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  1. 5 for me. Depending on shipping costs/savings.
  2. Haven’t had a QD corona in over 10years. Smoked the last of my box and went on a small hiatus. Now you need a speed draw to buy a box.
  3. I love it. Wish I had some money to spend this month.
  4. For me it occurred in 2009 on a trip to Costa Rica. Picked up a 10er of Monte #2 and Bolivar gold medals from the LCDH. Since then I stumbled across this forum and it has been a happy marriage ever since.
  5. I tend to lean toward the darker shade. The box I’m current smoking is on the lighter side and they are sublime.
  6. Excellent review. My favorite cigar of all time. Too bad I smiled my last one years ago.
  7. Agreed. I should have bought a case of them 5 years ago
  8. Brewed a mosaic IPA over the weekend. Happily fermenting and smells great.

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