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  1. Hell ya. Pants dont need to be on unless i have to leave the house.
  2. goalie204

    In Bruges

    it was pretty good
  3. i still do this with every steak, but i reverse sear now, which makes the same great flavorful steak, but makes a ribeye as tender as a filet. I got some in the fridge going on 60 hours now, didnt have time last night
  4. I have yet to try the new regular production d5, but i loved every d5 08 EL that i have smoked. WIsh i had more than half a box left
  5. Since i started making steaks this way, its the only way i do it. Only thing is, i reverse sear now, which makes the same delicious flavoured steak, but it makes a rib steak as tender as a filet
  6. But I was asking about the el Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Great card this Saturday. Really looking forward to it. People keep saying sonnen is a d0uche etc. The guy is just an incredible actor, and he must be better than even I thought if he's getting under so many people's skin Can't wait!
  8. i made some steaks the other night and over cooked them. They really cook quick when you leave them at room temp for 2 hours
  9. Damn, i've never seem them. Never seen the gift packs either, just single bottles of Trappist Belgian delicious beers. /drool
  10. i would love to get my hands on some chimay, westmalle or orval glasses - where did you get those?

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