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  1. Congrats man, they are a thing of beauty for sure! When I bought mine years ago I asked him his what sale he's most proud of.... he said the one that he put in the White House.
  2. AlohaStyle

    email of the week.

    Okay sorry, I now believe they are real...
  3. Search "plume" on this forum before you buy the cigars at your shop...
  4. Wow. If/when I go with my family, I doubt Santiago would be in my plan since it is so far away and my time would be a bit limited although I would like to keep it open if there are decent travel options. I'd like to go to Trinidad and travel around there, Pinar del Rio, Vinales and maybe the beaches around there. As well as Cayo and Varadero to let the kids have some beach time. I'd probably stick to shorter bus routes and/or get a driver to go where I'd want to go. But you're right, longer travel wouldn't be worth the hassle if that's the case.
  5. AlohaStyle

    la Puntilla update

    I tried my first one yesterday after picking up a bundle last week... I thought it has a lot of potential but can definitely use some downtime. Construction on mine was good, slightly tight but not too much.
  6. Any update on the official amount of customs you can bring back? I keep seeing/hearing 20, 25 and even 50. But as usual, it's the luck of the draw when leaving the island.
  7. AlohaStyle

    Nearest LCDH or Roller to ship ports

    That is true
  8. Must be from that dirty maduro...
  9. I think the exact opposite. I almost brought my kids on my recent trip to Havana but realized Havana is not a place for young kids. But, I can't wait to bring the entire family to see other parts of Cuba.
  10. I was just there last week and spoke to a bunch of different people. One lady I met was shocked to hear I was from the US. She said she was there a couple years ago when the streets were flooded with Americans, this time, I was the only American she met. But then again, just in the Casa I stayed in alone, I met 2 different groups of Americans. Regarding the Mexico comment above... I happily went direct from the US this time under legal reasons. Nothing has changed with Trump in office, just need to use a different reason.
  11. Just a FYI for anyone traveling to Havana and was wanting to go eat at El Templete... it's gutted/empty right now. I ate there 5 years ago and loved the food. Had a few regulars tell me now it's still on their top few restaurant list so had it on my list if it worked out this time. My wife and I landed last Wednesday and walked around a bit. Next thing you know we were both starving and decided to walk to El Templete for some paella. We got to the waterfront and I didn't see it. We walked a couple blocks both ways where I thought it was supposed to be. I saw some blue posts that reminded me of being there 5 years ago and the El Templete restaurante sign, but the inside was just an empty building, gutted during construction. Walked back and forth some more. Finally realized... shit, it's gone!?! No idea if/when it will be back... I was too hangry to think about taking a pic, sorry.
  12. Happy Birthday Rob, hope you're having a good one brother!
  13. AlohaStyle

    Box codes and dates

    BTO was definitely around in 2013 so I'd be surprised if MUO started in Feb/2013.
  14. That video is from 2 years ago btw. Crazy though.

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