Por Larranaga... my preference would be a Corona Gorda in either of those, or even a Bolivar or LFDC. Or better yet, just ask for the Bolivar CE blend and slap a RE band on it. Edit: Ha, just read the comment above mine, lol.
  12. Isn't he the person that let it be known about his cigars being confiscated, then his sheeples started up a fund to give him money for his losses? lol... he flies to Cuba to flip cigars, then people just give him money when his cigars (that he was gonna flip anyway) get confiscated?

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