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  1. Let them.....Fools part with their money and the market will settle. Theres so many amazing watch brands out there that will blow away Rolex Daytonas. For 50k, Ill take an FP Journe from the boutique. They make 800 pieces of art a year. Rolex makes a million. As far as cigars go, there will be other brands and countries to come along and fill that void. As Daytonas/ Cohibas become hype, true connoissers will look elsewhere.
  2. This too shall pass.......markets will decide prices. tastes and market share might shift....this website might be friendsofecuadoreans or friendsofesteli one day. who knows?? The only thing constant is change. Theres more than a few marcas I will be disappointed about but there will be other countries and brands that will come in to satisfy the needs of the market. I love cuban cigars.... but not only cuban cigars. Paraphrasing el Presidente earlier in the thread, Chill! Lets see how this plays out.

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