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  1. houdini

    Travel case?

    Cigar Caddys. I have every size. Anything else is just a fashion statement honestly. These things are EVERYTHING-PROOF.
  2. houdini

    Share your Cuban haul

    I saw them today. Theres no shortage of any QD at any of the LCDH's
  3. houdini

    Havana in Lights

    Nice writeup....I noticed a lot of them today.
  4. houdini

    Share your Cuban haul

    I just bought the last one. LOL
  5. houdini

    Shaq's House for Sale

    LOL. Love it.
  6. Todays hat....Im a glutton for punishment. AKA a Mets fan.
  7. houdini


    Beetles bad. Freezing good.
  8. houdini

    REAL short smoke?

    Trini Reyes are dynamite
  9. houdini

    Factory video

    Nice....is that a teaser? Seems like theres more? If so, link? Thanks for sharing!
  10. houdini

    Share your Cuban haul

    Havana Libre had plenty just a few weeks ago
  11. houdini

    email of the week

    FOH Cliff Notes....Freezing, good. Aging, good. Age Cuban Cigars in Freezer. MUST be even better!

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