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  1. Ken, he's clearly setting you up for a review of the BHK70 pictured above. Lure set Rob, well played sir
  2. The point wasn't to give him a pat on the back or build a shrine in his honor. He's a billionaire - he didn't get there being Mother Theresa and neither did any of the others. He explored every avenue available as a businessperson should. He still ponied up the dough and didn't throw a hissyfit and threaten to relocate. We may not like where his line is, but he does appear to have one.
  3. Let's not forget Robert Kraft's sponsorship of human sex trafficking. He was arrested but the charges were dropped while others were prosecuted with similar evidence against them - and it's highly unlikely that was his first trip there or to any other joint with similar practices. I wonder what happened to make this all disappear to keep the Patriots legacy untarnished so he can continue to hang with Bon Jovi and Marky Mark and get face time on every NFL broadcast singing his praises? The worst thing that happened to him was a ring being stolen by Putin - but I'm sure he has a replacemen
  4. I'll second Absinthe. Opium is a spin-off thats good too; I spent more time laughing at the crowd's reactions that the show itself though.
  5. Truely delicious on a hot day True story - server mixed up the orders and gave my five year old daughter's fruit punch to me by mistake. By the time i finished tipping the server my daughter had nearly downed the whole bevvy in a race against me and pushed it away from her saying 'dad, i think this one has alcohol in it'. We went to the poolside where she 'napped' and I had to fess-up to mom when our kid was chewing her out at dinner about not eating enough vegetables. The other patrons at the restaurant were amused- my wife was not. 😔 The drink is really good though
  6. Diagio has always been viewed as 'less than fully honest ' in the whiskey world, so no surprise here. I remember the label claimed Bulleit was distilled at the Bulleit Distillery despite it being sourced from Four Roses, Brown-Forman and MGP. I believe that the distillery now exists and the bourbon and rye is mostly their own distillate so the claim is closer to the mark now. I'll drink it if it tastes good - just don't lie to me.
  7. Oooh, applications. A) qualifications? would it be advantageous if my wife represented me in the application process?
  8. In my experience each agent is different in Canada. To be safe, I travel with matches and Spanish cedar 'sticks' from a box divider or a tubo.
  9. Phins will eat Mac alive with that secondary and pass rush. Tua finally has weapons at the WR position and will win let alone cover the spread in the AFCE battle of 'bama qbs.
  10. FOH the flamethrower! Now that would be one heck of a torch
  11. Final Sub was sacrificed last night. The first box was aged ~5 years prior to consumption and was 'pleased' but not too excited about them (preferred the Grand Edmundo). Got around to opening this box over covid and the last few had matured to what I hoped for back in the day. The profile was mainly an intense chocolate mousse that is so intense it alters your heart rhythm. I gladly burned my fingers for the last few puffs. Cheers all! Sorry for the bad pic.
  12. Those tails look nice and tight like a sausage casing
  13. I hope the winner enjoys these. I'm working my way through a box from FEB 09 and they still have plenty of aging potential. Cake donut in a stick 🤤
  14. 1) nutmeg. Like it was shot out of a tshirt gun. 2) despite my children's insistence, I'm not that old. Honestly, none that I could discern as I stuck with the 4s and have only had the 2s in addition to those

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