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  1. Sweet, going to give this a try next time! Thanks! 👍
  2. Tree pollen is definitely hindering my experience as well.
  3. Congrats to you and your family! Keep on celebrating!!!
  4. Happy Passover everyone! My family and I enjoyed a great Passover dinner last night. Looking forward to a great smoke today.
  5. Alone most of the time. Not many smokers near by. However, when I can smoke with others I always welcome it
  6. 06 Party Short from a cab of 50 Dry boxed it for about a week. Was excellent... excellent!!!
  7. RyJ Churchill 10/08 Very florally. Had some minor touch ups but very nice!
  8. Awesome deal bro. That must have been a great box!
  9. I had to vote average even though I didn't want to. I do recognize them as great go to cigars. They are a must have of several cabs in the humi as well. However, if I had to open my humi up and reach for a cigar while thinking "hey this is a great cigar," I would probably reach for something else.
  10. I say go for it. I love doing projects like this. Just be sure to think things through. Measure twice cut once. I would love to see pictures of start to finish if you are willing to share the progress. Good luck to you

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