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    Big fine Cubans oh yeah smokes too!!!!! Quit all that talkin and smoke!!!! You will learn quicky that I'm just a clown who loves his cubans. BBQ, BLUES & BLUES
  1. 50 CAB of El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supremes

  2. It's too dam cold out to smoke more and they will not let me smoke in the House!!!
  3. Can't find these smoke the site Rob!!!! Are you selling these???
  4. Duvel's and H. Upmann Mag 48's
  5. Please, Please, Please tell me that Rob didn't pour coke into his Cognac?????
  6. I smoked one just the other day and couldn't believe the coffee and nut that I was getting. I pair it with Jasmine tea. Wow!!!!
  7. Will you give these a try on youtube please as I think that they are wonderful smokes. The Corona Extra
  8. imark - because leaves a mark where ever I go!!!!!!

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