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  1. The tariff thing is another cover story for the cause of the war. It was caused by the South's insistence to maintain a slave-based economy and, specifically, the rich white South's desperate attempt not to have to work for a living. So they concocted all sorts of rationalizations, like state's rights and such, to convince poor whites to bleed and die for them. These justifications persist today. I grew up ten minutes from Antietam, across town from a high school founded in 1956 with Rebels as its mascot, which uses Fama Semper Vivat as its motto. As a child, for some reason, our Cu
  2. I'm with Lotusguy and Eric. I grew up on Scorsese's movies. I could not stand this one. It needed a serious edit, but that would've only shortened the misery. In particular, I found De Niro's performance to be one-dimensional -- awful. I hate to be a downer, but really, I'm sorry to have seen it. I think this picture proves the point. The Godfather is 30 minutes shorter. The Godfather Part 2 is like 5 minutes shorter. And I don't think anyone ever had to do this in order to tolerate watching them.
  3. Saw the topic, and my first thought was Dark Side as well. The documentaries about it in the last 10 or so years have made me appreciate it even more. There are some other albums of equal significance, but I like this one the best.
  4. I smoked over a pack per day almost every single day for 10 years -- from ages 15 to 25. I quit for a couple of hours or days several times, never more than about five days at a time. I now haven't smoked a cigarette in over 12 years, and I'm pretty confident I never will again. The posters who've already said that the way to quit smoking cigarettes is just to quit smoking cigarettes are correct. When you are ready, you will just stop it. Until you reach that point, it likely won't take because it's a habit and if you're really a committed smoker, it's one you've probably accepted into yo
  5. "Rustling trees, babbling brooks and the pursuit of fun...these are truly some of the most important things in life." But -- and it goes without saying -- those things certainly are not more important than cigars with perfect feet.
  6. My wife and I got struck by lightning because we were stupid and hiked into a thunderstorm on top of a mountain. We are lucky that a badly broken wrist and a little memory loss is all that resulted. There were multiple strikes all around us for several minutes. We could have been hit more than once. Lesson learned? Yeah. But I had always been curious -- what's it like to be right where the lightning strikes? Turns out that it's no place to be. It hurts, it stinks (quite literally, it smells bad), and generally I found the whole thing rather terrifying until it was over.
  7. 1999 had problems with construction. Several years later, HSA opened the boxes and revisited (revisado) the contents to find out if the box contained tent pegs. Since those cigars were caught and released, they should be okay. I've never bought such a box -- how have they smoked?
  8. I have a Panasonic plasma, and I love it. People consistently comment on the sharpness of the picture and the quality of the color. When I buy another set, it will be another Panasonic.

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