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  1. Nice. I’ll give that a go too. 1964s are pretty spendy.
  2. Took some inspiration from this thread (and the absurd increase in cost for Cubans) and bought my first boxes of NCs in 20 years. Used to be a big fan of Padrons and Fuentes until the Cuban bug bit. Still have some original release Anjeos and VSGs buried somewhere in the humidor. Got a box of Padron 1964 superior natural and, from the suggestions here, a box of Sobremesa Brûlée Blue and some Henry Clay singles.
  3. Not to derail the conversation, but curious if anyone has tried the original 2004 ELs recently. I recall not being impressed.
  4. Oh yes. Some stuck around FOREVER. I’m looking at a particular vendor’s list from June 2013 with RyJ Hermoso No. 2 on it.
  5. Look closer at the bands. The diplomatic band is consistent with what you see from available pictures of diplomatic Trinidads. Could it be fake? Of course. But more importantly who cares? Why derail an otherwise fun thread? Seems like threads like this always have to devolve into a “they’re fake you idiot” pissing match. What’s the point?
  6. Your best memory of those early years? First shipment of Cuban cigars arriving at my door. Definite "code word" needed situation with the vendor. Pretty ridiculous in retrospect. Half cab of June 1996 SLR PCs. Still have one left. Your biggest regret? Bought a box of the Festival Marevas for two hundred and some dollars. Seemed like a fortune for that size cigar. Vendor contacted me a few days later to let me know he had three boxes left and would give me a deal if I bought all three. I'm sure you can guess what I did. Things you would you have done differently - your best piece of advice for newcomers? Discounts can sometimes be too good to be true. There was a rash of discounted 1999-2000 Hoyo and SLR churchills (Punch too?) being offered back in the day. Musty, terrible cigars that had obviously been stored poorly. I of course have several boxes. I should just trash them.
  7. Ten or fifteen years ago a fairly well known London vendor offered singles of what was claimed to be diplomatic Trinidads. I almost never buy singles of that type of cigar, too much of a risk of fakes, but it was novel enough that I bought a couple. Put them in a singles box and forgot about them. Fast forward to today while was poking around the humidor and there they were. Anyone ever smoked a diplomatic Trinidad? I'll light one up this weekend and report back. Here are pictures next to a CLE MAY01 Fundadores. "Diplomatic" on the left, Fundadores on the right.
  8. Smoked this guy yesterday. I don't know why I wasn't expecting much from it. Maybe because the millennium jars are not hyped like some of their contemporary special releases. But it was very nice. Still some strength left and a ton a intermingling flavors, including plenty of coffee.
  9. Google. If you click on "Find other sizes of this image: All sizes" you'll see the Twitter link.
  10. If you do a reverse image search, it appears the vendor stole the picture from a tweet posted by a now defunct London retailer in 2015.
  11. How was the SUA SEP02 cab? When did you smoke the last one? Curious how Bolivar CEs hold up in a cab after 20ish years.
  12. Finally cracked open a CUE SEP03 cab of Partagas Lonsdales. Not sure why it took so long. Sometimes the first one is the hardest. Fantastic cigar. Started slightly muted but then came on strong.
  13. Anyone smoked one recently? Curious how they’re progressing. Went through all mine too quickly.
  14. I've too heard that these are some of the best, if not the best cigars from that time period. Apparently a notch above even 1994s and the Festival Marevas. I've smoked a handful of both of those and if the Dalias are better, they must truly be something special.
  15. Can someone tell me where the boxcode stamp for the noellas are? On the box somewhere?

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