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  1. The series 1 is the most beautiful, no doubt, and it’s by far the most valuable in today’s market. I hope you got a ride in it at some point!
  2. Series 1.5 e-type. I go back and forth between the coupe and the convertible. Today I’m in a coupe mood.
  3. What a way to amp up the pass even further! Very generous contribution Ray!
  4. As the person who put the Sublimes in, I'd be a little disappointed to see if leave the pass and nothing with the same degree of 'can't find / want to try' put back in. The French Libertador I took out is a very hard to find stick these days, and so is the Sublimes, at least at 'sensible pricing'. Everything else looks fine to me though. Just one persons opinion...
  5. The box is leaving beautiful BC and is on its way to Alberta, arriving Tuesday. Clearly these Cubans like the Stampede! Thanks for all the effort required to set this up and run it Chris. It's always a bunch of fun.
  6. Alright! Since Canada Post have been so uncharacteristically prompt to our rural community mailbox, I decided to adopt the same sense of urgency and keep everything moving in good order. Follows a brief storyboard of a very happy half-hour spent elbows deep in a box of Cuban goodness After removing enough tape to choke an elephant... I dug into the box like a 5 year old with ADHD on Christmas morning... Gently made all of my removals and replacements.... Before re-packing ready for the next lucky winner @vintagerodshop: she's ready for you my f
  7. Looks like the box of goodies is on its's way to me today, so I'd better get moving!! Thanks again to Chris for organising the pass, and playing ringmaster at another circus Proposed Takes: Partagas Serie du Con. #2 LSM MAR 08 Discontinued Bolivar Libertadores RE France POS MAY 07 Dbl Band RE LFDC Gran Cano RE UK ’13 LAR OCT 13 Dbl Band RE Monsdale (Jorgito-Club Havana) Nov 2016 Custom Roll Proposed Puts: Trinidad Robusto Extra OUS MAY 09 Discontinued Montecristo Sublimes 08
  8. In, naturally, but on condition that you come over for dinner while the pass is on. I'll remember this time, promise
  9. I've smoked multiple boxes and never had a really bad one, normally they are excellent. Just the odd one that's plugged, same as any small ring gauge Cuban cigar.
  10. Really enjoying the Libertador. Most of the way through a box that I picked up in November and every one has been stellar. I'll be getting more and smoking them soon, no need to lay them down in my opinion. Only had the two RyJ that I picked up (and smoked) in Havana. They didn't do anything much for me, but were over humidified so whatever flavour is there was probably muted. Overall, I prefer the wide Churchill and MUCH prefer the Dukes. The 2013 Hoyo was similarly bland to my taste, the Punch is the standout for 2013, even if it's ridiculously priced.
  11. The 'ladies' of 63rd are well known for upcharging. I like 39 too.
  12. Hi Jimmy - I'm no expert but I'd start with retail value and work back from there to determine a sale price or trade value. Smokingpipes.com has an estate pipes section: refurbished but 'pre-enjoyed' Dunhills start there at $300 up, unsmoked ones start at $600 and go up to $1000. Obviously they refurbish the pipes themselves and are able to confirm authenticity. You could probably send them a couple of detailed pics and see what they offer you for it.

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