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  1. Happy Birthday @MaxG! Isn't the birthday boy supposed to hand out cigars to the rest of us?
  2. Every day! Ritual perhaps, but never routine. The occasional failed cigar, or the rare day when life interferes and I cannot find time for a smoke or two, are the only losses to my enjoyment of cigars.
  3. When it comes to classic iconic Cuban brands I agree with you. Problem is, the US Guantanamera brand pre-dates the Cuban one by several years. The US brand was launched in 1997; Cuban Guantanamera in 2002. So, this is that rare case of the Cubans co-opting the NC brand, not the other way around as we are used to seeing. And BTW, the US Guantanameras are damn good for an NC cigar. Cuban Guantanamera, not so much! I'd sue their asses just for making me smoke one.
  4. I haven't had the "pleasure" of being berated about NC's being superior when smoking a CC out and about. I generally get a few questions about my cigar, sometimes turning into a longer conversation if it's someone truly interested in CC's. Occasionally I get the know-it-alls who smugly inform me that my cigar is a fake because "all CC's in the US are fake." My typical answer, "I didn't get it in the US" and leave it at that, though with some of them I do favor "Go %&$# yourself."
  5. As a marketing tool = gimmick As experienced by a smoker = rare, but real
  6. Funny that you mention randomly receiving aged cigars buying blind. Probably my most disappointing outcome buying blind was a box of JLPC's that showed up with 8-years of age on them. I was very excited when I saw the box code, but they weren't very good. In that particular instance I have to assume that's the reason they were still around in someone's inventory after that long.
  7. I have not yet had the pleasure of smoking a Montecristo Media Corona. But odds are I'm going to love them as much as other Monte's. And, I do like the half corona format of the HUHC. So, I will certainly buy Media Coronas when I get the chance. Truth is, much as I know the #5's are tasty, I'm not a big fan of the perla format. They go just one step too small for my tastes, preferring the slightly larger RG of minutos and marevas/petit coronas, as well as the aforementioned HUHC. In the Monte line I tend to go for #4's over #5's. So, what little I do buy of the #5 could easily be comple
  8. I'll throw out what may seem an unusual pick for pepper and spice... HUPC. To be fair, I'm basing this on a single cigar, first from my first ever box of them, LUB MAY 14 received only a few days ago from our gracious host. If I've had one before it was too long ago to even register. Maybe everyone but me knows to expect a powerhouse in these, or maybe it's just youth or an atypical box/crop/year/whatever. Nevertheless, I was surprised that it was as full and spicy as any Boli or Partagas I've had. Pure dynamite and I loved it!
  9. I'm not having any problems with RH. I've seen other people mention discrepancies between RH at top and bottom, and moving things around to help even it out. But, I simply removed two shelves in order to stack boxes (could barely stack 2 PC 25's between shelves as they came). Maybe I inadvertently resolved RH issue... if I ever had one... dunno'. Better for me now anyway. Oh yeah, I also enlarged the hole for the POS stock hygrometer and replaced it with a Caliber 4R.
  10. No. It comes with the cedar shelves and drawers. I actually removed two of the shelves to make the space more usable. That's a stock online photo, BTW (posted by URL). I never have figured out how to upload my own pics here.
  11. I've been using a 150 qt Coleman cooler for a while now. It replaced a foot-locker style woodie. The cooler is much easier to keep stable RH and holds a good bit more. Nevertheless, it only took a few 24:24's to see that it would soon be overflowing, even after pitching out handfuls of old NC's I knew I would never smoke. So, I recently added a Whynter CHC-251S Cigar Cooler Humidor. Caught it on a coupon deal for about US$250 delivered. It's great! I highly recommend it. Very easy to keep stable RH. I wish it were a bit bigger, but after rearranging shelving (removing some) I've uppe
  12. Shouldn't matter, other than the obvious "aged" or "vintage' issues that sometimes fetch a premium anyway.
  13. I'm happy to hear there's an explanation... we maybe not happy, but better informed now.
  14. The Chanel quip was just a play on words. Hand lotion would be more the actual suspect, and with reason that a roller might want to use it.. You say the question keeps coming up, which would indicate a reoccurring problem. I guess it's not that I think torcedors don't know better... it's more like wondering if one just didn't care over and above her/his own discomfort from dry hands. If you want to go on record saying it's not possible, I accept that as your outlook on it however much I might disagree. I have serious doubts about the "import vendor" alternate theory, though, for reason
  15. Doubtful. I've gotten perfumy ones off both top & bottom rows of this particular box. Box was inspected, but the cigars did not appear to be handled (you know how box-pressed cigars ofter stick together until you break them loose?). And, it's only 3 or 4 out of just over half a box smoked that have been this way. I can imagine a torcedora using hand lotion on dry hands to give her better grip without thinking about it getting into the cigars (or maybe just not caring). Possible?

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