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  1. houdini

    The Harley Davidson Decline

    Couldnt have said it better....I am a Ducati man as well.
  2. Depends on where you go in NYC of course. Casa de Montecristo
  3. houdini


    Please dont take offense, but why would you need 24 boxes the trip before, then 450 cigars on this trip and youre going to grab more on the next trip?? Are you a reseller?
  4. I love it. Glad to have a few
  5. You know....I have to thank you for this post. Ive officially decided to open my collection to my friends and family at my wake and funeral. Give me a final salute, comfort my loved ones and grab a stick of your choice on the way out. I love it.
  6. houdini

    Hector Luis Prieto finca custom rolls

    10cuc a stick for Behike and Lanceros
  7. houdini

    USA / customs limits

    Have Fracturas. I went through last week. Ive never been so searched coming back from Havana or anywhere else for that matter. If you dont have facturas, dont bother. I had 40 customs and facturas for 4 boxes.
  8. Youre probably right. I like a full body smoke....but these are a much lighter breakfast cigar for me.
  9. https://youtu.be/kaT3aAvtB84

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