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  1. I feel with CC it’s always changing due to the complex nature of crops on and off season. My favorite cigar today will be off in a couple years
  2. the best Fuente cigar ive had (by a mile) was the casa Fuente phantom (Lancero)
  3. HiFi Audio Dealer 2 channel, some home theater And automation. Not many boxes, I just smoke them. I did the age thing over a decade ago and got frustrated when sitting on some boxes for 5 years and to me were not much better.
  4. Blatantly circumvent? Me are you referring ? Is this a joke? my post was pulled because I was giving credit to age cigars I lit last night with no mention to why I was smoking Nor any celebration. So is the new forum rule- if you make a post in an accidental untimely manner that a moderator might assume you are enjoying a cigar, event or color not to their liking you will get pulled.? guest? I think you know what I really am but I believe it's against forum rules to mention. Which I have always followed. Rob Ayala with good memory knows I won't stand for this kind of crap. again chicken sh*t ill take it up with him
  5. I assume this would be the place to complain. Even though my post was NOT political in any way nor broke any forum rules I post about aged padrons I'm smoking last night with no mention of why I'm smoking no mention of any election or anything political not one word or hint to and its pulled? chicken sh*t I know what this is ken Ive been a member/cust long enough to not be treated like that
  6. Short answer not getting into the many reasons why You always say it's excellent and you loved it.
  7. Good job getting it done at home with last time in 1918. What a special moment in sports history. What a special moment for a great city with great people. Boston Strong! R
  8. i'm going to weigh in late here...... Rob it depends on price point. Xikar quality has never been great and they display that when you send a product in for repair and they just send you a new one and recycle or trash your defective piece. From a profit perspective it says they don't have much in these lighters. Their cutters have an excellent design that I think is the best however they are made with cheap steel so they dull rather quickly. Irrelevant but a xikar cutter with blades made from tool steel hardened and properly sharpened would be the cutter of the century (would likely be on the top of $350US but would stay sharp for 6+ years). dupont maxijet china lighters are not the famous "made in France" models that put maxi jet/xtend on the map. Ive owned two and both were broken on first drop, dented case and the safety bar or lever bent. A torch sucks from a reliability stand point (any of them) so it is best that one sticks with a lifetime warranty like xikar if they desire a blue flame as long as they can except it will break and need replacement. In my opinion If you are trying to shelf a lighter that customers will return to tell you its their favorite cigar accessory they have ever bought then I'd suggest converting your customers to soft flame. Dupont excels with these lighters Ligne 1& 2's. I would stock dupont line 1,2,8's (all metal 1&2 models can be sold for 5-600 range and 300 for the 8's) IM corona, double corona and old boy for 2nd price tier and cheap large tank $10 throw away torches. Start them on the torch then move them to 2nd tier soft. When they fall in love with the soft put them in a dupont. R

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