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  1. I've flown twice internationally out of LAX. We're heading to China in June and my one request to my wife, who made the travel plans, was 'avoid LAX no matter the cost'. How is this possible? It's named after one of Rush's best jams!
  2. I only smoke outside. Often I go without smoking during the harsher winter months, November thru February.
  3. I seem to recall you also have an HD3, right? Here's what we do in Colorado when the trails get a little snowy.
  4. If the weather's warm enough I'll enjoy a cigar outside with my morning coffee.
  5. Thoroughly enjoying an after-dinner R&J Mille Fleurs on a pleasant Tuesday evening.
  6. Enjoying a Q d'O Corona on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  7. Enjoying a wonder '99 VR Clasico on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
  8. Starting off the weekend with a '12 RASS and a raspberry watermelon water, which tastes like neither.
  9. Enjoying an '03 RG Panetela on a pleasant evening.
  10. Enjoying a '10 R&J Mille Fleurs on a beautiful Monday evening.
  11. Enjoying an 08 BCJ on a beautiful Friday evening.
  12. Enjoying an 09 Q d'O Corona on an overcast and pleasant evening.
  13. Enjoying a PUM Dic 12 RG Perla and soda on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
  14. Enjoying a GLP Abr 10 R&J Mille Fleurs with a G&T on a pleasant Friday evening.
  15. Enjoying a MUR Jun 12 RA Allones Superior while Coco stands guard.

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