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  1. A comfortable size can contribute to a pleasant experience, but for me its Still all about the taste. Give me a balanced profile with complexity and evolution and that will probably win over any other factor
  2. So he wasn't fond of the Hotel Conde de Villanueva ?? I dunno, I really love that place. Their custom rolls are Very nice IMHO, and the lounge is just a fine place for a drink. If you poke around in their walk in you can sometimes find a box with a few years on it as well. To answer mi00ke.. Yes, it IS real Cuban tobacco, and real Cuban floor sweepings, real Cuban banana leaf filler and I've actually found real Cuban bits of plastic after dissecting a few counterfeits.
  3. I dunno.... I think that Tiger Woods was a role model until.. well... You know..... He did a lot for the sport, Hell they changed Golf courses because of him. Rhonda simply tried to outbox a better boxer.. Bad idea
  4. I read so much concerning those being incensed about construction issues when it comes to Cuban cigars and it makes me wonder if these are the same people who tear a strip off a server in a restaurant if a piece of toast is placed on a plate in a manner that they find disagreeable. After going to Cuba and seeing how the everyday person lives, I've relaxed my expectations and instead choose to lose myself in the beauty that Cuban tobacco has to offer. A roller can have a bad day too. I've had many. If I'm having difficulty getting a perfect draw I try to find something enjoyable about the cigar and tell myself that the next one will give me more of what I want.
  5. 2 years ago I was told I needed Ma$$ive Recon$truction with my bite.... Ma$$ive huh?!? Well, a million visits later I have all new teeth. I actually enjoy sitting in a dentists chair. Doesn't hurt either that my Dentist is the spitting image of Salma Hayek .......
  6. When buying yogurt, I really enjoy new flavors appearing. I'll try them all so when seeing a maduro wrapper on a Partagas, I get quite excited. Am I wrong to think that way? From a purist standpoint, Of Course I'm wrong. But............ When it comes to Cuban cigars I simply want to taste them ALL !!!
  7. I Love having a cigar on the course if it is a calm day..... Hate what the wind does to a fine cigar.. If it is windy I'll simply stick to drinking some "Aiming Fluid" and wait until I get back to the clubhouse patio where there is some shelter.
  8. With so many good points being made so far in this thread, I can't think of anything other than "Finding a place in public to light up" will be challenge enough.
  9. Diplomatico Rum with Cuban Cigars is Heaven for me. Almost any kind of Bourbon will be another great pairing Yes, a single malt will Always give me that Burst of Caramel ( love that ) Coffee with cream and sugar or Hot Chocolate will also work when I don't want alcohol Wine or Beer?? Never... Not sure why, I guess it simply isn't my thing
  10. I picked one up a number of years ago then proceeded to keep it well stored for about 4 years. Smoked it last year around this time and was stopped dead in my tracks.. It is well worth any and all hype you might hear.
  11. Quite often an average cigar will really pick up the pace when I get to the final third. That, and I'm a sucker for a strong taste so I guess I nub All of them.
  12. Saw the Monte Churchills today and had a look at the Romeos a few days ago.. What struck me as being odd is the amount of ammonia coming from Both boxes.. Maybe I have a lot to learn but wouldn't cigars with a 08 stamp on the bottom ( Romeos ) be sort of free of ammonia ? Help me out here..
  13. Smoking a Picadores right now.. Very nice for a young cigar... Need More!
  14. Best cigar was........ Cohiba Sublimes 2004.... Sooooooo good Worst was a Cuban custom roll with VR Tobacco ... I was sad about that one.. started well then became way too strong.. A year old too
  15. I pick up every penny I see on the sidewalk or street. With people going hungry in this world, I have a hard time seeing people throw away money without a care in the world.
  16. If it was the real thing, I'd have NO problem spending the $$
  17. I WOULD thank the guy for the cigar and smoke it down. It is a generous gesture regardless of the quality of the cigar....
  18. I was waiting for the "talking Down to" part.. I watched a few scenes a few times just in case I missed it...... I'll watch it again tonight.. I know its there somewhere.. Is it?
  19. I only have one. I turn 60 in July and I'm thinking that it will be a good day to try out a 10 year old cigar.
  20. Love the Piramides Extra.. Can't wait to taste an Infantes

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